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You don’t necessarily have to go a long way in New Zealand to be in some pretty dense and scary bush.–Sam Neill

One thing I loved about New Zealand was the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the place.–Gabriel Mann

In New Zealand I think we often take ourselves too seriously, and being able to laugh at yourself is necessary in life without being too precious.–Murray Mexted

I still had the same affection for New Zealand as I’ve always had. Didn’t change at all.–Edmund Hillary

A country of inveterate, backwoods, thick-headed, egotistic philistines–Vladimir Lenin

It’s fair to say that, for much of my lifetime, New Zealand certainly was a property-owning democracy and working people, ordinary people, had assets.–Helen Clark

There is no place in the world like Australia. Not even its beautiful neighbor New Zealand.–Henry Rollins

Now, they say that New Zealand is beautiful and I do not know — because after 22 hours on a plane any landmass would be beautiful.–Lewis Black

I’ve never been to New Zealand actually. All I know is that there’s a lot of greenery there. I’d love to come and play a show there sometime soon for sure!–Charli XCX

I’ve only seen pictures of New Zealand but everything I see is so pretty. Your eyes just… I don’t think my eyes could take the beauty!–Alana Haim

Fiordland, a vast tract of mountainous terrain that occupies the south-west corner of South Island, New Zealand, is one of the most astounding pieces of land anywhere on God’s earth, and one’s first impulse, standing on a cliff top surveying it all, is simply to burst into spontaneous applause.–Douglas Adams

The fans out in New Zealand are amazing. They’re genuinely excited and appreciative that you’re playing their country.–Beau Bokan

If the people of New Zealand want to be part of our world, I believe they should hop off their islands, and push ’em closer.–Lewis Black

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And with alphabetical irony Nigeria follows New Zealand–David Coleman

I love New Zealand. Every time I’m in New Zealand someone makes a joke about it being mostly sheep, which I think is unfair, because it’s mostly nice people. It’s mostly nice people and really wonderful scenery.–Patrick Stump

New Zealand’s nuclear free movement is a broad-based and popular movement. Our nuclear free status is a challenge to much that is accepted as orthodox in international relations. It was formally adopted in the cold war era as a form of resistance to the dismal doctrines of nuclear deterrence. It is still a rebuke to the unprincipled exercise of economic power and military might.–David Lange

I got the job [in Moana], and the next day I was on a plane to New Zealand, where the rest of the team was already doing research, and meeting with different choirs, and sort of really soaking up the music, the musical world of, the musical heritage of this part of the world.–Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well of course New Zealand isn’t anti-American.–Helen Clark

We prepared to go ashore to publish for the first time in New Zealand the glad tidings of the gospel.–Samuel Marsden

My family comes from New Zealand, but I’m a London girl. I was born and raised in London, but I’ve got the blood of a New Zealander, so I always kind of felt like I didn’t belong – in a good way.–Natasha Bedingfield

I am not very happy the way things are going out there in New Zealand.–Sanath Jayasuriya

Twelve years ago me and Allanah became really sick of writing pop songs, … Eventually we dug a grave for the Thompson Twins, pushed them in there, and then moved to New Zealand. Before that I’d lived for a long time in south London where reggae was the music of the streets around me. You’d hear it booming out of people’s windows and shops, and you could buy great old reggae singles for 50p (NZ1.30) in second hand shops. I’d always loved that sound, so soon after we got here I started making electronic dub records with my mate Rakai Karaitiana as International Observer.–Tom Bailey

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To indicate how large a part of the Earth is covered by the oceans, we might call attention to the fact that a whole hemisphere, with its center near New Zealand, would have only one-tenth of its area as dry land! And the average depth of the seas is over two miles.–Paul J. H. Schoemaker

Know your load. That’s rule numero uno in this business, which is why I make them count the penguins out in front of me one at a time. I’m not going to be the schmuck who shows up in Orlando twobirds short of a dinner party….I know I’m pulling out of Houston with exactly forty-two Gentoo penguins, seventeen Jamaican land iguanas, four tuataras from New Zealand, and a pair of rare, civet-like mammals called linsangs. No more, no less.–Jacob M. Appel

It feels like it’s just starting in America and the UK. It’s great to have a loyal fanbase in Australia and New Zealand. People in America say how polished our band are, but that didn’t happen overnight; that came from doing all this touring back home.–Kimbra

New Zealand is a pretty no-nonsense place to work, like Australia. I mean it doesn’t falter to anyone.–Dustin Clare

