8 Amazing Hot Springs In Alaska to Warm Your Spirits + Map to Find Them!

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Last Updated on: 13th March 2023, 02:10 pm

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska and want to add a unique activity to your itinerary, you’d better add soaking in some Alaskan hot springs to your list!

The northernmost American state of Alaska is every nature lover’s dream. With a large fraction of the state uninhabited, nature is thriving and the outdoor exploration opportunities are endless.

From picturesque hiking trails to breathtaking mountain views and wildlife roaming freely, this is one of a kind travel destination. And these hot springs are some of the most beautiful places in Alaska.

Thanks to the geothermal activity in the region, you can find 79 hot springs in Alaska. Most of them are not easily accessible, as they are located deep in the tundra. 

Luckily, the Alaska hot springs on this list are relatively accessible, although some are for adventure seekers only. In any case, at least one of them should be on your Alaska itinerary!

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Alaska Hot Springs Map

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The Best Hot Springs in Alaska

Let’s get started!

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Chena Hot Springs 

Chena Hot Springs Resort is the most popular and most visited hot spring in Alaska.

The resort dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It is the most elaborate hot spring facility in the state, with an outdoor lake-like pool, a large indoor mineral pool, and spa facilities. 

Chena Hot Springs - best Hot Springs in Alaska

The water in these hot springs reaches over 70℃, but it is cooled down to a comfortable bathing temperature. It is a sulfur hot spring, so prepare yourself for the smell.

In the Hot Spring Resort, you can swim in the resurfaced pools or soak in a relaxing hot tub. Those who want a full spa experience can get a massage and other wellness treatments.

Chena Hot Springs is located about an hour and a half drive from Fairbanks.

Goddard Hot Springs

Goddard Hot Springs Tubs is one of the oldest hot spring facilities in Alaska known to Europeans. It dates back to 1800! Today, you can find two modern cedarwood bath houses with stunning mountain views, surrounded by untouched nature.

The baths are completely free to use on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be prepared – you might have to wait your turn as they are very popular with the locals.

Sitka Alaska - best Hot Springs in Alaska

You can adjust the water temperature, as the hot spring water comes out very hot at around 65℃.

If you want the baths all to yourself, plan a visit early in the morning. There are no facilities around the spring, so bring everything you might need.

Goddard Hot Springs is located about 45 minutes from Sitka.

Baranof Warm Springs

Baranof Warm Springs could easily be the most picturesque hot springs on this list. Nine hot spring pools are located right next to the glacial river and a waterfall rushing down the cliffs.

Baranof Warm Springs - best Hot Springs in Alaska

The pools have varying temperatures, with the coldest one being the pool next to the river. It is a truly magical place, as you are completely surrounded by untouched nature.

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You can follow the wooden trail to the bath house, with three baths. Soaking in a hot bath overlooking the water and forest will let you discover the true meaning of serenity!

Baranof Warm Springs - best Hot Springs in Alaska

This hot spring is located on the eastern side of Baranof Island, it is only inhabited seasonally and accessible by water.

Pilgrim Hot Springs 

Pilgrim Hot Springs is registered as a historic place. Throughout its history, it played many different roles. Today, it is basically a ghost town, but with some amazing hot springs!

Once you reach the city, you’ll quickly identify the hot springs by the steam rising from the ground.

Depending on how far you are from the source the water will be hotter or colder. The highest temperature is about 80℃!

Pilgrim Hot Springs  - best Hot Springs in Alaska

As it is a registered historic place with protected historic buildings, you need to secure a permit at Nome Tourist Centre before going. There are no facilities around the spring, so bring everything you might need.

You’ll find Pilgrim Hots Springs about 100 km from Nome, Alaska. Make sure you come by a 4X4 vehicle, as the road can get rough towards the end.

Manley Hot Springs

Manley Hot Springs is another hot spring you can visit from Fairbanks. Unlike the large Chena resort, you will find a much more intimate setting here.

The hot springs are located in a greenhouse of Manley Lodge, surrounded by flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you wouldn’t expect to find in the heart of Alaska.

Manley Hot Springs  - best Hot Springs in Alaska

You can soak in one of 3 concrete baths filled with naturally heated sulfur-rich mineral water.

To make the most of these healing hot springs, you can spend a night in Manley Lodge as well!

Manley Hot Springs is located about 250km from Fairbanks. The road from Fairbanks to Manley Hot Springs is said to be one of the most scenic rides in the country.

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Tenakee Hot Springs

The town of Tenakee Springs grew around its source of hot mineral water. With only 100 inhabitants today, Tenakee Springs is a small community.

The hot springs are the town’s main attraction. The town utilizes them in a communal bathhouse, where you will find a bath with hot sulfur-rich mineral water.

The bath is far from luxurious in its looks, but the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling of this mineral-rich hot water is what makes it worth a visit.

Tenakee Hot Springs - Best Alaskan Host Springs

Oh, just so you know, it is nude bathing only in this hot spring. Men’s and women’s hours are separate.

Tenakee Springs is located on Chichagof Island, about 45 miles southwest of the state’s capital Juneau.

White Sulphur Hot Springs 

Another remote hot spring, perfect for those looking to get away from civilization and relax in a hot mineral bath away from the crowds.

This hot spring is accessible only by small boat. However, it is a popular place to visit and those who make the journey say that it is well worth the hassle! Nowadays, you can even spend a night in a small cabin next to the hot spring.

The water is perfectly hot for soaking and observing the mighty Pacific Ocean and wildlife, as the hot spring is located right on the cliffs.

Due to its remote location, don’t expect to find any facilities around the hot spring.

You’ll find White Sulphur Hot Springs on the west coast of Chichagof Island. 

Tolovana Hot Spring

Tolovana Hot Spring is a hot spring for outdoor lovers who are in for an adventure to explore the backcountry.

There is no road to this hot spring! The shortest route you can take is a 16 km hiking trail – make sure you bring your hiking poles!

If you make the journey to the hot spring, you’ll be greeted by cozy wooden cabins where you can spend a night and picturesque hot spring baths.

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After a long hike, soaking in these hot baths will refill your batteries and soothe your sore muscles.

Make sure to book the cabin ahead of time, as they can only accommodate a limited number of people.

The closest town to this hot spring is Fairbanks, about 160km away.

Best Hot Springs In Alaska

Now you know exactly where to find the best hot springs in Alaska to relax your muscles and warm up after a long hike. Soaking in one of these naturally heated mineral pools is a rejuvenating experience for your mind and body.

From the popular resort of Chena Hot Springs, where you can enjoy the full spa experience, to remote hot springs like White Sulphur Hot Springs, there is a hot spring in Alaska for every type of traveler.

By now, you have hopefully realized that soaking in one of these magical hot springs is something that should be on your bucket list!

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8 Amazing Hot Springs In Alaska to Warm Your Spirits + Map to Find Them!

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