My name is Stephanie Craig. In 1990, at the age of six, I read my first American Girl Dolls book (it was Meet Felicity). In a rose-pink bedroom in Oklahoma, I learned about what life was like in Colonial Virginia. I was hooked.


Since then, my love of history has been my favorite hobby, leading me to travel all over the world to experience the places and peoples I have read about. I seek out important architecture, artworks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and monuments-the places that bring history to life.


Through my travels, I have gone from history lover to amateur historian, sharing photographs and stories from far-away places.


To date, I have visited 130 UNESCO World heritage sites spread across 67 countries and 5 continents. However, there are many, many more visits to come.


Some of my favorite historic sites:

  • Standing on top of the city walls in Istanbul
  • Seeing history and tradition come alive at the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan
  • Visiting the battlefield of Gettysburg
  • Touring the White House twice
  • Seeing the Soviet break-away republic Transnistria
  • Touring Chernobyl and seeing what Chernobyl is like Today
  • Being haunted by the dual terror regimes of the Nazis and the Communists in the Terror House in Budapest
  • Crying in the pilgrim’s office while getting my Compostela after finishing the last part of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Seeing the layers of civilizations atop the Citadel in Amman, Jordan
  • Being given the keys to a 14th century chapel in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus
  • Being dressed by a nun who thought I was insufficiently modest in rural Moldova’s Rudi Monastery


Since starting this site, I’ve embarked in a few other online adventures. I am the co-author of the website Sofia Adventures, a Balkan travel blog. Most recently my fiance and I started The Africa Cookbook to preserve and share his African cuisine for our family.