New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.–Peter Jackson

I feel like success is really subjective. You could win a school talent show and be like “I was successful”, or you could get a Number One in New Zealand and be like “I was successful’, or you could win a Grammy and be like “I was successful”.–Thomston

‘The Piano’ is a romantic drama that really made me want to see New Zealand. When I finally did it was every bit as jaw dropping as it looked in the film. It’s so virgin and green, it’s like God said ‘lets try again’ and he got it right this time!–Ruby Wax

I cherished my time filming ‘Lord of the Rings’ in New Zealand – it’s the most beautiful, magical place with great hospitality. I love places that are completely cut off from everything – where I can relax and enjoy the simplicity of nature.–Orlando Bloom

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Do not look at your weakness or your small size; look at the Lord and His greatness that He will demonstrate through you. You now have the authority to tear down the strongholds of the enemy and to make New Zealand a fortress of righteousness.–Rick Joyner

The big change was reggae and hip-hop, which came along after Split Enz had started. When Bob Marley first visited New Zealand, he lit a fuse that is still burning very brightly. The Maori people particularly honor reggae music in a very big way. So there is a strong reggae scene and a strong hip-hop scene, especially among Samoans. There’s still plenty of quirky stuff around. No one expects to make much money here, so it definitely does encourage an underground sense.–Tim Finn

It’s a great challenge to come from little New Zealand and beat the odds in Hollywood.–Martin Henderson

I know that people from New Zealand don’t ever wanna be confused with being Australians.–Sydney Sierota

I went to New Zealand this year, and, whew man, I know a lot of people want to go there. But let me just tell you, it’s 22 hours by plane. So, if you have the opportunity, don’t.–Lewis Black

I remember the snow in Canada and the lovely weather in New Zealand. And I slightly remember going to school there.–Robin Trower

One thing I loved about New Zealand was the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the place. I remember going from Xboxing, jamming out on guitars and drum machines in my buddy’s apartment, to a bike ride through the parks and up and down the streets all over the city, to the ocean, right into the water. I remember we were swimming outer ways and we got to a certain place where we wanted to see – or I wanted to see – how deep the water was.–Gabriel Mann

I want to be in New Zealand SO BADLY. I’ve dreamt about coming to New Zealand ever since I was a kid.–Alana Haim

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I love coffee, I love my family, I love being in New Zealand – that’s honestly one of my top five favourite things – faith is important to me, and I hope to be married one day. I love that coffee was number one.–Zac Farro

In New Zealand we had this colossal squid, which was discovered just off the shores of New Zealand, between New Zealand and Antarctica back in 2003. It’s the biggest squid ever found, and I know that there’s things living down in the depths of the ocean that do explain the Kraken – you know, these giant things that people saw back in the day, that could take ships down – and so I know that there’s stuff out there, and I like the idea that we haven’t solved everything yet.–Rhys Darby

I want to go to New Zealand so bad! I have amazing memories of being in that country, of jumping off of a building in Auckland and having so much fun.–Sean Mackin

When I was fifteen or eighteen, I never even imagined I would be in a band, let alone being able to travel to places like Australia and New Zealand.–Sean Mackin

I know as far as things like the Thunderbirds, there’s a New Zealand connection. X-Files, my connection there… I mean, it could be zeitgeist. I mean, I’m into the paranormal. I have a podcast about cryptozoology. So it’s out there that I’m into weird stuff.–Rhys Darby

In New Zealand, we have a one-party disclosure system, where if one of you knows you’re being recorded, it’s completely fine. It doesn’t matter if the other person doesn’t know. Look, I’m not breaking new ground by recording people who don’t want to be recorded.–David Farrier

I really struggled moving from New Zealand to the United States. I still have very strong ties to my home, and it took me a couple of years to feel settled in Los Angeles. Fortunately, I have a great group of friends and found the places where I enjoy spending my time. Finding beaches to get to made me feel much more plugged into the environment here.–Rose McIver

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I know more Australian people than I know New Zealand persons. I feel like there’s a real gap in my education.–Cameron Esposito

One thing that influenced me in the States when I was doing this recording was American people feeding me things like Arnold Dreyblatt, even things I should’ve heard back in New Zealand like Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie ‘At Swim 2 Birds.–Roy Montgomery

How long are women to remain a wholly unrepresented body of the people? This is a question that has of late been agitated in England, and women in this colony read, watch, and reflect…Why should not New Zealand also lead?…Why has a woman to power to vote, no right to vote, when she happens to possess all the requisites which legally qualify a man for that right?–Mary Ann Muller

