The Ultimate Florida Road Trip Itinerary: See the Best of Florida in 10 Days!

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There’s no denying it. Florida is massive. Bordered by Alabama and Georgia, Florida covers an expanse of over 65,000 square miles – perfect for planning a big Florida road trip!

Here’s everything you need to know to have an amazing Florida road trip: itinerary, travel tips, what to pack, and more.

This itinerary is designed to help you see the best of Florida in 10 days, but there are also suggestions for how to see Florida in 7 days or less and what to do if you have two weeks in Florida!

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The Ultimate Florida Road Trip Itinerary See the Best of Florida in 10 Days!

Good to Know: This Florida road trip itinerary comes to us from Alesha and Jarryd, two travel writers, photographers, and creators from Australia who have been traveling the world together non-stop since 2008.

Their passion for adventure travel, sustainable tourism, and van life has seen them visit some of the most remote destinations on the planet, seeking out incredible landscapes and unique cultures. You can follow their adventures on NOMADasaurus and Van Life Theory.

It was also edited by me (Stephanie Craig – the girl in the sidebar). I have added some additional Florida road trip planning tips and sections from my own travels in the state.

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How to Get Around Florida

On our last road trip to Florida, we used our own car and drove down from Hilton Head, South Carolina via Georgia.

Using your own car is a great option if you are close enough to drive to Florida to start your trip.

Florida - Amelia Island - Downtown Fernandina Beach - Leaving Florida
The best way to get around Florida is to drive!

However, if you plan to fly to Florida, you will need to rent a car. 

Make sure to book your vehicle ahead of time since rental car inventory in the US has been fluctuating.

I use Discover Cars to book rental cars on my trips. You can also check if you want to compare prices.

If you want to book an RV instead of a car, you can find the right one for your trip on RVshare.

Reserve a rental car for your road trip.

How Much Does it Cost to Roadtrip Florida?

The average cost of a Florida road trip might surprise you. 

While I’ve seen prices online that a typical Florida road trip costs about $1300 per person for seven days, I don’t believe this factors in the full cost to travel around Florida.

This would be about $1850 per person for ten days…which seems low.

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Do not use this number, instead, look at each travel cost and the style that your family travels in.

Florida - Amelia Island - Spring Hill Suites by Mariotto - Our Amelia Island Hotel - Jordan
Find accommodations that are comfy and cozy – and that won’t break the bank!

How much you end up spending depends almost entirely on your travel style.

Hotels can range from $75 a night in some parts to $200 a night even for budget options in pricier parts of the state. 

Vacation rentals can end up being much more than that, so self-catering in these circumstances might not end up saving you that much money.

Florida - Amelia Island -10
You can find less expensive food options, like street food and pastries, if you know where to look for them!

When you create your trip budget, determine your transportation costs for getting to Florida and how much your accommodations will be.

Make sure to look at the costs for your family for each category: Gas (petrol), Hotel or Accommodations, Parking, Food, Attractions, Emergency/Miscellaneous, Souvenirs, Travel Insurance, and Gear.

Florida - Amelia Island - Main Beach - Jordan
Enjoying a free public beach on Amelia Island.

Before any trip, I make a budget spreadsheet and start tracking these nine budget categories and look up the prices for where I’ll be going.

For food, you can budget anywhere from $30 per person per day (some cheap meals out and some groceries) to $100 per person per day (or more!) if you will be doing mostly eating out and including a lot of drinks with your meals.

For our family, I typically budget $100 per day for all three of us for meals since our son rarely eats off of the menu. 

However, in pricier destinations, we end up spending more even when we cook half our meals ourselves.

We find that spending money on boat tours and cruises is always money well spent!

For things to do in Florida, you can include mostly free things to do like public parks and beaches, or you can enjoy some of the more exciting once-in-a-lifetime tours and adventures.

If you add a trip to Disney World or Universal Studios, you can easily spend over $100 per person per day on activities. 

For a ten-day trip for two adults, I would budget:

 $2000 for accommodations ($200 per night including taxes and fees)

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$1500 for food ($75 per person, per day)

$2000 for activities ($100 per person per day, or set aside $300 for visiting a theme park plus $75 per person per day for the rest of the trip. Kayaking, snorkeling, museums, boat trips, and day trips can add up fast in Florida!)

