13 Fairytale Castles in Colorado to Add Magic to Your Colorado Adventures

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I love seeing castles! I have spent time abroad exploring some of the most beautiful castles in the world and I can attest, seeing castles in Colorado can be just as exciting as seeing them in Europe! You just have to know where to look.

Here are the best Colorado castles which you can find all over the state, including castles near Denver and Colorado Springs! If you know of any that I missed, add them in the comments!

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Colorado castles

How to Visit Colorado’s Castles

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Since you really need your own wheels, I have tips below for renting a car if you don’t have one. A reliable car service is all that you need for a memorable experience.

The Best Castles in Colorado

In no particular order…

Bishop Castle

Colorado - Colorado City - Bishop's Castle is a roadside attraction in Colorado

Bishop Castle is an intricately built handmade fortress, complete with a central tower standing over 160 ft. tall. This magnificent building is three stories with interior rooms, a grand ballroom, bridges, and soaring towers that show off hundred-mile visibility. It also has arched windows that provide the best mountain view while inside. 

The monument is a “one-man project” named after the owner Jim Bishop. The land where the castle stands was purchased in 1969. The building initially a family cottage and was later converted into the spectacular fortress that stands there today.

Bishop castle has become a major tourist attraction in south-central Colorado along state Highway 165.

Cherokee Ranch Castle

Colorado - Sedalia - Cherokee Ranch Castle

The Cherokee Ranch sits on a 4185 acres landmark, including a castle with a unique and expansive view. The castle is more than 10,000 square feet and has 26 rooms. It has a diverse collection of artworks and antiques, and also it exhibits paintings from the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

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Originally known as the Charlford Castle, a replica of the 15th-century Scottish castle, the Cherokee Ranch main residence was built between 1926 to 1928 by the Denver architect Burnham F. Hoyt.

Located in Douglas County in Colorado, the castle doubles up as a tourist destination and art performances.

Glen Eyrie Castle

Colorado - Colorado Springs - Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs

This particular castle has seventeen guest rooms, seven meeting rooms, two dining rooms, and 24 fireplaces. Glen Eyrie castle also has a 2200 square feet hall to host 240 people, a café, and a bookstore on its property.

General William Jackson Palmer built this English Tudor-styled castle in 1871, and it was remodeled in 1881 by adding a tower and later on modified in 1903 to resemble a stone castle.

This grand monument located in Colorado Springs can be rented to the public and is ideal for hosting weddings, retreats, special tours, conferences, etc. So if you’re looking for a Colorado castle wedding venue, look no further!

Dunafon Castle

Colorado - Dunafon Castle

The Dunafon Castle is a seventeen-acre property built on a peninsula and has a spectacular view of Bear Creek’s crystal clear waters. It also has a 1500 feet private trout ponds surrounded by an open space park, ideal for outdoor activities. 

The castle’s construction work began in 1929 and was completed in 1941 by Mr. Wright using a narrow railway to transport materials. However, the building has had key modifications over the years.

Although the castle is a residential property, it’s occasionally used for hosting corporate events, charity functions, and is one of the most popular castle wedding venues in Colorado.

Dunafon Castle is in West Denver and six miles west of Morrison town.

Miramont Castle

Colorado - Colorado Springs - Miramont Castle

This remarkable structure has different architectural styles throughout, from the medieval, crenelated on each side of the castle, to the gothic doors that make it stand out. The grand staircase of the Miramont has two sets of windows, each with a different architectural design. 

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This building covers over 14,000 square feet and contains more than 30 rooms. This castle was initially built in 1895 and was a private home for Father Jean Baptist Francolon.

Its currently being used as a historic house museum owned by the Manitou Springs Historical Society. Visitors are free to tour 42 furnished rooms and gardens.

Falcon Castle

Colorado - Morrison - Falcon Castle Ruins

The Falcon Castle or the Falcon Ruins is a historical site with a 13.4-kilometer trail that features lovely wildflowers and is perfect for hiking. The 4000-acre mansion, now in ruins, has a great view of Denver’s red rocks among beautiful scenery from the Mount falcon trail. 

The Falcon Ruins, which was once a three-story building with eight fireplaces, was home of an entrepreneur named John Walker. It was built in 1909 and later burnt down in 1918, never to be reconstructed.