That was the big effect Lord of the Rings had on me. It was discovering New Zealand. And even more precious were the people- not at all like the Australians.–Ian Mckellen

Until I can feel as ecstatic about having a baby as I felt about going to New Zealand to search for giant squid, I cannot have a baby.–Elizabeth Gilbert

Books are not about passing time. They’re about other lives. Other worlds. Far from wanting time to pass, one just wishes one had more of it. If one wanted to pass the time one could go to New Zealand.–Alan Bennett

Quite low down in the list is “How much am I going to be paid?”… my main feeling about money is that I don`t want to feel as though I`m being taken advantage of… The other actors they asked to play Gandalf wouldn`t go to New Zealand on that money for that length of time. I thought it would be a bit of an adventure… I`m an eccentric actor, and there`s a lot of us around.–Ian Mckellen

When we shot ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ we had special permission to film in wild areas of New Zealand that could be accessed only by helicopter. They would drop us off and we would work all day, and they’d pick us up and take us out again.–Viggo Mortensen

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Anyone desperate enough for suicide… should be desperate enough to go to creative extremes to solve problems: elope at midnight, stow away on the boat to New Zealand and start over, do what they always wanted to do but were afraid to try.–Richard Bach

Australia and New Zealand are now threatened by the might of the Imperial Japanese forces, and both of them should know that any resistance is futile.–Hideki Tojo

New Zealand are the best team in the world – the execution and accuracy of their skills were a lesson in modern rugby.–Josh Lewsey

Welcome to The Daily Show, I’m John Oliver. Jon Stewart is still not here. He is currently living out a live-action Lord of the Rings role-playing experience deep in the New Zealand wilderness.–John Oliver

It was always something I knew I was capable of and from an early age my mother was involved in the film industry. She used to work at a production company. So I was exposed to a renaissance period of films in New Zealand back in the early 80’s.–Karl Urban

New Zealand is a country of thirty thousand million sheep, three million of whom think they are human.–Barry Humphries

I would have thought there’s no greater country to watch rugby than New Zealand.–Jamie Bamber

New Zealand is the only country I know well enough to write about. It can sometimes lead to complications.–Margaret Mahy

My wife and I use a lot of garlic and rosemary with roast lamb. It has to be New Zealand lamb. The domestic variety is too gamy, in my experience.–Alfred Molina

People in New Zealand go out of their way to not be impressed by things.–Melanie Lynskey

I really enjoyed working on the 2009 film, ‘Aliens in the Attic,’ because it was shot in New Zealand and I got to visit there for the first time.–Kevin Nealon

New Zealand as a whole needs to save more, spend less and reduce our reliance on foreign debt.–John Key

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I think for the most part people are proud of the bicultural foundation New Zealand is built on and the fact that we are a multicultural society.–John Key

I was born accidentally. I lived accidentally in London. We nearly migrated to New Zealand. So much of my life has been a product of chance, I can’t see a meaning in it at all.–Tony Judt

The most scared I’d ever been was the first time I sang at a rugby match, Australia versus New Zealand, in front of one hundred thousand people. I had a panic attack the night before because people have been booed off and never worked again… just singing one song, the national anthem.–Hugh Jackman

New Zealand has a great reputation in America for golf.–Hale Irwin

New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori is a very good bowler.–Sachin Tendulkar

I had a good time shooting in New Zealand. I almost bought a home there while I was there, because I loved it so much.–Josh Hartnett

I’ve grown so much as a person through playing Gabrielle, much less living in New Zealand and being with all of these people that I can’t imagine my life being any different.–Renee O’Connor

Not one great country can be named, from the polar regions in the north to New Zealand in the south, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves.–Charles Darwin

There were two movies that asked me to go to Australia or New Zealand for long periods of time. One was ‘Lord of the Rings’ and one was ‘The Matrix.’ But I was actively involved at that time raising my family, and I couldn’t really take that time out.–Nicolas Cage

I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be?–Orlando Bloom

New Zealand was colonised initially by those Australians who had the initiative to escape.–Robert Muldoon

New Zealand and SA should take this dimension into account, the skills South Africans are presently contributing to New Zealand.–Helen Clark

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We have now reached the point where you can wander down Queen Street in Auckland and wonder if you are still in New Zealand or some other country.–Winston Peters

I’ve never been to New Zealand before. But one of my role models, Xena, the warrior princess, comes from there.–Madeleine Albright

In the time of my parents, before World War One, most people who came to New Zealand from Europe were the more enterprising people; the people who were stronger mentally. It takes a certain amount of imagination to make a life on the other side of the world, the same imagination it takes to climb the tallest mountain.–Maurice Wilkins

