27 Most Stunning Colorado Waterfalls

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Last Updated on: 28th January 2022, 03:25 am

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls in Colorado is considered the longest free-falling waterfall in the region. At 365 feet high, the Fall is located eastward through Telluride town towards the east of box canyon along Colorado avenue. Off-road and hiking trails will lead you to this magnificent fall.

Bridal Veil Falls attracts tourists from all over the globe who can engage in hiking, exploration, Four-wheel drives through the trails, and even ice climbing during winter. Indeed, this remarkable destination is a great tourist attraction.

Fish Creek Falls

Located in Steamboat Springs, about 5 miles to the east of the Routt National Forest in Colorado, the falls run from several tributaries that feed the Rabbits Ears Range in Colorado. A few minutes of wilderness will lead you to these spectacular Falls.

At 280 feet high, Fish Creek Falls is ideal for hiking, ice climbing, and sightseeing. Fish Creek Falls typically has no off-seasons hence making it a fantastic tourist destination.

Rainbow Falls

This spectacular waterfall is in Manitou Springs on Fountain Creek, Colorado. Rainbow Falls cascades beneath the bridge linking Highway 24 to Manitou Avenue. These lovely falls are not well known outside Colorado since the waterfall is beneath a highway overpass. Although the Falls are not visible to the tourists who swarm Manitou Springs’ clutter, they haven’t deterred photographers from occasionally taking pictures. Lastly, you’ll also find children often playing near Rainbow Falls, hence making it a great pastime location.

Continental Falls

Continental Falls is another excellent spot to visit if you’re an adventurer who doubles up as a sightseer. Located in the Mosquito Range eastern slope, its source is the high mountain Mohawk Lakes. The Falls cascade through the mountains near Breckenridge along the granite side. However, to reach the base of the waterfall, you’ll need to go on a 2.5-mile uphill hike. The trail leading to the falls has lovely scenery of lakes, mountain views, and ruins of an old mining place.

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Chasm Falls

Having a 25-foot drop, Chasm Falls is in Rocky Mountain National Park on the Fall River. The Falls usually begin in the Horseshoe Park, specifically from the Endovalley Picnic Area, west of Estes Park. Visitors can hike, picnic, camp, participate in horseback rides, etc. Chasm Falls has breathtaking views of meadows, mountains, rivers, and wildlife when it comes to scenery. During summer, the parking area fills fast due to its popularity, hence planning the trip earlier is recommendable.

Alberta Falls

Another waterfall worth visiting is the Alberta Falls. Located in Rocky Mountain Park, its trail begins from Glacier Gorge, situated on the Bear Lake Road about 8 miles from the Highway 36 turn-off. Due to Alberta Fall’s popularity, visitors will find it convenient to use the free park shuttle if they want to access the trailhead easily, especially during peak season. This particular destination is ideal for hiking, picnics, photography, etc. The Glacier Creek Trail and Bear Lake nearby are also worth visiting.

Helen Hunt Falls

Located in North Cheyenne Canon Park of Colorado Springs, on Cheyenne Creek, Helen Hunt Falls is another excellent tourist location. Those visiting get to enjoy the spectacular view of the Hellen Hunt Falls base. A short hike leading to the top of the bridge is usually ideal if you want to have an expansive view. There’s a visitor center that offers informative scenic guides, history books, maps of the natural resources you’ll most likely see in Helen Hunt Falls and the entire Park in general.

Seven Falls

This particular waterfall is a combination of seven cascading waterfalls. It’s in Colorado Springs, South Cheyenne Canon. Seven Falls is another exceptional tourist attraction; and the only one in Colorado listed in National Geographic’s International waterfalls.

Tourists can view this amazing natural wonder from the 224 step staircase top of the Eagle’s Nest, a viewing point accessible using an elevator. The activities there include hiking, sightseeing and picnicking. Visitors can also wine and dine in the famous Broadmoor restaurant nearby.

