Best Quotes about Montana

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Oh, I’ll never leave Montana, brother.–Brad Pitt

We have always been dreamers in Montana.–Brian Schweitzer

The generosity of Montanans is inspiring.–Brian Schweitzer

Miley would never have been Hannah Montana.–Billy Ray Cyrus

The winter’s a little bit daunting in Montana.–Phil Jackson

Disney world is an armpit,compared to Montana!!–Carl Hiaasen

Wyoming is good, but Montana is like heaven on earth.–Henry Winkler

I was Hannah Montana’s mother … Where did I go wrong?–Brooke Shields

Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon.–Frank Zappa

Giving freaks a pass is the oldest tradition in Montana.–Thomas McGuane

Is this really Butte, Montana, or just existential blues?–Tom T. Hall

The rise and fall of Tony Montana, and what a way to go out.–James Rolfe

In Montana, a policeman will pull you over because he is lonely.–Rich Hall

I have great faith in the people of Montana; they can’t be bought.–Jon Tester

I hate Billings, Montana. They have a fashion show at Sears Roebuck–Joan Rivers

I wanted to be a Disney Channel star! I wanted to be Hannah Montana.–Cara Delevingne

We can push Montana forward and we can do it with out raising taxes.–Brian Schweitzer

I grew up in Colorado and spent my summers in Montana as a ranch hand.–Chris Eigeman

There were very few black people in Montana but we never felt out of place.–Charley Pride

I want to someday be in the same position as John Elway, Joe Montana and Steve Young.–Vince Young

Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans–John Steinbeck

I left Montana in Spring of 1866, for Utah, arriving at Salt Lake city during the summer.–Calamity Jane

Lana says J.P. makes Matt Damon from the Bourne movies look like Oliver from Hannah Montana–Meg Cabot

I go to the movies, and I watch MTV and the Disney Channel. I admit I like ‘Hannah Montana.’–Lexi Thompson

In parts of Montana, salt concentrations in soil water, have reached those double those of seawater.–Jared Diamond

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I don’t know a single Republican in Montana who would get in a fight in a bowling alley for John McCain.–Brian Schweitzer

I have done all kinds of roles, but Tony Montana’s role in ‘Scarface’ is something I would love to play.–Sanjay Dutt

I would be happy living on a massive ranch in Montana and not seeing anyone except my friends and family.–Nick Frost

The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.–Norman Maclean

When I was born, my father was a copper miner in Butte, Montana. It was a hard-core, blue-collar situation.–Barbara Ehrenreich

Montanans elected me to the Senate to do away with shady backroom deals and to make government work better.–Jon Tester

I don’t want to sound like Ross; I don’t want to sound like Puff. I want to make my own music: French Montana.–French Montana

He looked at her. “I will miss you, Montana. For the first time in my life, I’ll regret leaving someone behind.–Susan Mallery

I just want the same thing Joe Montana got when he was MVP. He got respect. He got commercials. He got everything–Jerry Rice

Spending two years on my uncle’s ranch in Montana as a young man gave me the wisdom and the thrust to do westerns.–Robert Duvall

I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people.–Miley Cyrus

I just want the same thing Joe Montana got when he was MVP. He got respect. He got commercials. He got everything.–Jerry Rice

Keystone will deliver 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada, North Dakota, and Montana to Gulf Coast refineries.–Kevin McCarthy

I found my first dinosaur bone when I was 6, growing up in Montana. Ever since then I’ve been interested in dinosaurs.–Jack Horner

Montana was naked, and so was Billy, of course. He had a tremendous wang, incidentally. You never know who’ll get one.–Kurt Vonnegut

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My life in Montana is so diverse from my Hollywood life that it even feels odd for me to go from one life to the other.–Andie MacDowell

In Montana, a math teacher is running for the Senate. Win or lose, she plans on demanding a recount because math is fun.–Conan O’Brien

My mother and father, Joe and Theresa Montana brought me along and taught me to never quit, and to strive to be the best.–Joe Montana