New Zealand, by the way, where I was ambassador, has had two women prime ministers – one from either party.–Carol Moseley Braun

I see the great continuities in New Zealand history as being decency and common sense and up until now when we’ve confronted these things we’ve been able to talk them through, and I’m sure we will with this issue as well.–Michael King

I moved from New Zealand to Melbourne when I was 17. I’d planned to go to university to study French, but I was offered a contract to write and record an album that was too good to pass up. Looking back now I think that was pretty young but, at the time, I was ready to have an adventure.–Kimbra

Look at it! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, man! Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in. I mean, come on man, where I am I gonna go? Cliffs on both sides! I’m not gonna paddle my way to New Zealand! Come on, compadre. Come on!–Patrick Swayze

On many occasions New Zealand has spoken about the need to ensure that women’s concerns are fully integrated into all aspects of the United Nations’ activities and structures, not marginalised in one part of the Secretariat.–Jenny Shipley

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New Zealand’s taken some very significant decisions in relation to defence in the last two years.–Jenny Shipley

I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.–Queen Elizabeth II

I’d move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack.–Russell Crowe

God bless America, God Save the Queen, God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.–Russell Crowe

I took four years off after ‘In the Cut’ because I wanted to see who I’d be without work. I even tried being a hermit in the wilderness in New Zealand. I stayed in a warden’s hut two-and-a-half hours off the Routeburn Track through the fjords on the South Island. It was early winter, so there was no electricity or running water.–Jane Campion

There’s a real purity in New Zealand that doesn’t exist in the states. It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore. It’s a unique place because it is so far away from the rest of the world. There is a sense of isolation and also being protected.–Elijah Wood

And that was what I was asking to happen and I was told that the indictment would be signed, but I was coming to the end of my one-year contract, I had to return to New Zealand for personal reasons.–Tony Greig

By and large, women in New Zealand are fortunate compared with some other countries, including many in our own region. But there is still progress to be made.–Jenny Shipley

I have a reoccurring dream that I’m in the ocean in New Zealand and everything is completely upside down, because it’s on the other side of the planet.–Bonnie McKee

I think there’s just so much awesome music coming out of New Zealand, I’ve always loved The Naked And Famous, I absolutely love Ghost Wave… it just seems like there’s a really cool scene happening out there, I’d love to go and spend some time there and see what other bands are popping up.–Lizzy Plapinger

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I’ve always had the dream of going to New Zealand and meeting a lovely New Zealander in a bar.–Jack Barakat

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but I can imagine it’s beautiful. I don’t know much about New Zealand… but I do know that I did watch ‘Lord Of The Rings’ so it looks really pretty.–Jack Barakat

I want to go to New Zealand. I have no idea what it’s like, and in my head, everyone lives in/on an ice lake, so I’d like to come stay.–Aubrey Plaza

I feel like New Zealand’s a bit of an unchartered territory for me in a way.–Flume

The accents are really really funny. I think I could convince somebody I was from New Zealand.–Carter Jenkins

Obviously, it was a big life change for me and quite a shock to suddenly have these songs I’d written in my bedroom as a far-too-intense teenager all over the airwaves and see my face on buses, especially in a small country like New Zealand, but at the same time it was such a thrill and an honour knowing that my music was reaching people.–Brooke Fraser

I can’t believe I’m in New Zealand, I can’t wait to play. It’s just so beautiful out here and so awesome.–The Rocket Summer

I’d love to come to New Zealand!! I’ve been to Australia a few times – I’m well aware it’s not the same country. I’ve heard from people it’s beautiful – great diving, music and no scary animals.–Tove Lo

I really want to come back! I definitely want to come back. Some of my fondest memories are in New Zealand.–Tom Odell

I want to see and taste and experience it all, I am curious by nature. I would actually really love to go to New Zealand.–Shailene Woodley

I was in the New Zealand army for like four years, the exact period of when it was on the air, so I never saw it.–Rhys Darby

I was born in London. I moved to New Zealand when I was really young; I can’t remember London. My parents went and did what was supposed to be a one-year O.E. (overseas experience) that turned into a 9 year O.E. and they had two kids.–Thomston

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I never really wondered about getting from London to Lahaul. It all seemed such a natural progression. In London I felt I was in the wrong place and wanted to leave. I’d thought about going to Australia or New Zealand. It’s nothing against England, but I knew I wasn’t meant to be there.–Tenzin Palmo