$250 for gasoline (petrol) (this is one of the most important categories to check ahead of time since gasoline prices fluctuate and are different in different seasons)

$250 for parking (parking in bigger cities and at theme parks can be pricey. You may need more if you plan to use hotel valet.)

$300 for souvenirs (more if you love shopping)

$200 for travel insurance (get a quote ahead of time)

$500 for emergencies and miscellaneous expenses

This means that for my initial budget, I’d want to set aside $7000. 

However, I’d start plugging in actual prices as I book things. I would take money out of the budget where I know I’ll save money (for example, we tend to cook a lot of our meals in our hotel because my husband is a chef). 

However, if there’s an area I know we will want more room, like more tour options or more days at theme parks, then I would look up the realistic costs and add more to those categories.

Florida - Amelia Island - Downtown Fernandina Beach - Downtown Centre Street - Cinnamon Bear - Ice Cream
You can save money if you skimp on dining out – but put some ice cream money in your budget!

You can spend less than this if you eat more meals at your accommodations, spend more time at beaches and parks than on tours, skip the theme parks, skip the shopping, and book real budget accommodations where possible.

You can also easily spend more than this if you splurge for luxury hotels and eat every meal out, spend your days on nice tours, and book private experiences.

Florida - Amelia Island - Downtown Fernandina Beach - Ritz Carlton
Staying at 5-Star Hotels like the Ritz Carlton? Triple that hotel budget.

Good to Know: this budget estimate doesn’t include getting to Florida or renting a car because those costs will depend entirely upon where you’re coming from and how you’re getting to Florida.

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How to Have a Fun Road Trip in Florida (Florida Road Trip Tips)

Use these tips to make your Florida road trip planning go even smoother.

Add Some Wacky Florida Road Trip Stops

You really can’t run out of Florida travel ideas, and this itinerary is truly packed. However, it can’t hurt to find some fun Florida roadside attractions and add them to your trip.

Mix Old Florida and New Florida

There are so many different places to drive to in Florida, so make sure you don’t do the same thing every day!

Florida Road Trip Itinerary - St. Augustine - St. Augustine, Florida at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.
The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine was built by the Spanish

Yes, you’ll want to see Florida Keys beaches, Nasa, and Little Havana. But make sure to see some of the state’s historic sites in St. Augustine or add on some time on Amelia Island.

Make Sure to Research Your Beaches

While white sand beaches and crystal blue water can be found in Florida, not every beach is the same! 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary - Miami Beach
Miami Beach might be the most famous beach in Florida, but you can find so many more beaches in Florida to explore!

Look up the beaches near where you’ll be staying and decide which ones are the most enticing to you.

Prep Your Car Before You Leave

To road trip Florida right, you need to be in a car that is comfy and safe. 

If you’ll be using your car, get your oil changed and your tires and brakes checked before you leave.

Tennessee - Nashville - The Fairlane Hotel in Downtown Nashville
On our last Florida road trip, we drove from Oklahoma with stops in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia along the way!

You don’t want a preventable car issue to ruin or delay your trip.

If you’ll be renting a car, make sure it will be one that you’ll enjoy sitting in for 18 hours of drive time and almost a thousand miles!

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The Best Florida Road Trip Itinerary for 10 Days

Dotted with vibrant cities and charming rural areas, the Sunshine State is the third most populous in the USA. 

Because it has the longest coastline in the country, you can expect plenty of beautiful beaches and nautical activities that you can enjoy during your road trip. 

Florida - Amelia Island - Fort Clinch State Park - Stephanie

One of the best things about exploring Florida by car is that each city feels like a whole other country with different activities, food, people, and culture. 

More importantly, there are plenty of hotels and motels along the way where you can pull over for the night. 

For convenience’s sake, most people start to road trip Florida in Miami. 

Biscayne Bay is a dreamy way to start.

From there, you can explore some of the cities in the vicinity before making your way north to finally end in Jacksonville. 

Owing to its size, it’s usually recommended to allocate yourself ten days to properly take in everything that this beautiful state has to offer. 