The Montana sunset lay between the mountains like a giant bruise from which darkened arteries spread across a poisoned sky.–F. Scott Fitzgerald

If it weren’t so off-putting for my co-workers. I’d wear my flannel, one-piece ‘Hannah Montana’ pajamas, like, all the time!–Ryan Reynolds

I have my tombstone already. A tombstone company in the East gave it to me when I jumped Snake Canyon. My plot is in Montana.–Evel Knievel

I’ve stood outside my house in Montana looking at the northern lights… crackling against the night sky. To me, that’s magic.–Christopher Paolini

I broke into acting doing Latino roles. I played a Latino casanova in ‘The Winner’ and a Latino character on ‘Hannah Montana.’–Michael Steger

I think he supersedes Peyton Manning but let’s not throw Tom Brady in the category with Joe Montana, who was 4-for-4. He’s royalty.–Deion Sanders

Why did I keep hitching myself to dreams as big as that Montana sky? I was like Rooster Jim’s chickens, with no way to fly that high.–Kirby Larson

U.S. agricultural products, including safe, high-quality Montana beef, face unscientific trade restrictions in many important markets.–Max Baucus

Alaska and Montana are not in the south but they definitely form part of the crimson tide of red states where Republicans are dominant.–Juan Williams

My first inspiration for acting came from the first episode of ‘Hannah Montana.’ That’s when I knew I wanted to be a singer and an actress.–Sabrina Carpenter

I bet The Walking Dead gets really low ratings out in Montana, just because all they need to do is look out their f-king window, am I right?–Bill Burr

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To Beatrice- My love flew like a butterfly Until death swooped down like a bat As the poet Emma Montana McElroy said: ‘That’s the end of that–Daniel Handler

Those crazies in Montana who say, ‘We’re going to kill ATF agents because the U.N.’s going to take over’? Well, they’re beginning to have a case.–Dick Morris

If there be no place for wild bison in all of Montana, then surely we have crossed a line between the Last Best Place and the the Once Best Place.–Jim Bailey

I wanted to write about Jews in Montana, so I went there by plane and bus, only to discover that there are no Jews in Montana. It didn’t deter me.–Kevin Barry

Even if you are Catholic, if you live in New York you’re Jewish. If you live in Butte, Montana, you are going to be goyish even if you are Jewish.–Lenny Bruce

My occupation is an open question. I was once an assistant professor of mathematics. Since then, I have spent time living in the woods of Montana.–Theodore Kaczynski

When I was in Nashville, I went to our Macy’s and went and tried on all the Hannah Montana stuff. Then I said, ‘This is weird, I’m wearing my face.–Miley Cyrus

I’ve always joked about Joe Montana not appreciating his Super Bowls nearly as much as I do because he never lost one. We lost three before we got one–John Elway

I’ve always joked about Joe Montana not appreciating his Super Bowls nearly as much as I do because he never lost one. We lost three before we got one.–John Elway

My history was the Western. I grew up with the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid and Bonanza. I felt as much a child of the West as someone born in Montana or Wyoming.–Clive Sinclair

I guess I’m a semi-retired person. I work out of my house. I’m a skier in the winter – downhill and cross country. I have a place in Montana for the down-hilling.–Greg LeMond

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I’m sitting here watching Hannah Montana, so I’m not going to annihilate 4.3 million Pakistanis without hearing directly from someone whose authority I recognize!–Andre Braugher

In Montana, they renamed a town after an all-time great, Joe Montana. Well, a town in Massachusetts changed their name to honor my guy Terry Bradshaw–Marblehead.–Howie Long

I have a ranch in Montana, but it’s not a real working ranch. I’ve always liked the outdoors. I come from Texas. My grandfather was a farmer; that’s as close as I come.–Dennis Quaid

I spend half my time in Montana, the other half in New York City. In unique ways, both places help me unwind, and both are the most satisfying places to live I can imagine.–Jeff Shaara

Chicago is known as the Windy City, and Montana is called the Big Sky State, so I think that we should somehow combine the two to create the ultimate kite-flying experience.–Mitch Hedberg