Today the Falcon Castle Ruins is a park opened to the public and is located near Morrison, Colorado.

Redstone Castle

Colorado - Redstone Castle in Colorado

The Redstone Castle, also known as Osgood or Cleveholm castle, has a large timber frame structure. The castle’s main residence is 23,000 square feet having 66 rooms that range from an English-styled great wall to a Russian-inspired dining room. The lady’s room, on the other hand, is decorated in a French style.

 The Redstone Castle’s construction work began in 1899 and was completed in 1902; and was owned by Osgood, one of the wealthiest men in the country at the time.

Initially, the castle was used as a hunting retreat. It has elegant suites offering various amenities. The building is currently used for accommodation and is south of Redstone, Colorado.

Richtofen Castle

Colorado - Richthofen Castle
Craig Talbert, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Denver’s Richtofen Castle was built from hand-carved lava rock quarried from nearby Castle Rock (below). This particular castle has intricate architecture that includes a turret, battlements, and a three-story tower. The exterior has red tile roofing, and the entire property has an extensive landscape that’s quite scenic. 

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The castle has 35 rooms in both gothic and Tudor revival styles. Initially designed by Alexander Cazin, it was completed in 1887.

The owner was a prominent German immigrant named Baron Walter. The mansion is currently a privately owned residence.

The Brown Palace

Colorado - Denver - The Brown Palace
Onetwo1 at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Brown Palace is a massive eight-story building with 12,000 square feet with Mexican onyx paneling in the lobby. It has a beautiful triangular shape with a red sandstone exterior. The building’s unusual shape was designed to fit on the piece of land it stands on. Hence, form follows function.

The Brown Palace has two-story dining and ballroom, all having a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains.

Financed and opened in 1892 by Henry C. Brown, the elegant triangular building at the time was considered the tallest in town. Later on, in the 20th century, the hotel was owned by the Boettcher family.

The Brown Palace is currently a chartered hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Cano’s Castle

This one-of-a-kind castle consists of four shining towers built from beer cans. The four separate castle structures are namely ‘the king,’ ‘the queen,’ ‘the palace,’ and last but not least, ‘the rook.’

Cano’s Castle was single-handedly built over three decades ago by Donald Espinoza, a Vietnam Veteran.

 The inspiration behind the property was to provide a solution for the never-ending beer cans and other metallic junk that kept piling up in front of his yard; as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Cano’s Castle, located in Antonio, Colorado, is a tourist destination open to the public.

Westminster Castle

Colorado - Westminster - Exterior view of the famous Westminster Castle at Westminster, Colorado

Westminster Castle also referred to as the “Big Red Castle” or “Pillar of Fire” is three stories high with a 75 foot-tall tower that’s distinctive in terms of design. The architectural style for the building is a replica of the Richardsonian Romanesque building. 

This building’s design was conceptualized in 1890. The castle, however, was completed in 1893 and the doors officially opened to the public in 1908. Today Westminster Castle in northwest Denver, Colorado, is a learning institution home to Belleview School and a leading radio broadcaster.

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Castle Rock

Colorado - Beautiful fall sunrise over The Rock Park in Castle Rock, Colorado.

No, it’s not technically a castle, but your eyes will easily be fooled into thinking Castle Rock is truly a castle on a hill.

Castle Rock covers 33.79 square miles of land that borders three communities. This region has lovely scenery with hillsides covered with meadows of grass, plants, and a few scattered trees, including the pinyon pine and Gambel Oak. Local wildlife includes American black bears, coyotes, rabbits, snakes, etc. 

The area around Castle Rock has initially been home to the Cheyenne and Arapaho people.

Castle Rock is in Douglas County, Colorado having parks and soft surfaces with paved trails ideal for hiking.

Bailey Castle

Colorado - Denver - Bailey House Castle
Jeffrey Beall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bailey Castle, also known as Bailey House, is a massive mansion that has an eclectic combination of Queen Anne and Richardsonian detailing on the walls that showcases excellent masonry work. The house’s interior has a detailed finishing with various hardwoods such as oak, butternut, cherry ash, and bird’s eye maple. 

The Bailey Castle was designed in 1889 by William Lang, a very famous architect back in those days. In 1978 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Best Castles in Colorado