5 Instagram Accounts I’m Loving Right Now

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with my Instagram account, and I recently highlighted what I’ve been up to on the ‘gram lately. So I thought I’d share some accounts that I’m currently obsessed with.



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Beautiful shots of street art in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Many of completed pieces on building, cars, etc. Some are of works in progress. Makes me want to go on a walk around Sao Paulo every time one of the posts pops up in my feed.



Another account from Brazil, this is a skate family in Rio de Janeiro that post videos and photos of their skateboarding and street art. I discovered them when I posted this photo from my trip and another Brazilian street artist was able to help me identify the artists:

Street art on a barricade at the Praça 15 in #riodejaneiro #riodejaneiroinstagram #riodejanierotips #streetart #praça15

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Montreal astist Claude Benatar posts pics from his life along with his art and various street art installations around Montreal. Another artists I discovered when posting my own travel photos of Montreal street art:

I love using Instagram to crowd source information about public spaces on my trips that I might not find easily in normal travel sources.



World traveller focused mainly on Rustic African Travel.



Two dads on the road with their two kids…hilarious kid faces ensue. So adorable!


So these are the accounts I’ve been into lately. If there are any you love, please share!

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