Best Things to do in Porto, Portugal

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Last Updated on: 22nd September 2021, 06:18 pm

Cais da Ribeira

When you have the opportunity to enjoy the locations from where some of the worlds best products are produced, you need to take it. When in Cais de Ribeira you’ll want to check out one of the cellars where they age the Port Wine of the region. Then after take a river tour on the Douro River and you’ll then have a new sense of appreciation for both the Port Wine and the boats that brought the product down the river throughout history.

Palacio da Bolsa

A wonderfully beautiful UNESCO worldheritage site, the Palacio da Bolsa is a must-do tour when in town. Have a knowledgeable guide walk you through and explain its enchanting history. From the original conception in the 13th century where war finally burnt down most all but the Church. The building was brought back to life in the 19th century where it still stands today for all to enjoy.

Serralves Museum and Villa

The period museum of the 1930’s shows off hints of French architecture from the time. The French designer Charles Siclis liked to showcase his French roots. Through history the location would change hands and was even once owned by a Count. It now makes an excellent stop as it is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where regular exhibitions can be viewed.

Casa da Musica

Casa da Musica is just what it sounds like, literally, The House of Music. The building is home to Fundação Casa da Música, as well as the main showcase for three separate orchestras who plat there. The Orquestra Nacional do Porto (Porto National Orchestra), Orquestra Barroca (Baroque Orchestra) and, Remix Ensemble. Here you can take in a concert, go on a tour, enjoy the restaurant or maybe do all three. 

Foz do Dourro

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A mix of sights, food and fun. The Foz do Dourro is a great place to fill a day or three. Sitting right on the water, with plenty of beautiful beaches, you can enjoy a day in the sun then head into the near by market. The market offers up great souvenirs, trendy clothing, and a chance to try local cuisines. For some great photos take a walk to the Castelo do Queijo (cheese castle).

Porto Cathedral

One of the oldest structures in the city, the eye-catching Porto Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church with roots back to it’s completion date in 1737. It’s design has had a number of alterations over the years and a present gives the impression of a fortress with its large towers on either side. The church sits right in the heart of the city, thus making it an easy place to find.           

Matosinhos Beach

Not far from the city’s centre, Matosinhos Beach, can be arrived at by catching the Metro, then walk five-minutes to the beach or even take the bus right there. The beach has plenty of space for everyone and is a great place to body board, surf or if your new,  take surfing lessons from one of the local instructors. It faces the Atlantic Ocean, so temperatures can vary, though they certainly won’t be tropical.         

Miramar Beach

The Capela do Senhora Pedra will likely be the focus point for most of your photos here. It’s an iconic chapel that was built on a rocky outcrop in the 17th century and still marvels in beauty to this day. The beach has a few eateries, a private sports club, and if you fancy a round of golf, you can get in nine-holes near by.

Muralha Fernandina

A splendor to explore on foot, the Muralha Fernandina is a series of walls that will eventually lead you to a church. The walk alone is rather inviting and can be done in various forms. Not far from the area that encompasses the church is a nice quite area with orange trees where you can take in the smells and the silence of this medieval castle.

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Jardins do Palacio Cristal

The inviting walk through the Jardins do Palacio Cristal (Crystal Palace Gardens) can be a relaxing afternoon. With it’s cliff-side views and beautiful allure to keep you interested, the area is noted for its gardens that are divided into specific areas. Areas like the medicinal plants and herbal areas, and even a “Garden of Feelings”. The gardens even have a library and sports pavilion within them.   

Parque de Cidade

A area great for families and picnic lunches that can be enjoyed right in the midst of nature. Parque de Cidade (City Park) is a place where you can enjoy lunch alone side water fowl in the near by lake. The area has some nice walking and running trails, as well as restaurants to take in and some enjoyable sporting areas.

Porto Bridge Climb

Resting 65-meters up is the crest of Porto Bridge, a walkable experience you’ll want to enjoy. The bridge is now the only accessible one of its kind in Europe and can be enjoyed by everyone twelve and up. With a guide and some safety gear the 262-steps to the top make for an exciting afternoon walking through history.

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