48 Hours in Warsaw: Itinerary for the Perfect Two Days in Warsaw, Poland!

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Last Updated on: 1st March 2023, 03:17 pm

Only have two days in Warsaw, Poland, and want to make the most of it? Use this Warsaw itinerary to plan the perfect two-day visit to Warsaw! 

To make things simple, here’s what you need to know to check out the most iconic places in Warsaw in two days, plus travel tips for your time in the city!

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48 Hours in Warsaw Itinerary for the Perfect Two Days in Warsaw, Poland!

Good to Know: This guide to the perfect 48 hours in Warsaw comes to us from Lyubomira Velikova of Bulgarian on the Go.

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Two Days in Warsaw: Itinerary + Tips

You’ve decided to take a trip to Poland and have only 2 days to discover Warsaw? This is actually a good amount of time to explore the major attractions and even squeeze in a concert or a night out!

There are so many places to visit in Poland, and Warsaw is definitely among the must-sees. So here are my recommendations for how to see the best of Warsaw in two days.

Warsaw Itinerary Day 1

Here we go!

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Breakfast at Chocolate cafe E. Wedel

E. Wedel is actually Poland’s oldest local brand of chocolate and it was established in 1851. They have a few chocolate cafes around Warsaw and you’re also able to buy some chocolates as gifts for friends and family.

After trying the hot chocolate at E. Wedel, I can certainly say that this was the best hot chocolate I have tasted in my entire life.

Morning activity

Take a Free Walking Tour

Start off the first day of your Warsaw trip by exploring the beautiful old town of the Polish capital.

There is in fact a free walking tour of the old town which begins every day at 10 am and a professional guide takes you around the main sights, sharing a whole lot of history and interesting facts.

Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

I always recommend doing a walking tour anywhere if there’s one because it allows you to learn as much as possible about the destination in a matter of one or two hours, sparing you time by taking you to the most interesting spots.

Roam the Old Town

If you decide to explore on your own without booking a tour, here are some of the hotspots of the Old town (Stare Miasto).

Its construction dates back to the 13th century and it impresses with its colorful buildings, creating a lovely atmosphere. This is also one of the most Instagrammable places in Warsaw, as there is a beautiful building at every corner.

At the beginning of the Old town, right at Castle Square, you will find the Royal Castle.

In the middle of the square, you will also come across an impressive monument, called Zygmunt’s Column. This is also the meeting point for the Free Walking Tour.

Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

Next to Castle Square is the St Anne’s Church. It’s among the oldest landmarks in Warsaw, but sadly it’s often overlooked by tourists. Don’t make this mistake and stop to admire its beautiful Neoclassical facade.

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Make sure to also visit the Tower of St Anne’s Church (Taras Widokowy na Stare Miasto), from which you get an amazing view over the rooftops of the old town.

Going deeper into the old town, you will find the Main Market Square. In the winter months, this place is extremely beautiful, as it’s decorated with fairy lights and there are some little kiosks where you can get something to drink or eat.

Walking around the old town usually takes about a couple of hours, so once you’re done it will be time to enjoy some delicious Polish food.

Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

Have Lunch at a Milk Bar

If you want to have a truly traditional lunch, that you might not have experienced before (unless you’re coming from Eastern Europe), go to one of the many milk bars.

These are not actually “bars” as the word might suggest. The so-called “bar mleczny” (Polish for “milk bar”) is a Polish cafeteria where during the Communist times one could come to eat some traditional Polish cuisine at a low cost because it was subsidized by the government.

The name stems from cheese cutlets, which were often sold when meat wasn’t widely sold.

You can find milk bars pretty much all over the city, so just check on the map where’s the nearest one. Here are also some suggestions: Pod Barbakanem, Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi and Familijny.

Afternoon activities

Palace of Culture and Science

Once your stomach is full of some delicious Polish food, you can make your way to the tallest building in all of Poland – the Palace of Culture and Science.

View from Palace of Culture and Science
Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

It has 42 stories and an elevator can take you to the 30th floor for a 360° panoramic view of Warsaw at the price of 20 zloty (~4,70 euros).

At the top, you’ll also find a cafe where you can sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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The Saxon Garden

The Saxon Garden is the oldest public park in Warsaw and one of the first publicly accessible parks in the world, as it was opened in 1727.

It’s located not too far away from the Palace of Culture and Science, so it’s the perfect place to end a long day of exhausting sightseeing – it’s quiet and peaceful, yet in the heart of the city.

Inspired by the Versailles, it was constructed in Baroque style, but in the 19th century, it was turned into a Romantic English-style landscape park. Since then, it has undergone a few reconstructions, the most recent after World War II.

See a Chopin Concert in the Old Town

Chopin concerts take place every day in the heart of the Old Town, where talented pianists perform Chopin’s pieces in the Royal Castle.

If you admire classical music and you’d love to see the Gothic interior of the Royal Castle, this experience might be just for you!

