25 Places on My Bucket List

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In my heart of hearts, my bucket list is to visit every country on the Travelers’ Century Club list. And that list is both the inspiration for my blog name and the cause of much heartache and otherwise strange life choices.  I don’t have a time limit in mind, but I’d like to spend my life slowly setting foot in every country on earth.  Here are the 25 on the TCC list that keep me up on Skyskanner late at night.

Got to cross Rio de Janeiro off the list last July!


25. Chile

24. Argentina

23. Spain (2018)

22. Portugal (2018)

21. Poland (2017)

20. Hungary (2017)

19. Spitsbergen

18. Russia

17. Siberia

16. Armenia (2018)

15. Cyprus (2016)

14. Finland

13. Prince Edward Island

12. Japan

11. Bosnia and Herzegovina (2017)

10. Tunisia(2017)

9. South Africa

8. Faroe Islands

7. Egypt

6. Croatia (2017)

5. Greenland

4. Sri Lanka

3. Madagascar

2. Botswana

1. Mongolia

Bucket List

By the Numbers:

Africa 5

Asia 4

Europe 13

North America 1

South America 2

Oceania 0


Islands 7

Land Locked Countries 5


Northern Hemisphere 20

Southern Hemisphere 5


Eastern Hemisphere 21

Western Hemisphere 4


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25 Places on My Bucket List

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  1. Just stumbled upon your site! Good job love your posts! Its kinda silly but I specialize in bucket list travel (even though I hope I don’t die too soon, haha).

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