30 Weird Travel Facts About Me

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Huzzah! To celebrate this post being my 100th, I thought I’d take the opportunity to publically embarrass myself and share 30 weird travel facts about myself and my life. And I’m also holding my first reader giveaway (details at the end of the post).

Windburned in Slovakia...Unrelated
Windburned in Slovakia…Unrelated


1. My earliest travel memory was ski school in Colorado when I was 5. I have retained no skiing knowledge from ski school.

2. When I was six, I went with my Dad to Indian Princess Camp. I don’t think you could call it that these days. My Indian name was Yellow Flower. You definitely couldn’t have an Indian name these days. This was circa 1991.

3. At Indian Princess Camp, I fell off a horse. I also took my frist non-chewable Tylenol, chewed it, and threw up.

4. When I was eight, my soccer team played a tournament in Moore, a town about an hour away. On the drive, my dad played some motivational cassettes about how to be a winner.

5. I took those cassettes from him and listened to them when I went to bed almost every night for years. I am probably the only person I know who, at age eight, would rather listen to a motivational speaker than a Disney Cartoon.

6. I’ve been obsessed with travel since elementary school. For my ninth birthday, I asked for a plane ticket to see my cousins in Texas. My parents were really cool and gave it to me.

7. That trip was the first time I flew solo. It was on Southwest Airlines from Oklahoma City to San Antonio, and the flight attendant gave me a set of airplane wings on the way there.

8. When I was eleven, my family went on a road trip from Oklahoma City to Washington, DC. My siblings were 9, 7, and 2. My parents are brave people.

9. On that trip, we also stopped at Colonial Williamsburg, and I got to pretend to be Felicity from the American Girl Doll books.

10. We also toured the White House and ate a lot of California Pizza Kitchen.

11. During this trip, I was obsessed with Mariah Carey’s song “Always Be My Baby” and made my parents listen to it about forty-five hundred times.

I'm in the middle. I wish I could pull that look off now.
I’m in the middle. I wish I could pull that look off now.


Traumatic Experiences

12. I have almost died while traveling twice. The first time, I was eight. My mom had just had my little brother, and her friend had offered to take care of me and one of my sisters so my mom would have a break. Her friend lived on this awesome ranch, and they had this awesome pony named Strawberry that I rode all the time by myself around their property. One day, Strawberry threw me off and stepped on my stomach.

13. The second time I almost died, I was twenty-four. My family had rented a cabin in Colorado for the week, and my Dad took me and my siblings to ride ATVs on one of the mountains. I forgot how to use the break, and almost drove the thing off the side. I jumped off at the last second, and had to pull the ATV back up the hill.

14. That night, I kept having nightmares that I was falling off the mountain. Over and over and over again.

15. I have hit two deer while driving. The first one was my junior year of college. My friend Dave and I decided to drive from Lawrence, KS to Manhattan, KS to check it out. We hit a deer right after leaving Manhattan. He threw up on my car. The deer got up and ran away. I drove the car back to Lawrence with a busted hood. That probably wasn’t smart. The next day, I found deer fur in the engine.

16. The second deer was a few months later. I was driving all of my stuff from Lawrence back to Oklahoma City after college. My ex-husband (my boyfriend at the time) was driving behind me. I hit a deer, and then he hit me. So one deer, two totalled cars. And I had to explain to my insurance company that yes, I really hit two deer in a single year.

A pretty picture of Colorado from the trip in 2008 when I almost died
A pretty picture of Colorado from the trip in 2008 when I almost died


Being a Nerd is Helpful to Getting To Travel More

17. I’ve been to Fort Smith, Arkansas eight times. They host (or used to host) a pretty rad academic team tournament. Because I used to do academic team. Obsessively.

18. Also because of academic team, I got to go to Chicago four times (nationals), Disney World twice (Panasonic Academic Challenge), and South Carolina three times (academic team camp).

19. I spent a month at the University of Michigan’s debate camp in high school. I was not good at debate, but that camp was my first taste of freedom. Later, I met my ex-husband during the one semester I pretended I was cut out for collegiate debate. I was not.

Senior Year of High School. Pic c/o OAAC Inc
Senior Year of High School. Pic c/o OAAC Inc

Things that Only I Find Funny

20. Every time I go to St. Louis, I pretend I just met Nelly. I also do this in Chicago. My sister is the only one who plays along with me and thinks this is funny.