On top of Chopin’s pieces, you will be able to enjoy an interpretation of each piece, since every pianist has their own style of playing.

Book Your Ticket to a local Chopin Concert in Warsaw

Have dinner at The Alchemist Gastropub

One of the most interesting places to have dinner in Warsaw is the Alchemist Gastropub – especially if you’re a craft beer fan!

This place was the first ever “Pour-Your-Own Craft Beer Wall” in Central Europe. It literally has a wall of beer taps where you can taste any beer of choice.

You just get a card from the waiter, which you can use to drink as much beer as you wish. They all sound so interesting that you won’t be able to resist, even if you’re not the biggest beer drinker.

The Alchemist Gastropub also offers a selection of filling meals, so you definitely won’t leave hungry or thirsty. The prices here are slightly higher than the normal standard for Warsaw, but they’re not too high either.

Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

End the night at Level 27 Bar & Club

Level 27 is the place where some of the best parties in Warsaw happen. The best part is that the bar is located on the 27th floor (hence the name), and it provides a wonderful panoramic view of the Polish capital.

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It has a big open terrace where you can actually party under the stars – surely an unforgettable experience.

Warsaw Itinerary Day 2

Get ready to enjoy your last day in the city.

Breakfast at Cafe Kafka

Cafe Kafka has a vintage, yet also modern feel to it. One of the walls is fully covered with bookshelves, which makes the place extremely cozy.

Head here for a lovely cup of coffee and some breakfast, and enjoy the tranquility that Warsaw can offer. They actually have a rich menu, so Cafe Kafka might be a good idea for lunch and dinner as well.

Head to the Wilanów Palace

The Wilanów Palace is one of Poland’s most important landmarks and together with the Old Town, it’s an official National Historic monument.

The palace is visited by over 3 million people each year and it allows you to get a glimpse of the country’s royal and artistic heritage.

On the main floor, one can visit the royal apartments of the palace and on the first floor, you’ll find the Gallery of the Polish Portrait – a collection of effigies of the Polish monarchs collected over the centuries.

Discover the Vodka Museum

After getting to know the life of the royals, why not continue with something very traditional – vodka.

The Vodka museum is located in the building of the former Warszawska Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser vodka factory. In the years between the two world wars, this place was where the recipes of famous Polish vodkas such as Wyborowa and Luksusowa were created.

You will get the chance to learn about the 500-year history of one of the most famous alcohol drinks in the world, and certainly the most famous one in Poland.

The museum covers everything from the evolution of the production technology, to the traditions and customs associated with it, and more.

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Have lunch at Zapiexy Luksusowe

There are so many good restaurants to choose from when in Warsaw.

It’s always a good idea to try some of the local and traditional food, so I highly recommend visiting Zapiexy Luksusowe, known for the best zapiekanki in town.

The “zapiekanki” is also known as Polish pizza and are toasted open-face sandwiches, made of sliced bread, and topped with different ingredients, such as mushrooms, cheese, and maybe even ham.

They are served hot and you can put ketchup on top. They have turned into a popular street food in Poland since the 1970s, so you might want to consider giving them a try.

Afternoon Walk at Royal Łazienki Park.

You can finish your 2-day trip to Warsaw with a relaxing walk at the Royal Łazienki Park.

This is the largest park in Warsaw and here you can find quite a few of Warsaw’s sights. It can actually take you about half a day to visit everything if you decide to.

Royal Łazienki Park
Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

When walking around the park, don’t forget to look out for the Chopin monument, The Palace on the isle, the White House, the Egyptian temple, and more!

Have dinner at Restauracja Różana

Enjoy a fine dinner with live piano music at Restauracja Różana – a Polish restaurant, which serves traditional food and certainly impresses with its ambiance. The prices are on the higher side, but it’s well worth it.

End the night with a Pub Crawl

Book a pub crawl where local guides will take you to the best bars and pubs in Warsaw to enjoy a drink or two.

The fun is guaranteed as you’ll meet other travelers like yourself while enjoying a night out in Warsaw. The price of the tour includes club entries, unlimited drinks for 1 hour, and some drinking games.

Reserve Your Spot on a Warsaw Pub Crawl

Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

Warsaw Travel Tips

In most restaurants, the service fee or tips are not included in the bill. It’s commonly accepted to leave about 10% of the bill as a tip.

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Keep in mind that there are strict law regulations, which if not followed could lead to getting fined. Do not cross the street at a red light (fine:100 PLN). Also do not drink alcohol in public (fine: 100 PLN).

Palace of Culture and Science
Phot by Lyubomira Velikova. Reused with permission.

Hopefully, this 2-day Warsaw guide gives a good overview of what you can do and see in the city. Poland is one of my favorite European countries – the cuisine is delightful, the locals are lovely and there’s so much to see!

So be sure to expand your Poland itinerary by adding Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, and any other place you might find interesting!

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48 Hours in Warsaw Itinerary for the Perfect Two Days in Warsaw, Poland!

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