When I was growing up in Montana I had two dreams: I wanted to be a paleontologist and I wanted to have a pet dinosaur and so that’s what I’ve been striving for all of my life.–Jack Horner

I know a lot of friends and family who were Joe Montana fans, where it didn’t matter how well Steve Young did. They weren’t going to cheer for him because he wasn’t Joe Montana.–Aaron Rodgers

Lawsuits – and frivolous lawsuits – are just sapping the life out of the people who perform the services and deliver the goods for the rest of the citizenry in the State of Montana.–Conrad Burns

THE ALLURE OF Montana is like a commitment to a narcotic; you can never use it up or get enough of it. Its wilderness areas probably resemble the earth on the first day of creation.–James Lee Burke

My mother’s family came from the British West Indies. And my father’s family came from, well, my father’s father came from the Montana/South Dakota area. They were Blackfoot Indian.–Richie Havens

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We have had a chance to travel to all 56 counties in this state, and I have had the chance to sit around with cups of coffee and having conversations about what matters to Montanans.–Steve Daines

When you sign on to be an activist in northwest Montana, people in the grocery store will avoid eye contact, particularly if they’re hanging out with outspoken opponents to your views.–Rick Bass

Our atheism family tradition is traced to a – I don’t know if it was great-great or a great-great-great grandmother who was a poor Irish-American woman in the 1880s in western Montana.–Barbara Ehrenreich

In ’87 – four years after ‘Sports’ was released – my family and I began vacationing in Montana. I soon bought my first piece of land in Ravalli County, in the western part of the state.–Huey Lewis

Those Montana Indians were so tough that white people were scared of them. Can you imagine a place where white people are scared of Indians and not the other way around? That’s Montana.–Sherman Alexie

I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.–John Steinbeck

My first TV job was on an episode of ‘Hannah Montana’… Since then, I’ve been fortunate to end up on shows that are just such a high quality, where the writing and material is incredible.–Alison Brie

As soon as I read the script for Hannah Montana, I knew it kinda related to me. I wanted to disguise myself as not some celebrity’s daughter, just be me and find people that like me for me.–Miley Cyrus

When you get to the rarefied air that people like Montana and Steve Young and other NFL quarterbacks are breathing, you can’t believe the competitive, the cutthroat competitive nature of things.–Rush Limbaugh

William Andrews Clark was caught in a bribery scandal during a campaign for the U.S. Senate – he was said to describe the Montana legislators this way: ‘I never bought a man who wasn’t for sale.’–Bill Dedman

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I guess one of the things that is an advantage of the world in which we live is that I can at least I can have multiple homes. I can have that attachment to Montana and to Cambridge and to India.–Diana L. Eck

Richard Hugo taught me that anyone with a desire to write, an ear for language and a bit of imagination could become a writer. He also, in a way, gave me permission to write about northern Montana.–James Welch

My father was the superintendent of the churches in the state of Montana. He was content in his beliefs. He befit the term ‘true Christian.’ He would turn the other cheek. He was truly a man of peace.–Phil Jackson

And yes, the Homesteaders, including my grandparents who left behind almost nothing, and arrived in Montana with nothing but the clothes on their back, high hopes, faith in God and dreaming of the future.–Brian Schweitzer

Somebody might say that they always wanted to be a fly-fishing guide in Montana and maybe they’ll never get to do that but just by the virtue of having said it out loud, I think there’s some power in that.–John Lee Hancock

I had the chance to visit all 56 counties in Montana in my pickup. You can put Washington, D.C., in one corner of our state and put Chicago in the other corner, and that’s the size of my congressional district.–Steve Daines

I hadn’t talked to him in many, many years. He got a bad rap on “Heaven’s Gate.” I actually live in the hog ranch from “Heaven’s Gate” in Montana. Mike [Cimino] gave me that set, the whorehouse, that’s my house.–Jeff Bridges

I led the state in defensive interceptions my senior year, with seven in nine games. Then I went to Montana to play basketball and found out quickly that my college career wasn’t going to work out how I’d envisioned it.–Jeff Ament