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Chipeta Falls

Chipeta Falls is another phenomenal waterfall worth visiting. Located in Curecanti National Recreation Area, it flows through the Morrow Point Reservoir past the Blue Mesa Reservoir dam. Chipeta Falls is a perfect spot, especially for those visitors who prefer a serene environment. You can reach this popular destination through top-rope climbing. Chipeta Falls, which drops about 160 feet, also has many hiking trails and is a popular fishing location. During summer, you can then easily access the Falls using a boat.

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is among the most popular hiking destinations in Colorado. It annually receives over 131,000 visitors. Located close to 7 miles east of Glenwood Springs in Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake is a natural landmark with spectacular scenery.

There’s a 1.2-mile steep, rocky, and rigorous trail that awaits you, indeed a lovely scenery worth the climb. Hanging Lake formed through a geological fault that causes a drop of the lake beds, separating it from the valley floor above.

Booth Falls

Booth Falls is a spectacular 60-foot waterfall that’s among the most popular in Colorado. It’s near Vail in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, and a 2- mile hike awaits visitors along the Booth Creek banks. The Booth Falls rate as a moderate Fall that’s ideal for hiking and adventure. The best time to visit this particular place is from May to October. Lastly, pets, specifically dogs, are allowed on the Booth Falls trails. However, they should be on a leash.  

Horsetooth Falls

This incredible waterfall is Near Fort Collins, after covering 4.7 kilometers of the heavily busy loop trail. Horsetooth Falls is a moderately rated waterfall that is ideal for hiking, exploring, bird watching, horseback riding, etc. The perfect time to tour is between March to October. The scenic Mountain where the waterfall lies sits on 2,711 acres’ open space covering elevations starting from 5,430 to 7,255 feet. The Horsetooth Mountain Trailhead is usually accessible from sunrise to sunset, making it convenient for visitors.

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Treasure Falls

Among the most remarkable waterfalls in Colorado is the Treasure Falls. It’s in San Juan National Forest, about 15 miles northeast of Pagosa Springs off Highway 160.

Treasure Falls flows 105 feet into Falls Creek then joins the San Juan River. The Falls’ views are exceptional and are typically visible from the parking area, although you’ll have to go near the base. Visitors can hike on the well-maintained trails, sightsee and go on a picnic, while visiting Treasure Falls.

Zapata Falls

If you’re into sightseeing, then Zapata Falls is the place to be. The Falls parking lot alone is enough to conclude your visit, thanks to its breathtaking scenery. Located near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains base in the San Luis Valley, this particular waterfall is a truly remarkable destination to visit. Photographers are encouraged to visit the falls during sunrise and sunset to witness the spectacular subtle tones that radiate from the Zapata Falls landscape.

Whitmore Falls

Whitmore Falls is a fantastic place to visit despite being one of the less known Colorado waterfalls. It’s located deep in the mountains, a 1/10th of a mile hike along the Engineer Pass Road pull-off. Tourists who are vacationing in the Lake City location can combine the scenic drives with a short Whitmore Falls hike that’s usually worthwhile. Some of the Falls expeditions include picnicking, photography, exploration, hiking, fishing, etc.

Fourmile Falls

Rated as a moderate waterfall in Colorado, Fourmile Falls is 13.4 kilometers from Fourmile Stock Drive Trail near Pagosa Springs. This particular Fall spills hundreds of feet over a dark precipice volcanic rock in the great wilderness of Weminuche north Pagosa Springs. Among the great things about Fourmile Falls is that it’s easily accessible thanks to the short and easy trails leading there. Tourists can indulge in different activities such as camping, hiking, and horseback riding.

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Bear Creek Falls

One of the most amazing Falls in Colorado that cascades through the Bear Creek worth visiting is Bear Creek Falls. The Falls location from the Quarry is south 2.9 miles on the US 550 until you arrive at the bridge. You’ll see a parking area that has an expansive view of the Bear Creek Falls. Alternatively, you can use the trailhead from Alberta Falls that goes across the tunnel before slightly reaching Bear Creek Falls.