However, there are ideas for what to do on a one-week Florida road trip and a two-week Florida road trip after.

Florida Road Trip Itinerary Day 1: Start in Miami 

The aptly-named Magic City offers the ideal platform to kick off your 10-day Florida road trip. 

This glamorous, sun-soaked city may be on the more expensive side, but it does offer plenty to thrill adults and children alike. 

Downtown of the city of Miami, USA

If you’re visiting in spring or summer, there’s no denying that the best way to see the city is by renting a bike. 

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Prices hover around the $5 mark for half an hour or $24 for a full-day rental. 

Since it’s one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the USA, you’ll be able to bike to popular Miami attractions such as the iconic Miami Beach and South Beach or the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

If there’s one thing Miami is particularly known for, other than its near-perpetual sun, of course, it’s the excellent cuisine. 

Striking the right balance between healthy eats and calorie-laden albeit moreish dishes, the city is home to local delicacies such as chicken ‘n’ watermelon ‘n’ waffles, key lime pies, arepas, chilled stone crabs with hash browns, and of course, the world-famous Cuban sandwiches. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary - Miami - Little Havana

Make sure to set aside time to eat your way through Little Havana, a Miami neighborhood that is one of the most unique places to visit in Florida.

A mere fifteen-minute drive from Miami takes you to Coral Gables where you will find The Venetian Pool, a novelty attraction that also happens to be the largest freshwater swimming pool in the states. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary - Miami - Venetian Pool in Coral Gables

Originally built in 1924, this pool was modeled after Venetian grotto pools and has a natural filtration system to ensure that the water always remains clean.  

Where to Stay in Miami 

Budget: Hotel La Flora

Mid-Range: YVE Hotel Miami

Luxury: Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club

Best Tours in Miami

Miami Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

City Cruise to Millionaire’s Homes & Venetian Islands

A Taste of South Beach Food Tour

Sunset Cruise through Biscayne Bay and South Beach

Day 2: Get out on the Everglades 

In stark contrast to Miami’s bustling city center, the Everglades offers quiet and soothing spots, perfect for fans of the great outdoors. 

Just a quick, twenty minutes’ drive west of Miami, the Everglades offers an abundance of things to explore, including multiple nature trails and swamps. 

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Florida - Everglades

One of the eleven national parks in Florida, the Everglades belongs on your Florida bucket list.

You can visit Everglades National Park from Miami, home to endemic mangroves, manatees, panthers, the Wilderness Waterway Trail, and of course, those infamous Floridian alligators. 

One of the park’s main attractions is the Shark Valley Tram ride which spans over two hours. 

And while the tram certainly is speedier, you also have the option of renting a bike instead. 

Of course, no trip to the Everglades will be considered complete without the quintessential guided canoe tour or airboat tour through the swamps and mangroves.  

It’s good to know that despite its spectacular sights, The Everglades can be exceptionally humid and insect-infested. 

Florida - Everglades

As such, you may want to slather on bug spray as well as sunscreen and wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Best Everglades Tours Leaving from Miami

From Miami: Half-Day Everglades Airboat Ride & Wildlife Show

Florida Everglades Airboat Adventure plus Miami Biscayne Bay Cruise

Everglades: Airboat Tour and Wildlife Show

Day 3: Kick Back in Key West  

From Miami, take a scenic, three-hour drive to Key West which is especially known for its excellent pies and whiskey culture.

Make sure to enjoy the drive, because it’s one of the most scenic drives in the US. You’ll get to drive on the modern 7-Mile Bridge that connects Knights Key with Little Duck Key.

Located closer to many Caribbean islands than mainland Florida, you really will feel like you’re driving to another world.

Aerial shot of U.S. route 1, Key West , Florida USA

While you’ll just get a taste of Florida keys life, you can see a lot here in just twenty-four hours.

Guided distillery tours usually cost between $10 – $20, and if you’re interested in a few products, most distilleries will ship the bottles to your home address for an extra charge.

As an alternative to a distillery tour, you can go on a craft cocktail crawl.

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While in Key West, don’t miss a visit to the Hemmingway House where famed American writer Ernest Hemingway used to live back in the ’30s. 