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It seems to me Montana is a great splash of grandeur. The scale is huge but not overpowering. The land is rich with grass and color, and the mountains are the kind I would create if mountains were ever put on my agenda.–John Steinbeck

I grew up climbing mountains in Montana and Wyoming and my wife and I were engaged on top of a mountain peak: Hyalite Peak in Montana. It was a 15-mile hike to get to the top of that, round-trip – thankfully, she said yes.–Steve Daines

Every year in late June, Custer’s Last Stand is reenacted on the high plains of Montana. When Custer led out the 7th Cavalry in 2003 – the year I witnessed it – the audience stood and cheered with turbo-charged patriotism.–Clive Sinclair

My signature look is an eighties baby doll dress, combat boots with colorful socks sticking out, and then mounds of jewelry. I love silver and turquoise. I go to Montana every winter, so I hunt around for cool pieces there.–Zoey Deutch

My father was an expert hunter, so we ate a lot of wild game when I was growing up in Montana. That helped broaden my palate generally, but I know it informed my distaste for factory farms and unspectacular commercial meat.–Steve Albini

All over Montana, you can walk into a bar, a café or even a school or a courthouse and just listen for a while as people talk to each other. And you will hear somebody, before very long, say something outrageously racist.–Brian Schweitzer

Our highly qualified teachers not only work hard, but they care about each and every student that enters their classroom. I thank you, Montana teachers, for your sense of duty and compassion to our precious future generation.–Conrad Burns

I come from Montana, and in eastern Montana we have a lot of dirt between light bulbs. It is expensive trying to bring the new technologies to smaller schools to upgrade their technologies to take advantage of distance learning.–Conrad Burns

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Before Alaska came along and ruined everything, one of every twenty-five square miles in America was Montanan. This much space has nurtured a healthy Cult of Place in which people find perfection, even divinity in the landscape.–Ellen Meloy

If you take the more general role of going to local stations around the country in Montana or South Carolina or wherever, and start in the local news, it’s a lot more difficult to get to the stories that you want to really cover.–Maria Menounos

Montana’s ranchers raise the best cattle in the world. If Taco Bell needs to beef up, they can give their customers the highest quality meat around by using Montana beef, and in the process, supporting agriculture jobs in Montana.–Jon Tester

I want to get away from it all. Move to the sticks. Montana. Hundreds of miles from civilization. Get a cabin in the snow. Curl up with some cute girl. Say stuff to her like, Scream all you want, sugar. Ain’t nobody gonna hear you!–David Spade

That little Miley Cyrus… she’s like a little Elvis. The kids love her because she’s Hannah Montana, but what people don’t realize about her is she is such a fantastic singer and songwriter. She writes songs like she’s 40 years old!–Dolly Parton

Over the years, I found myself traveling parts of the Lewis and Clark Trail, putting my hands in the river where they set out from St. Louis, viewing the Great Falls of Montana, standing by the same Pacific Ocean they saw with such joy.–Joseph Bruchac

For me, ‘The Crystal Skull’ was something I’d never done before, and I loved every minute of it. Working with Harrison Ford as well – he’s a cowboy from Montana, the most unassuming man you’ll ever work with, fabulous guy, and I loved it.–Ray Winstone

It was okay for Wayne Gretzky’s dad, for instance, to give him a hockey stick, or Joe Montana’s dad to give him a football, or Larry Bird’s dad to give him a basketball, but it wasn’t okay for Gloria Connors to give her son a tennis racquet.–Jimmy Connors

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I did [Michael Cimino] first movie, “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot,” and I remember I was still in my twenties and very nervous, we’re shooting up in Montana, and I’m thinking, “What the hell am I doing here? I don’t feel anything like this part.–Jeff Bridges

I love the idea of making movies that kids and adults can go to together and both get something out of it, and not just, ‘Oh, I’ve got to take my kid to the movie because they want to see the next, you know, ‘Hannah Montana’ movie or whatever.’–Rob Reiner