New Zealanders are so chill. I know they say Australians are chill, and I feel like Australians are chill, but I keep thinking, “If they get drunk, they would commit a hate crime.” Now that is an extreme position to take, but it’s just a feeling I get. New Zealand people, I don’t see that.–Hari Kondabolu

It’s hard to pick. I mean, I think the one that is most emblematic of the collaboration that occurred is “We Know The Way.” That’s the first song we wrote for the movie [Moana]. We actually got it written that weekend in New Zealand, so we’re all in New Zealand, we’re all absorbing this culture, and Opetaia [Foa’i] brought it in.–Lin-Manuel Miranda

Connan Mockasin from New Zealand. I met him a little while ago, I love his music.–Mac DeMarco

It was very much an Australian/New Zealand initiative to have a nuclear free South Pacific. And the Americans were very apprehensive about this. So, I explained to them that, as far as I was concerned, this didn’t involve any diminution in our commitment to the ANZUS relationship. But David Lange took it further and he barred visits of US nuclear warships to New Zealand.–Bob Hawke

I told [ David Lange] he was crazy, because you can’t have an alliance relationship if you refuse access to their ships. And the Americans wanted to punish him very severely and I intervened there and softened them somewhat. They wanted to really take some tough, reactive measures to New Zealand.–Bob Hawke

In the United States and some of the other countries involved it’s sort of a “five eyes” global spying alliance. That’s the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. They’ve had a little bit of a more muscular public response. Now, they haven’t been satisfying or really meaningful in any country yet. But they have been engaging.–Edward Snowden

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I had watched an episode of Black Mirror almost exactly a year prior to when I started shooting my episode. I was by myself in New Zealand, and my husband was like, “You have to see this show. It’s so incredible.”–Bryce Dallas Howard

Membership in the European Community, now the European Union, has enabled Ireland to re-find its sense of participation – cultural, political, social – at the European level. I think that also opens up possibilities for Ireland as a European country to look outward – to look particularly, for example, at countries to which a lot of Irish people emigrated, to our links – our human links – with the United States, with Canada, with Australia, with New Zealand. And to look also, because of our history, at our links to the developing countries.–Mary Robinson

I did find New Zealand similar to Ireland. The people, obviously. I found that, ironically, although these two countries were very far away from each other, their humor was so similar and their outlook on things was quite similar as well.–Saoirse Ronan

Many of our ally states don’t have these constitutional protections – in the UK, in New Zealand, in Australia. They’ve lost the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure without probable cause. All of those countries, in the wake of these surveillance revelations, rushed through laws that were basically ghostwritten by the National Security Agency to enable mass surveillance without court oversight, without all of the standard checks and balances that one would expect.–Edward Snowden

Malcolm Bradbury made the point, and I don’t know whether it’s a valid one or not, that the real English at the moment is not the English spoken in England or in America or even in Canada or Australia or New Zealand. The real English is the English which is a second language, so that it’s rather like Latin in the days of the Roman Empire when people had their own languages, but had Latin in order to communicate.–William Golding

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What Taika [Watiti] still bring to it [Hunt for the Wilderpeople], it really sums up what life is like in New Zealand, or what our sensibilities, our sense of humor, how we come together, how easy it would be, feels like. You know, we have a small population and so you know the bizarreness of the police getting involved in this manhunt, how the men… And then eventually, the army all get intwines.–Rhys Darby

I have no desire to live anywhere else but New Zealand. I’ve had the good fortune to travel widely around the world, but New Zealand is home – and I like to be here. I’m proud to be a New Zealander.–Edmund Hillary

I don’t know a lot about New Zealand except that it is beautiful! All of my friends in bands who have toured there have said great things about it so I hope I can go perform there soon!–Dia Frampton

I think Justin Bieber played a couple of songs up the block from it – and they said that some-one in his camp came and got him a burger. We had been talking about him a lot. Especially actually, last time we came to Australia, C.T. was on a real big Justin Bieber kick. I just thought it was really interesting to finally cross paths with him in New Zealand. And like really – the TV, everyone’s just talking about it on the radio – it’s a big deal that he was here. I think he just left.–Chris Baio

The world is very disparate, in terms of the US using the most energy per person, and then the other rich countries – Europe, Japan, New Zealand – using about half of what we do, and then the world average being about a fifth of what we use, with China just now surpassing the world average.–Bill Gates

I lived with my godmother and mother in New Zealand until I was seven. They were both Jungian psychologists and had a homeless shelter for street gang members in New Zealand.–Tamaryn