USA - Florida - Office and typewriter in Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum, Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida, United States

This establishment is also known for its extensive population of six-toed cats who are said to be direct descendants of the writer’s actual cats, hence their nickname: the Hemingway cats.

Locals and tourists alike often flock to the Southernmost Point Buoy which, as the name suggests, is known for being the southernmost point in the USA as well as the lowest land (altitude wise) in North America. 

After touring this site, you can indulge in some shopping at Mallory Square or check out other famous points of interest such as Truman Little White House, the Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum, and The Key West Butterfly Conservatory. 

When the weather’s sunny – which is nearly always the case in Key West – you can also check out Key West’s many scenic beaches such as Smathers, Fort Zachary Taylor, Fort Jefferson, and Higgs Beach.

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Bahia Honda State Park

There’s also the nearby Bahia Honda State Park if you want even more natural beauty.

Where to Stay in Key West

Budget: Harborside Motel & Marina

Mid-Range: Ibis Bay Resort

Luxury: Kimpton Ella’s Cottages, an IHG Hotel

Best Tours in Key West

Reef Snorkel Morning Tour with Breakfast & Mimosas

Dry Tortugas National Park Day Trip by Catamaran from Key West

Key West Dolphin Watch and Snorkel Eco Tour

Sunset Cruise with Buffet Dinner and Open Bar

Old Town Trolley 12-Stop Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour of Key West

Two-Hour Key Largo Jet Ski Tour

Day 4: Get Back to the Mainland with a Stop in Naples 

Today will be the longest day in the car. Leaving Key West, it’s a five-hour drive to Naples, Florida.

Hailed as one of the best beach destinations in Florida, Naples sees over 280 days of sunshine each year which is why golfing is one of the area’s most popular sports. 

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It was named after Naples, Italy, as local tourism and development promoters claimed that their bay on the Gulf Coast was more beautiful than the Bay of Naples.

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Naples Florida Skyline

Steer away from the typical brochure-like activities, however, and you’ll find a spectacular assortment of hidden gems to uncover in Naples. 

If you’re traveling with children, you may wish to check out the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples which was designed by children with the help of pediatric psychologists. 

Some of the museum’s main exhibits include a virtual pond with water plants and fish, a produce market, and a Journey Through the Everglades exhibition featuring a mangrove maze and a massive banyan tree. 

During your time in Naples, you can also check out the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve which offers over 110,000 acres of marine estuaries and coastal landscapes.

Despite its many sights, the entry ticket to the park only costs $5 per adult. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Naples Bay

Since you won’t get here until the early afternoon, pick one or two things to do in Naples that interest you. And if it’s’ spending the afternoon at the beach, that’s great, too!

Where to Stay in Naples

Budget: Super 8 by Wyndham Naples

Mid-Range: Best Western Naples Plaza Hotel 

Luxury: Hilton Naples

Best Tours in Naples that Leave in the Afternoon

Ten Thousand Islands Boat Tour up to 12 people

Naples Sightseeing Boat Tour

Mangrove Tunnels Eco Tour (Kayak & Paddle Board)

Manatee Sightseeing Eco-Tour by Boat in Naples

Day 5: Slow Down on Sanibel Island

An hour’s drive north of Naples takes you to the Sanibel Causeway where you’ll find a glorious assortment of funky eateries, sprawling wildlife preserves, and silky beaches. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Sanibel Island

Heading into Sanibel Island almost feels like visiting a whole other country: indeed, the laidback atmosphere and slow pace of living are perfect for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily activities. 

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On the eastern tip of Sanibel, you’ll find the historic Sanibel Lighthouse which stands at 112 feet above sea level and is one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the East Coast.

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Sanibel Island

This popular attraction is surrounded by miles of soft sand fringed by a crystalline lagoon. 

You’ll even find picnic tables, showers, and restroom facilities. After taking a dip in the ocean, you can always head over to one of the nearby restaurants, most of which specialize in fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you’re planning on spending the night, you will be glad to learn that Sanibel offers plenty of budget-friendly options such as family-owned inns and vacation rentals. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Sanibel Island

Families who are more into camping can check out sites such as Periwinkle Park fitted with eating areas, showers, and even laundry facilities.  

