The Best Things to Do in Tunisia

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Last Updated on: 22nd September 2021, 11:32 pm

I am Obsessed with Tunisia

When I bought my ticket to Tunisia, it was right after spending three weeks in Romania and six months exploring Europe. I needed something different, to see a place I’d never been before and whose history I could dive into.   My obsession with ancient Roman history has lead me to some amazing Roman ruins all over the Mediterranean, and Tunisia seemed like the next logical step for me to check out Roman’s legacy.

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For history lovers, Tunisia has the ruins of Rome’s eternal enemy Carthage, the second best preserved Roman amphitheater, and the fourth holiest city in Islam. That’s a lot of history for a country that’s about the same size as Oregon. I couldn’t wait to dig in and explore.

When I got there, I was blown away. Every single one of its eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites deserves it’s own day trip. From the second I set foot in the capital, I was overwhelmed with how much there was to see and do. And a bonus: traveling around Tunisia costs half (or even less) than a similar trip in Italy. Second bonus: it has a small fraction of Italy’s tourism, so no sweaty tourists crowding your photographs and competing for tickets.

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Why You Should Go Now

Despite the great prices and fantastic culture, tourism is down. Since the Arab spring (which started in Tunisia), western tourism to the Middle East and North Africa has been way down. This, combined with the fact that Tunisia had two terrorist attacks aimed at foreigners in 2015, has scared away tourists from Tunisia. This is a shame, as Tunisia has been working with the UK increase security and counter-terrorism efforts. Since this has gone into effect, there have been no terrorist attacks aimed at foreigners. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism made up about 10% of Tunisia’s GDP before the Arab Spring, while it has only made up about 6% since then. So while Tunisia is safer than it has been since the beginning of the Arab Spring, tourism hasn’t rebounded fully yet. This makes it a great time to travel Tunisia.

101 Things to Do in Tunisia

Since not enough people know about how awesome Tunisia is, I wanted to put together a handy list of all the amazing historic places I visited and add in the ones that I didn’t have time for but wish I’d gotten to go see.


Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, and the city you’re most likely to fly into the country to start your journey. The city has just over a million people, but it’s spread out over a large area because it’s squeezed between Lake Tunis and the Gulf of Tunis.

The city dates back to the

1. Medina of Tunis

Al Zaytuna Mosque

2. The Bardo Museum

3. Dougga

Sidi Bou Said

4. Centro Historica

5. Palace

6. Museum

7. Cafe Delices

8. Art Cafe

9. Restaurant

10. Market

11. Historic Hotel


12. Carthage Museum

13. Cathedral

14. Tophet of Carthage

15. Antonin Baths

16. Roman Theater

17. Roman Arena

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18. Harbor

19. American Cemetary

Cap Bon

20. Kerkuane Museum

Kerkuane Ruins

Kerkuance Necroplis

21. Kelibia


22. Medina

23. Ribat

24. Archealolgy Museum

25. Kasbah

26. Ramparts Walk

27. Catacombs

28. Great Mosque

29. Monuments


30. Great Mosque

31. Medina

32. Mosque of the 3 Doors

33. Restaurant with a View

34. Mausoleum

35. Mauseoleum 2

36. Governors House

37. Cisterns


38. Old Harbor

39. Medina

40. Kasbah

41. Lake Bizerte

42. Lake Ichkeul

43. Cape Angela


44. Uttica Museum

45. Uttica Ruins

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