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I was living in the U.K. I was back in New Zealand for the New Zealand Music Awards, which is like our annual New Zealand GRAMMYs.–Ladyhawke

I’m still always a country girl from New Zealand.–Ladyhawke

I’m just a small-town New Zealand girl. But, I do think it was incredibly necessary for me. Wild Things wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t have made some dramatic changes and that all happened in LA.–Ladyhawke

Nobody knows who Barry Crump is, anywhere, but in New Zealand he’s huge. I am of that age, where I sort of grew up with Barry Crump books. Look, if you read the book, you realize it is actually not a funny book at all.–Sam Neill

The core of the film [Hunt for the Wilderpeople] is that relationship. Whether they’re getting on or whether they’re not. If that relationship works, then everything else works as well. And you kind of almost, sort of, gives into a realm of something like New Zealand magic realism… There is no world in which social work is actually pursues some kid into the woods in this manner.–Sam Neill

I think it took us all by surprise. I mean, I knew that people in New Zealand would like [Hunt for the Wilderpeople], but no one really anticipated how much they would embrace it as it is. And it’s playing widely in Australia now; they’re running it as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how it does it in the States, but I think if Sundance was any indication, I imagine it could do well.–Sam Neill

I love New Zealand. It’s my favorite place to shoot. It’s one of my favorite countries to visit. The people, the food, the landscape, everything about it I love.–Saoirse Ronan

My poor little New Zealand: exporting frozen meat in peace, live meat in war.–Big James Henderson

Pick any player of the world. Make him the captain of India. I can assure you that the results will still be the same. MS Dhoni just not lucky enough to have the kind of bowlers that top teams like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have.–Sourav Ganguly

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I’ve played such good golf, and it was hard coming up and it wasn’t easy in any matches or any shots. It means a lot. I think hopefully it will mean a lot to New Zealand because I’m the next winner of the U.S. Amateur after Danny Lee.–Lydia Ko

I grew up in the New Zealand countryside. We didn’t have television until I was 14, so sing-alongs were our only entertainment.–Kiri Te Kanawa

Try and fit in in a New Zealand playground with an Armagh accent – it doesn’t work.–Sam Neill

I lived in England for a long time, and even the English didn’t think me as one of theirs. In America I’m not really accepted. In New Zealand now, I don’t think they even think of me as a New Zealander.–Andrew Niccol

There’s not much of a follow-your-dreams kind of vibe in New Zealand or my family.–Melanie Lynskey

I definitely miss New Zealand. Mainly friends and family.–Bret McKenzie

Now it looks like I’ll be known as the musical comedy guy. Which is good news for me. Or I’ll be known as the New Zealand idiot.–Bret McKenzie

Will the United States pull the rug on New Zealand? The answer is no. They might polish the lino a bit harder and hope that I execute a rather unseemly glide across it.–David Lange

Far away Tongariro! Green – white thundering Athabasca river of New Zealand! I vowed I would come again down across the Pacific to fish in the swift cold waters of this most beautiful and famous of trout streams. It is something to have striven. It is much to have kept your word.–Zane Grey

I want to get down to the nuts and bolts of what is actually going to change to lift New Zealands economic performance.–David Cunliffe

In Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand especially, I always find everyone is so nice and friendly. It’s one of the few places that I remember visually, like I remember where I stayed and my surroundings – and that’s a good sign, because I’ve got a terrible memory. I’m looking forward to it!–Ellie Goulding

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If it would not look too much like showing off, I would tell the reader where New Zealand is.–Mark Twain

I believe we were all glad to leave New Zealand. It is not a pleasant place. Amongst the natives there is absent that charming simplicity …. and the greater part of the English are the very refuse of society.–Charles Darwin

When I was a child in the 1940s and early 1950s, my parents and grandparents spoke of Britain as home, and New Zealand had this strong sense of identity and coherence as being part of the commonwealth and a the identity of its people as being British.–Michael King

The chattering bloody classes, or what I call the liberal Guardian readers, they’re all buying SUVs to drive around London. I smile at these loons who drive their SUVs down to Sainsbury’s and buy kiwi fruit, flown in from New Zealand for Christ sakes. They’re the equivalent of environmental nuclear bombs!–Michael O’Leary

Maybe scientists are fundamentalist when it comes to defining in some abstract way what is meant by ‘truth’. But so is everybody else. I am no more fundamentalist when I say evolution is true than when I say it is true that New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. We believe in evolution because the evidence supports it, and we would abandon it overnight if new evidence arose to disprove it.–Richard Dawkins

I love working in New Zealand. It’s just the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to.–Grant Bowler