Where to Stay in Sanibel

Budget: Seaside Inn

Mid-Range: Sunset Beach Inn

Luxury: Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Day 6: Visit Iconic Fort Myers Beach & the City of Fort Myers

From Sanibel Island, you can easily hop over to Fort Myers, located just an hour away. 

While there’s no denying that this region is globally acclaimed for its iconic Fort Myers Beach, rest assured that there are also plenty of other sites that you can visit during your trip there. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach

Times Square, for example, lies directly behind the Fort Myers pier and offers plenty of restaurants with Al Fresco seating, street performers, old-fashioned ice cream parlors, and souvenir shops among others. 

Thanks to the many pedestrian-only streets, Times Squares is also one of the most walkable areas of Fort Myers. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach

If you happen to be there in spring, you can always catch a game at the Hammond or Jetblue Park Stadiums. 

In February, the stadiums come to life for MLB Spring Training with major league games by the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox. 

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Where to Stay in Fort Myers

Budget: Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Myers

Mid-Range: The Neptune Resort

Luxury: Luminary Hotel & Co., Autograph Collection

Best Tours in Fort Myers

Marco Island: 2-Hour Dolphin, Birding, and Shelling Tour

Historic Walking Tour of Fort Myers (Likely to sell out)

Marco Island: 10,000 Islands Shelling Tour by Boat

Fort Myers Beach Haunted Pub Crawl

IMAG History & Science Center: Skip-the-Line Ticket

Day 7: Experience Florida’s Inland Sea at Lake Okeechobee

Home to the biggest freshwater lake in the whole of Florida, Lake Okeechobee and Okeechobee County are found less than two hours away from Fort Myers. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Lake Okeechobee and Okeechobee County

Because of its many outdoorsy activities, abundant wildlife, and RV parks, this region is hailed as one of the best family-friendly destinations in the United States. 

Known for its relaxed vibes and charming old-fashioned amenities such as horse-drawn carriages, Okeechobee County also happens to be one of the most affordable places to visit in the Sunshine State, perfect for those traveling on a budget.  

In terms of attractions, locals and tourists travel to Okeechobee County to explore the famous Lake Okeechobee which provides plenty of boating, fishing, as well as camping opportunities.

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Lake Okeechobee and Okeechobee County

Nicknamed Florida’s Inland Sea, the sheer size of this lake in southeastern Florida might surprise you!

Because of its lush vegetation, Okeechobee County is also ideal for activities such as hiking, biking, and air boating.  

Where to Stay Near Lake Okeechobee

Budget: Flamingo Motel

Mid-Range: Hampton Inn Okeechobee – Lake Okeechobee

Luxury: Near Lake, 2 Beds, 1 Bath, Fit’s 7, Full Kitchen, Kayak Included

Best Tours in Okeechobee County

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Trip (Full Day)

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Trip (Half Day)

Day 8: Feel the Magic in Orlando 

From Okeechobee County, head north through Kissimmee as you make your way to Orlando in Central Florida. 

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Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Downtown Orlando

If there’s one thing this city is known for, it’s the Walt Disney World Resort.

This attraction needs no introduction, but suffice to say it’s undoubtedly going to please kids and adults alike. 

Similarly, Universal Orlando Resort draws millions of visitors each year thanks to its many Harry Potter-themed attractions. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Universal Studios

If you’re not the theme park type, fret not! 

Orlando offers no shortage of things to do other than theme parks. 

An hour outside of the city’s main touristy zones is Boggy Creek which offers thrilling headwater rides aboard airboats that can go up to 40mph. 

Golf aficionados can work on their swing at the Universal City Walk’s Hollywood Drive-In Golf, a sprawling 18-hole course with themes such as ‘Invaders from Planet Putt’ and ‘The Haunting of Ghostly Greens.’ 

Because it’s part of the Universal City Walk, expect plenty of entertainment, retail, and dining options virtually everywhere in the area. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Orlando

While in Orlando, you may also wish to hop on a ferry to the Kennedy Space Center located on Merritt Island.

