April 2017: Adventures & Updates

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Big News!


What’s that old saying? April comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?


My April was the exact opposite!


The month started with me wrapping up my time in Jordan. Getting back from my first trip to the Middle East, including a blogging conference, got me thinking about bigger things ahead. There’s a lot of new things I want to do, and the blog needed to change to accommodate these.


Let’s talk specifics:


  • New Name! Goodbye GoThreeTwentyFour, hello History Fangirl. The name had to change because…
  • This blog is going to get deeper into history and history travel. Huzzah! Which is why…
  • I’m launching a history podcast. I want the podcast and blog name to match, and my new name is exactly right for the podcast. Look for the History Fangirl podcast, coming to an iTunes app near you. I’ve already recorded the first six episodes, and I can’t wait to share them! Target for launch is sometime in June. Sign up here if you want to get an email when it launches.
  • New name, new projects, new website design! Let me know what you think of the new layout and front page.
  • Want to get an alert when the podcast goes live? Sign up here!



What I Got Up To

I hit my 50th UNESCO World Heritage Site when I went to Wadi Rum on April 1. It was a great way to ring in the month!

After Jordan, I went back to Bulgaria, exploring more of Sofia and taking trips to the medieval capital of Veliko Tarnovo and the spa town of Devin.

I spent the second half of the month getting deeper into Eastern Europe, with a two-week trip through Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, and Ukraine.




Pic of the Month

My most popular picture on Instagram was this one of tulips blooming in Romania:




While on Facebook it was this photo of Horezu Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Carpathian mountains:



Places Visited



  • I spent the last day of my first trip to the Middle East exploring the sites in Amman. Of all the places I visited during Israel and Jordan, I felt the most at home in Amman. I really enjoyed my time in Jordan’s sophisticated capital. I went to three mosques, two archeological sites, two museums, the nail salon, and eat two delicious meals all in one day.
  • Getting my spa weekend on in Devin. I loved my weekend in the southern mountain town so much I even wrote a guest post for kashkaval tourist about it.
  • Hunting the Struve Geodetic Arch in Moldova
  • Seeing the Soviet Breakaway Republic of Transnistria




  • Facebook is being a jerk. I’ve been able to rebrand every part of my website and social media, with the exception of my Facebook page. They’re really being mean about it, and I’ve gotten some pretty bad customer service. I will have to keep trying.
  • Seeing Wadi Rum. The desert is beautiful, and I enjoyed my day. But I was a little disappointed in both Petra and Wadi Rum compared to what I’d heard going in, and I enjoyed my time in Amman more than the rest of the country. I still had a good time, but it slightly under delivered.
  • My rental car company in Romania gave my car away. They called me at midnight the night before my rental date to confirm (they’re so lucky I answered). But then when I was running late to pick it up, they didn’t call to see if I was on my way, instead they gave it away.


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Veliko Tărnovo on Saturday #swoon

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My most popular post in April was My Unesco World Heritage Sites Bucket List.


Other April Posts:




Travels with Lucy

I started crying at 3am while waiting to get on a plane at the Amman airport when I saw a meme about dogs.  Being away from Lucy for two weeks at a time is pretty hard.  She’s staying in Sofia while I travel, keeping my boyfriend company. It’s better this way, but I really miss her while I’m on the road. Luckily my boyfriend sends me tons of pics of her being adorable (or not) on Whatsapp while I’m gone.


Lucy trying on hats while I was in Moldova
Lucy trying on hats while I was in Moldova

April by the Numbers

  • Steps: 158K
  • Houses of Worship Visited: 15
  • Hours Spent on a Single Uber Ride: 7
  • Beds: 6
  • Cherry Pastries: 6
  • Countries: 6
  • Airports: 5
  • Sushi Restaurants: 4
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 3
  • Spa Visits: 3
  • Continents: 2
  • Mexican Restaurants: 0 =(
  • Episodes of 13 Reasons Why: all of them



Current Obsessions

  • The new Young M.A. ep
  • Red Nails, Red Lipstick, & Rose Body Scrub
  • Fitting into my new H&M shorts by June
  • Every Crooked Media Podcast


My Favorite Pic



What’s Next

In May, I wrapped up the my time in Ukraine, with trips planned to Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey. Plus projects, projects, projects.



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April 2017: Adventures & Updates


  1. I wondered about your IG name changing – but it sounds like this is much closer to what you are about – I think it’s a change that makes perfect sense. 🙂 And a podcast sounds fun!

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