August 2016 Review: Adventures and Expenses

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What I Got Up To:

Month two is in the books! August was about three things: family, friends, and the future.

I began the month in St. Louis, wrapping up my visit to my sister’s with my mom and brother. The middle part of the month was spent in Belize with my girlfriends from college. And August ended with a quick trip to Atlanta to embark on a very exciting consulting venture that’s both personally thrilling and important to me being able to fund my digital nomad lifestyle. In between these trips, I soaked up a few more weeks with my folks in Oklahoma before I leave for Europe for the rest of the year on Monday (yikes!).

Pic of the Month:

My most popular Instagram pic in August is this view of Belize shot out of the window on the airplane as we landed. Taken with my iPhone 6s Plus and edited in Snapseed. I liked this shot so much it inspired me to put together this post My Favorite Pics Taken on Airplanes.

Places Visited:

  • St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Oklahoma City, Ponca City, & Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA
  • Arkansas City, Kansas, USA
  • San Pedro, Belize
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA

August 2016



Belize was my frist trip to Central America, and it was so awesome. I love travelling with friends I never get to see, and San Pedro was an especially gorgeous setting for a reunion. I will be posting about the trip in the next week, but major highlights for me were swimming at a gorgeous spot named Secret Beach, tooling around in a golf cart, and learning how to snorkel in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hol Chan.

From a career perspective, starting a new consulting gig that allows me to use my sales history in new ways focused on social media and blogging is a dream come true. This whole digital nomad dream revolves around me being able to sustain it financially while also being able to enjoy it. This contract will allow me to do both, and the work I’ll be doing will also be interesting and challenging.



Unlike last month, I didn’t have any major financial mistakes (yay)! Instead, I got bitten by every mosquito in San Pedro. Regardless of hourly deet sessions, I ended up with 26 mosquito bites on my right calf alone! My friends definitely got their fair share, but I seemed to be the little buggers’ favorite meal. Ugh.

I also lost my favorite bracelet, a silver band with an Oklahoma cutout, in the security line at the Belize City airport. Always double check your bin!


August By the Numbers:

  • Mosquito Bites: 100+
  • Driving Hours: 14 hrs 34 min
  • Alcoholic Beverages:  9
  • Beds: 8
  • Swimming Days: 6
  • US States: 4
  • Mexican Restaurants: 4
  • Airports: 4
  • Water Taxis: 2
  • Countries: 2
  • Nights Slept in Airports: 1


My goal is to use Nomadic Matt’s rule of thumb and travel on $50 dollars a day. However, my actual budget I set for myself is $1613 per month because I have a cell phone contract and car insurance in addition to travel expenses. That would give me a target of $52.03 per day for August.

I took a lot of the lessons I learned in July to heart, and I dropped my daily spending from $77 to $67 dollars per day. I still ended up going over, with my main takeaway being avoid paying for an airline ticket whenever possible. The $420 round trip ticket seemed like a great deal when I bought it in the spring, but now that I’m working so diligently on accruing airline miles, I don’t plan on purchasing a high-priced ticket for the rest of the year.  Had I purchased it with airline miles at the time, my budget for this month would have been right on target. Another important lesson learned here.

A smaller line item, but a super annoying one: atm fees. They add up quickly when traveling internationally. Finally got around to opening a Charles Scwabb account so I won’t have to worry about them going forward.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.11.15 PM


My Favorite Pic:

I had a lot of pics I loved this month, which is what happens when you get down to the Caribbean. But I snapped this pic on Saturday in downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma. It was a great moment where the light was just right. I love the beautiful architecture in old Guthrie.


What’s Next:

On Monday, I begin a daunting 3 days of travelling to get to Cyprus, where I’ll spend the rest of September exploring both the art history and the beach life. I think those might be my two favorite things?




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