Hayes Falls

Hays Creek Falls is south of Carbondale and the historic Redstone District along the Colorado 133 stretch. Visitors can view this exceptional Fall along the West Elk Loop Byway, arguably the most scenic drive in Colorado. On the other hand, you can access Hayes Falls by following the hike roughly 25 yards from the roadside sign. During summer, the gushing waterfall flows through a scenic landscape while in winter, it typically turns into a giant layered ice sculpture.

South Mineral Creek Falls

South Fork Mineral Creek Falls is a lovely two-step waterfall situated in the South Fork of Mineral Creek, a short distance from its upstream confluence. Approximately 50 feet, this particular Fall drains from a basin that covers about 9 square miles. Visitors can wade or swim at the easily accessible base of the waterfall.

 The scenery there is quite spectacular and ideal for photography. Hiking on the vast landscape near the south Mineral Creek Fall is an excellent idea for an adventure, not forgetting the South Mineral Campground’s idyllic campsite.

Judd Falls

Judd Falls is a waterfall in Colorado with breathtaking scenery. Visitors can access this particular waterfall through the trail close to Crested Butte, which is usually short hence convenient. The path also has the landscape’s best views, such as the Gothic Mountain and wildflowers, before reaching the waterfall. Visitors can go picnicking, hiking, take photographs while on tour. There is a free bus that carries visitors to the trailhead, particularly during summer, making it easier to navigate Judd Falls.

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Rifle Falls

Located in the northeast of Rifle in Garfield County, Rifle Falls is a 70-foot waterfall in a 48- acre park. This fantastic Fall flows over East Rifle creek travertine dam and is home to various wildlife such as elk, mule deer, coyote, etc. Accessing the waterfall entails hiking 1 mile through an accessible paved trail that leads you towards the Rifle Falls base. This particular Fall is usually open to the public all year round, and visitors can camp, sightsee, hike, etc.

Piedra Falls

Piedra Falls is among one of the most accessible waterfalls in Colorado. This natural resource takes roughly 30 minutes of exertion and covers a 1-mile hike to reach the Falls. The trail is flat and also well-defined, although having a slight inclination towards the top.

 Piedra Falls is outstanding in the sense that the solid flowing water makes it ideal for swimming, particularly during hot summers. However, avoid doing in the deep ends to avoid the strong currents that may be fatal.

Ouzel Falls

Among one of the most attractive waterfalls in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Ouzel Falls is a great tourist destination. At 40 feet, this waterfall flows over large boulders and cliffs. There is a 2.7-mile hike that starts at the Wild Basin, going through Ouzel Falls. The falls form through different creek tributaries that typically lead hikers through three other different waterfalls, an incredible sight for photographers and adventures.

Forsythe Falls

Forsythe Canyon Creek Falls is another fantastic waterfall that’s worth visiting. Accessing this particular Fall, however, entails covering a 2-mile trail situated near the Boulder area. Getting there will require you to drive through dirt roads and reach a trailhead with a privy and a map board. Take a right turn to lead you through a flat trail along the scenic Forsythe Creek before you get to Forsythe Falls. Visitors will most likely admire this particular trail leading to the waterfall since it has sufficient shade, a canyon, stream, Lake, and most importantly, Forsythe Falls.

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North Clear Creek Falls

Located in Hinsdale County within the Rio Grande National Forest, North Clear Creek Falls offers remarkable scenery. The waterfall has an easily accessible observation site situated on Highway 149 along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. North Clear Creek Falls is a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent nature, making it a worthwhile visit. Some of the amenities nearby include restrooms, handicap accessible areas, picnic tables, interpretive signs having the Falls history, paved trails that can accommodate large vehicles, etc.

Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls is an 85-foot-high waterfall in Ouray, Colorado, that’s an ideal destination worth touring. The National Audobon Society designated the falls area as a nesting ground for the Black Swift, precisely during summer.

This particular waterfall releases thousands of gallons per minute into quartzite narrow canyon walls that overhangs the falls by close to 100 feet. In other words, this is a truly remarkable scene worth witnessing. Visitors can engage in photography, go on picnics, and even hikes while visiting Box Canyon Falls.