If you are looking for some fun Orlando nightlife, check out the House of Blues.

Where to Stay in Orlando

Budget: Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs® Resort Area

Mid-Range: Walt Disney World Swan Reserve 

Luxury: JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa

Best Tours in Orlando

The Wheel at ICON Park Observation Wheel + Options

Universal Orlando: Base Ticket with Easy Cancellation

Kennedy Space Center Day Trip with Transport from Orlando

Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

LEGOLAND Florida Resort Admission Ticket

Day 9: Relax on the Palm Coast   

With mesmerizing sunsets and sprawling nature reserves, Palm Coast is found a quick seventy-five-minute drive from Orlando. 

Nestled between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, Palm Coast is also known for its many golf resorts, some of which were designed by Jack Nicklaus. 

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Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Palm Coast

If fishing is more your thing, you can always head over to the Intracoastal Waterway which covers an expanse of 20 acres. 

Some of the Waterway’s most popular amenities include hiking trails, a children’s playground, a fishing pier, and picnic pavilions. 

An attraction that’s unique to the area is the European Village which is a massive outdoor mall with park-like features and European architecture. 

The European Village regularly hosts special events including live music and the European Village Farmers Market, where local farmers and artisans showcase their products. 

Nearby Flagler Beach is another great way to relax in this part of Florida.

Pro Tip: Don’t confuse Palm Coast with Palm Beach! The two are over three hours apart.

Where to Stay in Palm Coast

Budget: Legacy Vacation Resorts – Palm Coast

Mid-Range: Fairfield Inn & Suites Palm Coast I-95

Luxury: Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa

Day 10: Finish Your Florida Road Trip Itinerary in Jacksonville, the First Coast

End the best road trip in Florida with a drive to Jacksonville which is found less than an hour’s drive from Palm Coast. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Jacksonville

There are also lots of fun things to do in St. Augustine, which is on the route from Palm Coast to Jacksonville, so stop there for a few hours if you’d like!

Those traveling with children will enjoy a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens which houses over 1,000 types of plants and 2,400 animal species. 

Tickets are priced at $24.95 for adults and $19.95 for children (aged 3-12).

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Jacksonville

Jacksonville‘s cuisine is famous all over the world! So while in the city, be sure to try out classic delicacies such as the Peruvian Sub, Hubbard Pie, Banana Curry, and, yes as strange as it may sound, Brussel Sprouts Tacos.

This is a great city to enjoy a food tour, just book early because it’s likely to sell out.

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Just thirty minutes from Jacksonville is Little Talbot Island State Park, which is one of the few islands in Northeast Florida which is still underdeveloped. 

With five miles of unblemished beaches, this island has a campground as well as plenty of kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching opportunities. 

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Jacksonville

After touring the park, head back to Jacksonville where you can check out Beaches Town Center, a quaint boulevard located between Neptune and Atlantic Beach. 

This dining and entertainment hub features sweeping ocean views as well as plenty of art galleries and beachy souvenir shops. 

Where to Stay in Jacksonville

Budget: Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Jacksonville, FL

Mid-Range: DoubleTree by Hilton Jacksonville Riverfront

Luxury: Homewood Suites by Hilton Jacksonville-Downtown/Southbank

Best Tours in Jacksonville

City Tour in Downtown Jacksonville

Corks & Forks Strolling Tour

Flytographer Photo Session to End Your Trip

Jacksonville Residential Architecture & History Tour

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Florida Road Trip Map

Your tour to Florida is going to cover a lot of grounds – almost one thousand miles and about 18 hours of drive time.

Here’s what your road trip around Florida ends up looking like on the map:

Best Road Trip of Florida Map

What to Do on a Florida Road Trip: 2 Weeks or More

You really can’t ever run out of Florida trip ideas – the state is just too big and too beautiful!

If you have more than ten days to explore Florida, then you have some choices.

You can stay in any of these places longer. Let’s be honest, one day in most of these places isn’t enough to get to know them.

Floirda - Miami - Rental Car
Just add some more time in Miami!

You won’t be sorry if you’re able to add another day to your stops in Miami, Key West, or Orlando, that’s for sure!

