How to Get from Berlin to Dresden On the Cheap & Hassle-Free

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Looking to get from Berlin to Dresden without any hassle? Here’s the ultra-simple way I traveled from Berlin to Dresden by bus, with some tips to help you avoid almost missing your bus like I almost did!

Headed to Dresden? What to Pack for Germany

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Berlin to Dresden Bus Routes

Germany - Dresden - Flix Bus
There are several options for getting from Berlin to Dresden by Bus

There are multiple bus routes available to get from Berlin to Dresden. I used the company Flix Bus, which I have used before on other routes. I like Flix Bus because they have a convenient app and because every trip I’ve taken with them has gone pretty smoothly.

With Flix Bus, you have the option of being picked up at both Berlin airports or six different locations in the city. You also can choose where in Dresden you would like to be dropped off: Dresden Central Station or Dresden Neustadt.

RegioJet also operates buses between the two cities, but the time listed was about an hour longer than Flix Bus, so I did not investigate this option further.

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Berlin Schönefeld Airport to Dresden

Germany - Dresden - Airport Plane Ryanair
Landing at Shoenefield Airport? You can book a bus that will leave from the airport’s parking lot!

This was the route I took since my plane landed at Berlin Shoenefield airport (SXL) at about 9:30 pm and this saved me from having to get into the city before leaving. This route is very easy (but I do have some advice about it below you should know). Flix Bus runs this route over twenty times per day. Depending on traffic, it takes between one hour and fifty minutes and two hours and ten minutes to make the trip.

Berlin Tegel Airport to Dresden

While less common, this route runs seven times per day. You also have the option of being dropped off at either the train station or Neustadt when you arrive in Dresden.

Other Berlin Flix Bus Pick-Up Locations

Flix bus also runs buses from six different locations in Berlin:

  • Berlin Central Bus Station
  • Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Berlin Südkreuz
  • Berlin Alt-Tegel
  • Berlin Zoo
  • Berlin S-Treptower Park

How to Buy Flix Bus Tickets Online

Germany - Dresden - Airport Selfie
Feeling fine after landing in Berlin knowing that my connecting bus to Dresden was booked.

Another reason I love Flix Bus is that you can easily book the tickets online and organize your bus tickets in the app or download the PDF to your phone.

To purchase tickets, simply visit their website or app. Choose your departure date and where you would like to leave from. Note which drop-off in Dresden you would like as well. Note that not all buses drop off at both Dresden locations (mine didn’t), so you will want to choose this correctly ahead of time.

The Cost to Travel from Berlin to Dresden

I paid twelve euros for a bus that left at 11:40 pm. Looking through the Flix Bus prices, it looks like the costs vary between about eight euros and twenty-one euros, depending on which bus you choose. More popular departure times seem to be listed as more expensive.

Trains are currently priced at over forty euros for a one-way ticket in second class, so the bus is definitely the more economical route!

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Where to Meet the Bus

Germany - Berlin - Flik Bus Map
This is the map Flix Bus gave me to help meet them. I got so confused I almost missed my bus.

This is the part that got me the most stressed. I probably ran with all 18 kilos of luggage around the Schoenefeld airport parking lot for thirty minutes. No one could tell me where to go.

To find the Flix Bus at Schoenefeld, find Terminal B. I landed at Terminal D. Unfortunately neither the parking lots nor the terminals at the airport are numbered or lettered in order, so you’ll have to just trust the signs. If you’re looking at the airport from the parking lot, the terminals go B-A-C-D. Yeah, I don’t understand why either.

By the time I located my bus and ran to it, I was two minutes late. Luckily they hadn’t left without me!

My Trip Experience

My face is a reaction to waking up at 2 am and not the comfort level of the bus, which was good.

After dropping my bag off (they didn’t give me any grief for not using their luggage tags), I boarded the bus. The attendant gave me my seat number, which was on the upper deck of the bus.

A woman with two kids was seated in my row and seemed especially unhappy that she didn’t have the row to herself anymore. She made her six-ish-year-old daughter sit next to me instead. The daughter was nice, but she fidgeted and flopped around like a seal.

Since it was after midnight, I called my fiance on the bus wifi (which was excellent) and then went to sleep. When I woke up, the woman had switched back with her daughter. She was similarly fidgety.

I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until we’d hit Dresden.

Getting Off the Bus in Dresden

The lights…were…so…bright.

The (extremely) bright lights turned on, but there were no announcements. Since the bus went on to Budapest, I was confused about if this was my stop or not. I almost didn’t get off, which would have been a nightmare since there this bus only stopped at the Dresden Central Train Station and then left town.

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Dresden Ground Transportation Options

The Dresden Central Station across the street from where I got dropped off.

I knew this was going to be tricky for me since I was arriving at 2 am in a strange city with no data card. Luckily almost everywhere in Dresden has wifi. I used the train station wifi to double-check the location of the taxi stand and then walked over to it. All in all, I was in a taxi on the way to my hotel within ten minutes of arriving in Dresden. Not too shabby for 2 am!

Berlin to Dresden Train Options

I chose not to take the train because it would have taken longer and cost me three times as much. However, there are times when the train is preferred. You can check the times and up-to-date prices of the Berlin to Dresden railway line here.

FAQ about Traveling from Berlin to Dresden

These are the questions I see asked most often about traveling from Berlin to Dresden.

Can you visit Dresden as a day trip from Berlin?

Yes. I am not since I am staying for the next four days, but Dresden is a common day trip from Berlin. Plan for about four and a half hours of transit time between the two cities round trip.

Can you fly from Berlin to Dresden?

Yes, but when you add in security times, it will take you longer to fly. It will also cost you way more. Looking at Skyscanner, it looks like flights are between seventy and two hundred euros.

Can you hire a taxi from Berlin to Dresden?

Yes, there are services that will help you hire a taxi to Dresden, but it’s going to cost you hundreds of euros. Yikes!

Does Flix Bus have Wifi?

Yes, and it was good enough that I was able to make a video call.

Does Flix Bus have a bathroom on board?

Yes, but I can’t speak to its cleanliness since I didn’t use it. After taking frequently using Balkan buses, my motto is always to bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer on a bus trip,  no matter what. And bus snacks! Always bring bus snacks!

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5 Things to Pack for the Trip to Dresden

  • The Lonely Planet Germany guidebook for your trip. I’ve been looking for a hard copy here since I don’t like getting stuff delivered to me in Bulgaria, and I can’t find one. Definitely get your guidebook ahead of time.
  • An Unlocked Cell Phone so that you can use a German sim card and the app for Flix Bus.
  • Slaughterhouse-Five  Vonnegut wrote this novel about his experiences in Dresden during the war. You can get a paperback, Kindle, or Audible copy. I’ve been listening to it on Audible while I walk around the city.
  • Your Bus Ticket (or Train Ticket) since you kind of want to be able to board your transportation, right? Other necessary items for the ride include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bus or train snacks, and something to drink.
  • Travel Insurance Policy information, because things happen on the road. I pay for World Nomads, and I happily recommend them. It’s especially important to get travel insurance if you’re going to be doing any hiking or outdoor activities in Germany.

    I have been a paying customer of World Nomads for travel insurance for two years, and I happily recommend them.  It’s especially important to get travel insurance when participating in outdoor activities. Even in the cities, though, you’ll be happy when you’re able to replace your stuff if it’s lost or stolen.

More about Traveling to Dresden

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Have You Traveled from Berlin to Dresden by train or bus? Are you planning an upcoming trip to Dresden? Leave your best tips and any questions below!

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How to Get from Berlin to Dresden

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