21. My sister and I also pretend that we just ran into the band Good Charlotte when one of us is in Chicago. Neither of us like Good Charlotte. This gag started in 2003. We will do this til we die.

22. I thought I wanted to go to Baylor until I set foot in Waco, Tx and realized I couldn’t live there for four years. 1. It’s a Dr. Pepper town. 2. It’s Waco, Tx. They do have live bears though.

23. When my girlfriends and I went to the Jersey Shore for a weekend, we saw two men greet each other with the phrase, “What’s up, Pussy?”

24. On this same trip, the manager of our hotel suggested we hide before the bars close, for our own safety.

25. On this same trip, we decided to be responsible and use a lot of sunscreen to avoid getting burned. When we were lathering up (for maybe the tenth time that day) another beach goer whispered to her friend, “what are they, from the cast of Twilight?”

26. I have not been to the Jersey Shore since.

27. I’ve gone on a date with someone from every continent except Antarctica. But I don’t think anyone counts as being from Antarctica, so Imma let that slide.

The Jersey Shore
The Jersey Shore

So That Happened

28. When I was in Ecuador, I thought I was being kidnapped for about twenty minutes. I asked to go to the Plaza de San Francisco, which was a ten minute drive at most. The driver took me out onto the highway. I thought I needed to jump out of the car and I was panicking. Then he dropped me off at the Mall of San Francisco. I’m glad I didn’t jump out of the moving vehicle, but I should really find out what to do if you actually are being kidnapped.

29. I’m still really weirded out by the old man who kissed me on the ass in Greece. I think it might bother me for a really long time.

30. One time I met Warren Moon in the lobby of a San Antonio Holiday Inn. I was eight. I actually knew who he was at the time that it happened. That was the peak of my interest in the NFL.

I was actually NOT being kidnapped in Ecuador
I was actually NOT being kidnapped in Ecuador


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30 Weird Travel Facts About Me
30 Weird Travel Facts About Me
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  1. I don’t think it’s weird that you’ve been obsessed with travel since you were a kid Stephanie! I think it’s awesome!

  2. i rip the cover blanket off the bed or i wont sleep in it at the hotel

  3. Weird travel fact: I get oddly nervous to stand up on a plane, to walk around or to go to the bathroom. I don’t know why, because I’m not an anxious person, but I do.

    • Very Interesting! I have a friend who’s terrified of flying and the only way he can handle it is to walk to the bathroom and move around. We all handle anxiety in such interesting and different ways!

  4. A weird travel fact is that my friend and I were visiting England and on a whim we decided we would use one of our travel days to take the chunnel and see France… for the day… but the tickets were sold out. So I missed seeing France for the day, which would have been an expensive day trip, but fun!

    • I’ve never been to France either! I thought about trying to do that when I was in London, but France seems like a country that deserves more than a day trip. I can’t wait to go though.

  5. Hey! I did not throw up! Did I?!?!?

  6. My first time flying was by myself to Space Camp (which I had mostly saved up for) when I was in 10th grade. 🙂

  7. One weird thing about traveling.. I’ve never ever had to use my passport and I’ve been to Mexico and the Bahamas!

  8. A weird travel fact about me would be that I never set my toiletries down on the counter top at a hotel unless I have a tissue or wash cloth down.

  9. We traveled to Disney world annually and I always woke up super early like a kid at Christmas! Once I hit my 20s, I haven’t stopped traveling. Luckily, my husband tags along and we have great adventures together.

  10. The first time I was on an airplane was when I was 28 … now we go on vacations a couple times of year.

  11. I don’t know if it is weird, but I’m afraid of flying. I have taken trips but it has been so many years, and it doesn’t help all the terrible stories people tell about how crowded, kids screaming, etc. But if I had an opportunity to go somewhere nice, I think I’d manage!!!!!

    • Yeah flying isn’t super fun unless you’re going somewhere you’re excited about. There are some full-time travel bloggers who are afraid of every flight. Worth the price of admission, but it still stresses them out.

  12. I don’t know if it is weird, but I always have to get a collectable magnet wherever I travel to put on my fridge.

  13. The first place i at at in Edinburgh, after traveling for 14 days in France and Switzerland, was at a Pizza Hut buffet.

  14. Carly Williams

    I did not travel at all as a child, but in my 20’s I took four trips to Europe to compensate for it.

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