Fortunately New Zealand doesn’t have land borders so we are able to be somewhat more rigorous on who gets in and out of our country than perhaps some people.–Helen Clark

I think it’s inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic and that would reflect the reality that New Zealand is a totally sovereign-independent 21st century nation 12,000 miles from the United Kingdom.–Helen Clark

I think that generally New Zealand is respected for the positions it takes because it thinks them through.–Helen Clark

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I’ve been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I’ve been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old-fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work.–Helen Clark

In terms of having views and being prepared to express them, yes, I think New Zealand’s had a leadership role in a lot of things.–Helen Clark

In the end, there will always be a fundamental difference of perspective between New Zealand and Australia on defense, whoever is in government.–Helen Clark

I moved to New Zealand from Winnipeg when I was almost five. I hated it. It was to a city in the south of New Zealand called Invercargill and there was constant rain. There was a depressing sensation in the air.–Daniel Gillies

I was born in New Zealand, so I have a lot of family there.–Grant Bowler

If I have the choice of traveling to Russia, India or New Zealand alone for a week for preliminary discussions or to spend that week with my family, I routinely choose my family.–Olafur Eliasson

Unless legal and illegal immigration is halted and reversed, European First World nations across all of Europe from Spain to Russia, North America, Australia and New Zealand – will be destroyed and have their very culture and civilisation changed to that of the Third World. Immigration is now the single most important issue facing all First World nations, and will determine whether Western Civilisation continues to exist or not.–Arthur Kemp

I’ve spent half my life on planes. I have a lot of love for New Zealand, though. That is where the really arty, whimsical side of the family resided – in Hobbitland.–Alice Englert

Maoris now own over half the commercial fishing industry in New Zealand.–Malcolm Fraser

New Zealand totally rejects Japan’s proposals to double the number of whales slaughtered in the Southern Ocean–Chris Carter

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I’ve got a New Zealand film coming out here called Out of the Blue. It’s a very heavy story, and it’s the first time I’ve played a character who is alive.–Karl Urban

There’s great wine from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and, of course, California. But there’s nothing like a really great French wine, they’re so well balanced. The better the wine, the less you feel the effects I think.–Ridley Scott

The most striking thing Snowden has revealed is the depth of what the NSA and the Five Eyes countries [Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the US] are doing, their hunger for all data, for total bulk dragnet surveillance where they try to collect all communications and do it all sorts of different ways. Their ethos is “collect it all.”–Laura Poitras

I was happy with the umpiring in India last year, New Zealand is OK these days, and the only real area of concern is Pakistan. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders about their cricket there.–Allan Border

New Zealand is a pretty no-nonsense place to work like Australia. I mean it doesn’t falter to anyone. There’s a nice sense of reality on the set and it’s really enjoyable. There’s a good camaraderie and a good banter between the obviously New Zealand and Australian rivalry.–Dustin Clare

New Zealand looks like the future to me–Paula Scher

Just short of my 40th birthday, I told my wife, Beth, I was going to build us a little weekend place in…well, in the uh, Southern Hemisphere. The deep Southern Hemisphere, actually. New Zealand, maybe. Or Argentina. Possibly Chile. She suggested medication.–Patrick Symmes

I remember performing with the Choir as an instrumentalist when I was still in school and it was wonderful to share the stage with them again more recently in Rhyl and at the opening of the Wales vs New Zealand rugby international at the Millennium Stadium. Here’s wishing everyone involved in the Choir every success – I can’t wait to perform with you again.–Katherine Jenkins

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I’ve done Last Samurai in Japan, in LA, in New Zealand. Even in Japan it is very hard to shoot, because there’s been so many changes. Only around a temple can we shoot.–Hiroyuki Sanada

I think the main message is that world rugby needs New Zealand and New Zealand needs world rugby.–Mike Miller

Hopefully New Zealand let me stay, and they don’t kick me out and ban me. And I hope I don’t get killed by a kangaroo, ‘cuz I heard that happens out there.–Vince Staples

In Britain I focus on my horse riding. I ride everyday no matter what. I have a wonderful trainer called Joe Meyer. He is from New Zealand and competed in the World Games this year. I have been with him for four years and we have a good rapport.–Liz Halliday

I was trying to get into the business from a young age, but I don’t think I really realized how much I loved it until I booked my first movie and found myself in New Zealand for six months filming Bridge to Terabithia.–Bailee Madison

Astrologys a moving system that depends on where youre looking at it from on Earth. My horoscope here in London would be completely different to down in New Zealand.–Eleanor Catton