We need to work our level best in this legislative session to help grow Montana’s economy, so that grandchildren can stay in Montana, grandchildren can visit their grandmother and grandfather by driving across town, not flying across the country.–Brian Schweitzer

You have to be clear what your message is and what you’re doing. I mean, Miley Cyrus is an amazing talent, and sometimes you kind of just want to say, ‘We know you’re not Hannah Montana anymore. We know that, my dear. My darling. Now, go be great.’–Tori Amos

I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway’s arm, Dan Marino’s release, maybe Troy Aikman’s drop-back, Brett Favre’s scrambling ability, Joe Montana’s two-minute poise and, naturally, my speed.–Peyton Manning

In Montana, when we did ‘Return to Lonesome Dove’, we rode on the side of a hill at night in the dark; I was afraid my horse would step on one of the actors playing dead. The director said to leave it to the stunt doubles since they got paid for that.–William Sanderson

Montana and I had a chemistry that was unbelievable. When I first came into the league he told me I added five years to his career, and I just think we complimented each other very well and were able to do some amazing things out on the football field.–Jerry Rice

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Though Geographic didn’t publish that photo in the story that it was done for, “The Life of Charlie Russell,” a cowboy artist in Montana. But later, maybe a year and a half ago, they named it one of the 50 greatest pictures ever made at National Geographic.–Sam Abell

Autumn has come to northeast Montana. The vapor of one’s breath, the clarity of the stars, the smell of wood smoke, the stones underfoot that even a full day of sunlight won’t warm- these all say there will be no more days that can be mistaken for summer.–Larry Watson

I have one of those Garmin watches, and I’m OCD about downloading my runs no matter where I go. I used it on an 18-mile run in Paris, a 12-miler in the mountains of Montana, a couple of runs in the Bahamas. Wherever I am, I try to run. That’s what’s so great about it.–Al Roker

Taylor clapped three times for attention. “Ladies! Ladies! My stars! That’s enough. Now. We all know Miss Arkansas’s girls are fake, Miss Ohio’s easier than making cereal, and Miss Montana’s dress is something my blind meemaw would wear to bingo night.” – “Beauty Queens–Libba Bray

He’d woken up after flying from Boston to Montana to find his da cooking breakfast for them: sausage and pancakes shaped like deer. It wasn’t just any deer, either – they looked like Bambi from the disney cartoon. Charles didn’t want to know how his father had managed that–Patricia Briggs

I’m healthy enough to still skate, so I gotta go because growing up I didn’t have – I mean, I grew up in Montana so… there was kind of a little half-pipe in my yard, and that was the extent of the skate terrain in Montana. So I’ve got to go out and make up for lost time.–Jeff Ament

So when I was beating the guy, I started thinking, ‘What if I was Hannah Montana?’ . . . And little do they know that that’s why I look so insane . . . I’m torturing myself with thoughts of, ‘How could I actually pull off being a high school student and a pop star at night?’–Eli Roth

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When I was in Greenough, Montana, I came across a bear cub. I was off this path, and I thought, If there’s a bear cub, that means there’s a mother bear somewhere nearby. So I doubled back. If I’d kept going, I’m sure they would have eventually found my sneakers, and that’s about it.–Al Roker

You have to be realistic about terrorism. Certain groups of people, certain groups, Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana, are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time.–George Carlin

My father had owned a ranch when he was younger, in Montana, and he remembered riding his horse across the prairie and seeing some large bones sticking out of the ground. He was enough of a geologist, being a sand and gravel man, to have a pretty good notion that they were dinosaur bones.–Jack Horner

I think a couple things, I mean, you know, the tragic death of Matthew Shepard occurred in Wyoming. Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural Western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.–John Hickenlooper

Montanans believe in the right to make a good life for their families. How they define a family should be their business and their business alone. I’m proud to support marriage equality because no one should be able to tell a Montanan or any American who they can love and who they can marry.–Jon Tester