Another option is to add additional cities to your Florida itinerary. Here are a few more of my favorite places to road trip in Florida:

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More Places to Stop on a Road Trip to Florida

Here is even more fun Florida road trip stops!

Amelia Island

Florida - Amelia Island - Fort Clinch State Park - Stephanie

One of my favorite places to visit in Florida, you can spend an entire weekend in Amelia Island soaking up the strange history (from the French and Spanish and beyond) and gorgeous Atlantic Coast beaches.

The town of Fernandina Beach, which boasts less than thirteen thousand permanent residents, is one of the best small towns in Florida.

You can add an Amelia Island visit before or after your stop in Jacksonville.

Here are tips for planning a stop on Amelia Island if you decide to add it.

Cape Canaveral

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Cape Canaveral

If you’re a NASA fan, you might want to make a separate stop in Cape Canaveral instead of tacking it to your time in Orlando.

You will want to make sure to stop at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center Complex.

If you want to see more of the literal Space Coast of Florida, head to nearby Cocoa Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

Add your stop in Cape Canaveral right after you leave Orlando.


Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Clearwater

Clearwater is popular with Major League Baseball fans for its Spring Training schedule and people who want to visit serene state parks like Honeymoon Island State Park.

You would add this before or after your stop in Okeechobee Country since it’s located near St. Petersburg and Tampa. 

St. Pete is another great town in the area, so you can opt for that instead if you want to see this part of Florida.

Palm Beach

Florida - Palm Beach - Flying into Palm Beach International Airport

Instead of flying into Miami, you could fly into Palm Beach International Airport and start your Florida road trip in luxury.

This famous resort town offers golf courses, five-star hotels, great beaches, art deco museums, and more.

I adore Palm Beach and Palm Beach county.

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Here are my favorite things to do in Palm Beach if you want to start your trip here instead and drive to Miami after.


Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Pensacola

If you want to see Florida’s panhandle,  then add a stop in Pensacola at the end of your trip. 

It’s a bit of a trek out here from the rest of Florida, but you’ll get to see a different side of the Sunshine State.

There are great Gulf Coast beaches along with educational opportunities like a stop at the Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum and the National Naval Aviation Museum. 

If you add it, put it at the end of your trip (after Jacksonville), and fly out from Pensacola instead.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida, USA

St. Augustine boasts that its the oldest city in the US. Here you can visit the Spanish Castillo de San Marcos and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

While this itinerary already mentions St. Augustine as a great place to stop, you can spend an entire day exploring the city before moving on to your last stop in Jacksonville.

Looking for More Places to Visit in Florida?

Here are twelve more ideas, or you could visit one of the eleven US National Parks in Florida.

Crystal River

Daytona Beach

Fort Lauderdale



Ocala National Forest

Panama City (Panama City Beach)


Tampa Bay

Tarpon Springs

Vero Beach

Weeki Wachee Springs

What to Do on a Florida Road Trip: 1 Week or Less

If you are looking for Florida road trip ideas that don’t take longer than a week, here are a few ideas.

And don’t worry – some of the best road trips in Florida don’t have to take that long. You can see so much of the Sunshine State in seven or five days, or even during a 3-day weekend!

East Coast Florida Road Trip

Florida - Palm Beach - Four Seasons

Start your Florida East Coast Road Trip in Jacksonville and make your way through St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Palm Beach. End in Miami.

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Central Florida Road Trip

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Tampa

​Fly into Orlando and make stops in Ocala, Clearwater, St. Pete’s, and fly out of Tampa.

Florida Panhandle Road Trip

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Panama City

Fly into Tallahassee and see Panama City and Panama City Beach and Pensacola before ending in Perdido Key at the Floribama Shore.

North Florida Road Trip

Florida - Amelia Island - Downtown Fernandina Beach - Downtown Centre Street - The Palace Saloon Coca Cola Mural

​Fly in and out of Jacksonville, with stops in Amelia Island, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Vero Beach.

South Florida Road Trip

Florida Road Trip Itinerary -  Where to stop on a road trip in Florida - Key West

Fly into Palm Beach and see the Everglades, and the Florida Keys, and fly out of Miami.

