8 Kinds of Summer Apparel to Bring When Spending Summer in a Tropical Country

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Last Updated on: 1st April 2022, 04:48 pm

Tropical countries get incredibly hot during the summer, and sometimes, no amount of sunscreen can protect you from the rays of the sun. In times like these, bringing the right kind of apparel can help. Don’t just pack anything you find in your closet, though, because there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to summer apparel.

Below are some of the things you need to pack for your summer trip. These clothes are guaranteed to keep you cool while protecting you from the sun.

Clothes Made from Breathable Fabric

Clothes made from a breathable fabric such as cotton, linen, and bamboo can help your skin feel cool during the summer. Unlike synthetic materials, these natural fabrics don’t trap water or sweat between your skin and clothes, allowing your body to cool down faster. Breathable fabrics also dry easily, so you don’t have to worry about sweat stains.

When it comes to work, using a pair of tights can be unavoidable. It’s best to shop tights that are made from breathable fabrics. A breathable pair of tights are thin and made from a blend of nylon and spandex. Although both fabrics are synthetic, blending these two materials results in a comfortable pair of tights. Likewise, the thinner the material used, the more breathable it can be for you.

Clothes with UV Protection

We are well aware of the harmful effects of the sun, and extended exposure can cause a variety of skin diseases, like skin cancer. Aside from using sunblock, the best protection you can have towards harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are your clothes.

While clothes can lessen sun exposure, if they don’t have UV protection, UV radiation can still penetrate the fabric and reach your skin. For this reason, many clothes nowadays come with an ultraviolet protection factor (or UPF), which reduces the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate through your clothes.

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If you have clothes with UPF, make sure to pack them. If you don’t have any yet, consider buying a few pieces, as they’re perfect for any season.

Light-Colored Clothing

Light-colored or white clothing reflects light, so they don’t trap heat into your clothes, unlike black or dark-colored clothing. The best option is to bring as many light-colored clothes as you can. Pastels and other light colors can also work if you want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without running the risk of getting heatstroke.

Loose-Fitting Clothes

Clothes that cling to your skin will stick even more the moment you sweat, and it can be uncomfortable. Aside from the discomfort you feel, tight clothes make it harder to cool down.

That said, you’ll want to bring loose-fitting clothes on your trip. Clothes that don’t cling to your body allow air to circulate between your clothes and skin. This breathability is what you need when it comes to summer clothing. Not only does it help your skin breathe, but it can be comfortable and help you cool down when you start sweating.

Sleeveless Tops or Short-Sleeved Blouses

Sleeveless tops are perfect for summer. These types of clothing give your body more room to breathe and don’t trap your sweat between clothing. Camisoles are especially cooling, but they can leave you feeling too exposed. Scoop neck tops, tank tops, or round neck tops might be a good alternative if you want to lessen your decolletage exposure. These types of clothing have thicker straps, so you might feel more comfortable wearing them.

Some sleeveless blouses might be work-appropriate, such as halter tops, camisoles, or high neck blouses, but you will most likely have to pair them with a cardigan or blazer. This layering can make you feel hot and uncomfortable, so opt for short-sleeved blouses with sleeves that aren’t too tight around the arms. These types of sleeves allow air to flow within your clothes and your skin despite being covered up.

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Shorts and Skirts

Tight clothing like skinny jeans can suffocate or make your legs feel uncomfortably warm. Fortunately, you can opt to bring a few pairs of shorts instead. Just like sleeveless tops, shorts will give your legs more room to breathe without trapping any sweat between your skin and the fabric of your clothes.

Although shorts are recommended, especially for a beach vacation, they are usually inappropriate for work. Skirts can be a wonderful alternative to shorts, and they can help you look more formal or give you a nice dressed-up look if you’re planning to go out. You can also choose to pack flowy skirts instead of form-fitting ones to give your legs some more breathing room.

Loose Trousers

Wearing pants can be unavoidable for work, especially if it’s part of the company’s dress code. However, you can still feel comfortable wearing them by investing in loose trousers instead of tight slacks to help give your legs some air circulation. These kinds of pants are usually made from natural fabrics, with wide legs flaring at the bottom. And the best part is they won’t stick to your skin when it gets too hot.

If you have some trousers at home for lounging, transform these trousers into an office ensemble by wearing them with a blouse, a belt with a statement buckle, and high-heeled shoes.


Dresses can come in many styles, much like trousers and tops. Whatever the style, it’s best to pick a dress that is lightweight and comes in a light or pastel color. Wearing this kind of dress can be quite comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. Sundresses, in particular, are made for summer, so if you have some, make sure to bring them on your trip.

When it comes to your office attire, dresses can be work-appropriate as long as they have short sleeves and go past the knee. Don’t be afraid to go longer with dresses that reach your ankles or the floor. These dresses can look more formal, especially when worn with the right accessories and shoes. Not only are they work-appropriate, but they also tend to flare past the waist, so they’re breathable and won’t stick to your skin. Staying cool and beating the heat can be a real challenge in a tropical country, especially during the summer season. If you’ve never experienced the humidity of a tropical country, one of the best ways to prepare yourself is by packing the right clothes. While getting used to the heat can be difficult, wearing summer-appropriate clothing will certainly make it easier f

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