I get a lot of invitations, and sometimes it’s far away, it’s in Montana or something. “We’d like you to come to our daughter’s wedding.” These are people I’ve never heard of. I get a lot that. “Will you come to my son’s graduation?” No…I guess when you’re in stuff, it’s almost a feeling that they know you.–Christopher Walken

I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people. I’m really excited about our new season. We are making great new episodes that I can’t wait for our fans to see and I’m looking forward to the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie that will be out in the spring.–Miley Cyrus

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[A] re-elected McConnell, with a Republican majority, would, he says, emulate his model of majority leadership – the 16 years under a Democrat, Montana'”™s Mike Mansfield. He, like McConnell, had a low emotional metabolism but a subtle sense of the Senate’s singular role in the nation’s constitutional equilibrium.–George Will

(Offensive Coach) Paul Hackett realized that Joe Montana knew more about the offense than he did, but when the meeting was over, Paul saw that Joe had taken three pages of notes. He documented exactly how Paul wanted to run the play, as well as all of the basics of it and its details. That’s what a professional does.–Tony Dungy

If you’re from New York and you’re Catholic, you’re still Jewish. If you’re from Butte Montana and you’re Jewish, you’re still goyisch. The Air Force is Jewish, the Marine Corps dangerous goyisch. Rye Bread is Jewish, instant potatoes, scary goyisch. Eddie Cantor is goyisch, George Jessel is goyisch-Coleman Hawkins is Jewish.–Lenny Bruce

It’s literally true, as Shakespeare said–all the world’s a stage. It wasn’t that way when I first got into the movies in 1924, but it is now. That’s why I find Hollywood newer and more exciting every day. Whatever you hear it’s still a place where a kid from Montana can jump on a horse, ride that-a-way, and keep right on going.–Gary Cooper

I think ‘Scarface’ is a great film, but if you have a character like Tony Montana, you don’t identify with him at all. I think it’s very interesting instead to identify yourself with a character you don’t like all the time. You can create a tension between the fiction and the viewer. You force the spectator to wonder about his actions.–Jacques Audiard

It’s easier for me to write certain character types because of my own life experiences, but I find it too artistically limiting to only write about red-headed kids who grew up in small town Montana. That’s really part of the fun of fantasy, I think. Our imagination is basically unlimited. Okay, that’s a terrifying thing about fantasy, too.–Brent Weeks

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There are grander and more sublime landscapes – to me. There are more compelling cultures. But what appeals to me about central Montana is that the combination of landscape and lifestyle is the most compelling I’ve seen on this earth. Small mountain ranges and open prairie, and different weather, different light, all within a 360-degree view.–Sam Abell

Dig: I’m Jewish. Count Basie’s Jewish. Ray Charles is Jewish. Eddie Cantor’s goyish. B’nai B’rith is goyish; Hadassah, Jewish. If you live in New York or any other big city, you are Jewish. It doesn’t matter even if you’re Catholic; if you live in New York, you’re Jewish. If you live in Butte, Montana, you’re going to be goyish even if you’re Jewish.–Lenny Bruce

I’ve chronicled the experience of the mother of a transgender child who got attacked by the Ku Klux Klan in Tennessee, and that of a transgender woman who was asked to deliver a sermon at her Montana church and got a standing ovation from her congregation. The idea that Christianity is a blanket term that encompasses both of those attitudes seems ludicrous to me.–Andrew Solomon

A Montana statue holds that a river has a right to overwhelm its banks and inundate its floodplain. Well, that’s interesting, because it’s not a right that we assign to the river. The river has earned it through centuries of deluging and shaping the floodplain, and the floodplain has a right to its rampaging river. They’ve earned their rights through a kind of reciprocal action.–Daniel Kemmis

I love my country, and the mental and physical demands of the Navy SEALs was what I had been training for my whole life growing up in Montana. There’s a reason Montana produces more SEALs than any other state. As a collegiate athlete, I enjoyed the mental and physical challenges Division I football presented. When a recruiter first told me about the Navy SEALs, I knew it was the right fit.–Ryan Zinke