I really wanted to write an adventure story, a murder-mystery that was set during the gold-rush years in New Zealand.–Eleanor Catton

I always like to look for adventure when I go away. I have gone on several horse adventures with my wife – from Guangxi we went up to the High Tibetan region. We also went along the Hurunui River on horseback in the South Island of New Zealand.–Antony Gormley

New Zealand is a place where you can get well.–James Nesbitt

New Zealand is my favorite country to visit.–Tom Curren

I keep trying to bring a more professional approach to New Zealand cricket. It’s an uphill battle. I stay in the game because I find it intriguing and interesting. I’m not interested in coaching international sides. I don’t mind short-term coaching. I don’t want to get involved in the politics of teams.–Glenn Turner

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New Zealand is not used to wealth. In America wealth is kind of a thing of pride. Here it’s the opposite. The more you’ve got, the bigger the target you are.–Peter Jackson

A big part of the humor is in identifying with the tragic elements of the film. The New Zealand sense of humor is very dark. Our films are usually very dark and it’s always someone being killed. Usually a child.–Taika Waititi

People of the United States have to really consider whether they want to be an empire. Sweden is not worried about terrorism. New Zealand is not worried about terrorism. Holland is not worried about terrorism. Why not be a modest little country without all of these enormous ambitions?–Howard Zinn

As a filmmaker coming from one of the youngest lands in the world, New Zealand – safe, green and democratic – I was intrigued by Afghanistan, with its literature and poetry, its old land and its deep history.–Pietra Brettkelly

I didn’t care about the backlash. I think the reason it was so severe was because they didn’t know anything about me in New Zealand. If I had made jokes about a shark attack in the US, no one would have cared.–Anthony Jeselnik

At some point, when you read about this factual information that comes out in The New Zealand Herald and it’s barely mentioned in The New York Times, then I think you’ve got to question where this is being manipulated, and where the filters are.–Eddie Vedder

The one thing that has changed dramatically when you talk to the people of New Zealand and people from Ireland? They feel a darned-sight better about themselves because they made the decision to do what they’ve done, and I can say to you, we would feel a bloody darned sight better about ourselves once we get an opportunity to put this [vote on same-sex marriage] out there.–Tony Abbott

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In the winter, I’m always in Europe. July and September are New Zealand and Chile camps. I’m always on the road.–Lindsey Vonn

New Zealand looks like the future to me.     –Paula Scher

New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.     –Peter Jackson

New Zealand is a country of thirty thousand million sheep, three million of whom think they are human.     –Barry Humphries

New Zealand was one of the most beautiful countries to drive through for the scenery and the vast scale of the place.     –Louise Nurding

Everywhere you turn in New Zealand, there’s something exciting to do. It’s the gem of the world. It’s so far away from the madness, and so you get that element. It was just stunning.     –Wes Bentley

There’s a real purity in New Zealand that doesn’t exist in the states. It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore. It’s a unique place because it is so far away from the rest of the world. There is a sense of isolation and also being protected.     –Elijah Wood

The New Zealand sense of humor is tough and realistic. Jokes are not surreal; they are about life and death and tough decisions.     –Anthony McCarten

In New Zealand I think we often take ourselves too seriously, and being able to laugh at yourself is necessary in life without being too precious.     –Murray Mexted

One of the best things about growing up in New Zealand is that if you are prepared to work hard and have faith in yourself, truly anything is possible.     –Peter Jackson

New Zealand needs to balance its environmental responsibilities with its economic opportunities, because the risk is that if you don’t do that – and you want to lead the world – then you might end up getting unintended consequences.     –John Key

New Zealand is a place where you can get well.     –James Nesbitt

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New Zealand has incredible global recognition for grass-fed livestock.      –Joel Salatin

New Zealand was colonised initially by those Australians who had the initiative to escape.     –Robert Muldoon

New Zealand as a whole needs to save more, spend less and reduce our reliance on foreign debt.     –John Key

Living in New Zealand, it’s like a different world – it is a different world. It’s very, very cool.     –Luke Evans

New Zealand is such a down-to-earth place.     –Emilia Wickstead

An interesting thing about New Zealand, you know, literature is that it really didn’t begin in any real sense until the 20th century.     –Eleanor Catton

New Zealand – it’s very tight-knit, and everyone knows each other.     –Julian Dennison

People in New Zealand go out of their way to not be impressed by things.     –Melanie Lynskey

I have heard that in the New Zealand native tradition, the soul, when it dies, becomes a star.     –Eleanor Catton

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