Weekend Road Trips in Florida

If you only have a weekend, I would fly in and out of one city and take a day trip to another area if you want to see more.

Florida - Amelia Island - Weekend Trip

You can easily enjoy the best of Miami, the Florida Keys, Amelia Island, Palm Beach, or Orlando in one weekend without the hassle of trying to spend most of your time in a car.

Alternatively, you could do these short Florida road trips:

  • Miami to Key West
  • Jacksonville to Daytona Beach
  • Tampa to Fort Myers
  • Orlando to Ocala
  • Orlando to Vero Beach
  • Jacksonville to Amelia Island to St. Augustine
  • Tampa to Crystal River to Ocala
  • Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach
  • Tallahassee to Panama City to Pensacola

5 Things to Pack for Your Trip to Florida

Canada - Toronto -Luggage

You know to bring sunscreen and sunglasses, but here are five items you do not want to forget!

First, get a guidebook like the Lonely Planet Florida. It’s not easy to find traditional guidebooks once you land.

If you will be going on a road trip around Florida or nearby Georgia and South Carolina, I love Lonely Planet’s Florida & the South’s Best Road Trips

Florida - Amelia Island - Stephanie holding cell phone

Second, make sure to bring your cell phone. You will want to stay connected during your trip, plus it will serve as a navigation system and a go-to camera. 

I use an iPhone 12 Pro these days, but I have also used Samsung phones in the past.

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Third, grab a camera. While it’s great to have a cell phone with you for quick pics, if you want to do more serious photography or take more videos, I find it nice to travel with a separate dedicated camera as well.

If I will be wrestling with my toddler on the trip, I’ll grab my Sony ZV-1, which is a powerful compact camera with great video capabilities as well. 

If it’s just me, I’ll take my Nikon (though if you’re buying a new camera I have my eye on this Sony).

Florida - Amelia Island - Sunset Cruise - Stephanie and Valentine

Next, bring a waterproof bag (also knowns as a dry bag) so that you can safely bring your electronics to the beach or kayaking.

You don’t want to ruin your trip with a drowned cell phone or wet camera, but you also don’t want to miss out on capturing all those great beach moments with your loved ones!

Finally, bring a backup charging bank for your phone. 

Even though my new phone has an awesome battery life, I would not want to be out on a boat or a tour for the day and end up with a dead phone. 

It’s a safety issue as well as an inconvenience.

More Florida Travel Resources

We just love Florida! I’ve been six times, and I already can’t wait to go back! Here are all the Florida travel blog posts that I have to help you plan your trip around this wonderful state!

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Traveling the Green Book

Guidebooks I Used to Plan My Trip Around the South

These are the travel guidebooks that I used to plan my entire 5-week Southern USA road trip. I highly recommend each of them!

This is My South – written by my friend Caroline Eubanks of the eponymous blog, this book is a must-read if you plan on visiting a few places on your trip.

Lonely Planet Florida & the South’s Best Trips – this book was essential for me when I was trying to plan our road trip and understanding what was near each other and what absolutely not to miss.

Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail: A Traveler’s Guide to the People, Places, and Events that Made the Movement – we did a lot of Civil Rights and Civil War historic sites on our trip, and if you’ll be doing any of this kind of travel, make sure to get this. 

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It was invaluable for finding off-the-beaten-path sites and can’t miss Black-owned historic businesses.

Before You Leave for Florida – Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!

Before you leave for your Florida vacation, make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because accidents happen on the road. I like to use Safety Wings when I travel, and I happily recommend them.

It’s especially important to get travel insurance whenever you are more than one hundred miles from home, hanging out in large cities, or doing outdoor activities like going to the beach or kayaking.

So basically everything that is fun about visiting Florida.

Get a travel insurance quote for your trip here.

If you are going to go on a Florida road trip from NYC (like I did when I was staying at the Grove Pointe Apartments Jersey City NJ) then you need to decide whether you are going to fly out of JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark. Alternatively, you could rent a car in NYC and drive down.

Pin this Florida Road Trip Itinerary for 10 Days in Florida for Your Florida Road Trip Planner!

The Ultimate Florida Road Trip Itinerary See the Best of Florida in 10 Days!

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