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I was a young woman who had grown up in the mountains of Montana as a Protestant Methodist in a pretty good social gospel tradition. I became fascinated with the religious lives of others who seemed also to be very religious, yet in ways that were quite different from my own. That fascination led to relationships, in India and elsewhere, with families of Hindus, of Muslims, of Sikhs, and a lot of study.–Diana L. Eck

All I’m saying is we got plenty of Texans, and people from Montana, and New Jersey, and Wyoming, or Kansas City. We got plenty of actors. So we don’t need some cat from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme, or whatever the hell it is, playing people from Montana. And in the reverse, they got plenty of people from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme that they don’t need our asses coming over there trying to do British accents.–Billy Bob Thornton

The 10 or 12 artists I have known really well all my life are at least as competitive as professional athletes. They may express it in slightly different terms, but you look at the Jackson Pollocks et al., and they are as interested in wall space in the galleries as Joe Montana is in the percentage of completed passes. So the notion that symphonic conducting, or stage play, or pure art, is not a competitive business is real bullshit.–Tom Peters

In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing. We lived at the junction of great trout rivers in western Montana, and our father was a Presbyterian minister and a fly fisherman who tied his own flies and taught others. He told us about Christ’s disciples being fishermen, and we were left to assume, as my brother and I did, that all first-class fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman.–Norman Maclean

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The fact is that you can be a Nazi living in a little trailer in the middle of Montana and as awful as everything you stand for is, you’re basically an angry guy in a shack. Scientology, on the other hand, is a multi-billion dollar institution with tentacles that reach into lots of countries. I don’t think it’s as powerful as many people think it is, but compared to the sorts of people I’ve dealt with, it is a force to be reckoned with. It has global influence and very very deep pockets.–Louis Theroux

Far away in Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain-peaks, lies an unmapped northwestern corner- the Crown of the Continent. The water from the crusted snowdrift which caps the peak of a lofty mountain there trickles into tiny rills, which hurry along north, south, east and west, and growing to rivers, at last pour their currents into three seas. From this mountain-peak the Pacific and the Arctic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico receive each its tribute. Here is a land of striking scenery.–George Bird Grinnell

Of course, now I am too old to be much of a fisherman, and now of course I usually fish the big waters alone, although some friends think I shouldn’t. Like many fly fishermen in western Montana where the summer days are almost Arctic in length, I often do not start fishing until the cool of the evening. Then in the Arctic half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and the sounds of the Big Blackfoot River and a four-count rhythm and the hope that a fish will rise.–Norman Maclean

Voters replaced Democratic senators with Republicans in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, and likely in Alaska, and appear on track to do so in a runoff next month in Louisiana. At the same time, voters kept Republicans in GOP seats in heavily contested races in Georgia, Kansas, and Kentucky. That is at least ten, and as many as a dozen, tough races, without a single Republican seat changing hands. Tuesday’s voting was a wave alright – a very anti-Democratic wave.–Byron York

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The Best National Parks in Montana

Up there on Huckleberry Mountain, I couldn’t sleep … As the sky broke light over the peaks of Glacier, I found myself deeply moved by the view from our elevation – off west the lights of Montana, Hungry Horse, and Columbia Falls, and farmsteads along the northern edge of Flathead Lake, and back in the direction of sunrise the soft and misted valleys of the parklands, not an electric light showing: little enough to preserve for the wanderings of a great and sacred animal who can teach us, if nothing else, by his power and his dilemma, a little common humility.–William Kittredge

Abe’s face came back into focus. “Greetings, Zmey,” I said weakly. Somehow, him being here didn’t surprise me. “Nice of you to slither on in.” He shook his head, wearing a rueful smile. “I think you’ve outdone me when it comes to sneaking around dark corners. I thought you were on your way back to Montana.” “Next time, make sure you write a few more details into your bargains. Or just pack me up and send me back to the U. S. For real.” “Oh,” he said, “that’s exactly what I intend to do.” He kept smiling as he said it, but somehow, I had a feeling he wasn’t joking.–Richelle Mead

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