Best Small Towns in Texas

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Dublin was founded in 1854 and located in Central Texas. This charming little town is famous for being the home to the oldest Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant. One of the most delightful things to do here is to tour Dublin Bottling Works, taste their original soda and even bottle your own soda. 

While you’re in town, you don’t want to miss their museums and historical sites where you can learn about their culture and rich history. 


Marfa is a tiny town founded in the 1800s as a railroad water stop. Despite its small size, this West Texas town boasts of several art installations from world-renowned artists. These awesome art installations include the Prada-themed art exhibit which attracted a lot of visitors including Beyoncé.

Beyond the art installations, you can also enjoy the spectacular views of the town, browse their galleries, and see for yourself; the mysterious glowing orbs sighted in the night sky. 

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is located in Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio. Founded in 1845, this ‘German town’ is a landmark for outdoor recreation lovers especially those who love the waters.

The most popular attraction sites in the town are the Gualadupe and Comal Rivers offering a nice area for outdoor lovers.

New Braunfels also has many more things to offer such as great festivals, breweries, antique shops, caverns and exotic food. 

Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is a short distance from Austin, the capital of Texas. Its population is about 4000 and its history started after 3 families settled there in 1853. This scenic town is famous for its rolling hills, wineries, rivers, creeks, ranches, eclectic music, vineyards and many more amazing features.

If you love nature, you should take a visit to the Hamilton Pool Reserve, where you can dip into the famous turquoise waters and watch the wildlife species.

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Marble Falls

Founded in 1887, Marble Falls is home to Blue Bonnet Cafe, known for serving the most delicious pies in the state. This central Texan Town sits close to 5 amazing lakes and some of the best wineries in Texas.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you will find Marble Falls a great spot for outdoor adventure. Visitors often stop by at the falls and lakes to explore nature and participate  in outdoor activities including fishing, swimming, biking and hiking. 


Luckenback is a very small town established as a trading post in 1849. A 2006 census counted the total population of this town as 3! You will find it nestled in Texas Hill Country just 13 miles from Fredericksburg. Despite its size, Luckenback has a steady stream of visitors, especially fans of country music. 

Luckenback is also known for its famous dance hall which keeps visitors up on their toes and its old buildings like the Luckenbach Post Office dating back to the 1850s. 


Fredericksburg is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country. This town is German-influenced and you can see it in almost everything from the architecture to the food and culture. 

While you’re here, take a look back at the town’s history since its inception in 1846 through their museums. One of their most famous sites is the National Museum of Pacific War which honors the heroes of World War II. 

In addition, Fredericksburg is home to some of the best vineyards and wineries in Texas.


Shiner sits in Lavaca County and was set up in 1890. The town is notably known as the home to Spoetzl Brewery: the manufacturer of “Shiner Beer” sold across 43 states in the US.

Meanwhile, there is more to Shiner than beer. There’s the Wolfers Museum to view amazing artifacts and the Gaslight Theatre which hosts local productions. Also, there’s Howard Gas Station which doubles as a hangout spot offering live music and 9 taps of beer.

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Laredo sits on the Mexican border and was founded by a Spanish Captain in 1755. It was the first town in the US to have sightings of 3 types of kingfishers. Even now, this town continues to boast an array of wildlife and birds.

Laredo is a unique blend of Mexican and American culture thus has fascinating art scenes and amazing cuisines. 

This town is a great spot for art enthusiasts and inner shopaholics as visitors often find themselves buying intricate pottery, decorated garments and many more artful souvenirs.


Brownsville is a Southern Texas city set up in 1853 on the West Gulf Coast and adjacent to the border with Mexico. It was the site of the first Mexican-American war in 1846.

Brownsville’s Hispanic-American heritage can be seen in the city’s architecture, food, festivals and everything in between.

This city is known for its lush natural areas that allows for outdoor sports including birding.

And in addition to being a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, Brownsville houses many museums and historical sites worth visiting.