10 Things I Don’t Miss about Office Life (and 5 Things I Do)

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It’s been six weeks since I hit the road full time, and overall I’m loving it so far. Right now, I’m in Belize with friends, and talking about their jobs and carreers, I’m struck at how fuzzy that life seems to me, even though I really just left it. Here are ten things I do not miss about working in an office full time, and five things I miss a lot.

10 Things I Do Not Miss about Office Life

  1. Traffic – spenging 2 hours a day to drive the equivalent of 16 miles because everyone in the city needs to be at the same place at the same time? No thanks.
  2. Office Sweaters in the Summer – offices keep temperatures set to men’s suit weather, regardless of season. Us chicks are out of luck.
  3. Working Fridays after 3pm – sheer torture!
  4. Office Gossip – ugh it’s only interesting because you have so little else to talk about
  5. Worrying that someone is going to Spoil your Favorite Show (or not being able to talk about because other people didn’t see it yet) – I NEED to talk about Game of Thrones the day after. This is a need.
  6. Meetings about Nothing – yep, we’ve all been there
  7. People who Reply All to Company Wide Email Chains – why?
  8. Pot Lucks – I don’t cook fancy things. I don’t need this kind of pressure. Oh, your wife made homemade pastries? Here let me open this bag of Frito’s I brought.
  9. Missing the NCAA Tournament – I just couldn’t justify taking the two days off, but it’s basically torutre working.
  10. Working any Holiday for “coverage” – Unless you’re in retail, most holidays shouldn’t be business days. Different industries have different needs, but sometimes companies don’t get the balance right and you’re stuck sitting there when things are crazy slow just so someone upstairs cya’s. Unless you’re getting paid overtime, then bring it on.


Things I Do Miss about Office Life

  1. Office Gossip – okay sometimes it’s actually the best
  2. Free Food – is there anything better than surprise cookies at 2 in the afternoon?
  3. Bathroom Selfies – for some reason the full length bathroom mirror at an office is just the best selfie mirror. No idea why. You gotta share your #ootd right?
  4. Friday Lunches – long lunches to get in just the right amount of office gossip? Yes, please. Especially if guac is involved.
  5. Work Travel – As long as you can fit in at least one fun activity, travelling for work instead of being in a cubicle totally rocks.



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