The 22 Best Waterfalls in Kansas

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Last Updated on: 2nd February 2022, 11:42 pm

Alcove Spring Waterfalls

The waterfall in Alcove springs is one of the oldest in Kansas. The spring where the waterfall is located was named in 1846 by a member of the Donner party. Before the naming of the spring, it was already in use by people such as John Fremont in 1842 and Marcus Whitman in 1843 as a campground for explorers and migrants. There are rock carvings near the waterfall and Sierras around the mountains. The waterfall and surrounding areas are mostly visited by tourists who simply want to explore as only a trickle of water can be seen nowadays.

Bird Creek Waterfalls

The Bird Creek Waterfall is also one of the oldest waterfalls in Kansas. This waterfall lies on the Yakima Indian Reservation in Mount Adams. The cascade of water is about 17 foot long making it quite a sight for onlookers. It plunges into a pool after passing over a ledge. To visit this waterfall at the Yakima Reservation, you need to have a permit. This helps to ease the monitoring and regulation of activities around the waterfall.

Bourbon Lake Falls

There are certain places you visit that leave their marks on you and this magical waterfall is definitely one of them. Falling gloriously at 30 foot, Bourbon Lake Falls captures you as soon as you see it. The best time to see the waterfall is from April to June and it is easily accessible too. New hikers will love this waterfall as accessing it by hiking is only about 0.1 mile of journeying from the starting point of the trail. 

Butcher Falls

Butcher Falls gives you a sense of nature and more because of how impressively rugged it is. Located in Sedan, Kansas, when you look at Butcher Falls for the first time, you may just get lost in its jagged beauty and sheer glory. Butcher Falls is part of the Red Buffalo Ranch privately owned by Bill Kurtis, a TV personality who is passionate about preserving the environment and communities. You can only get access to the fall during the daytime.

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Cedar Lake Falls

Cedar Lake Falls is located in Olathe, Kansas right below the Cedar Lake Dam. It is so well hidden that only a few people know about it. The lake itself is about 75 acres and is part of the Cedar Lake Park that was incorporated in the early 1900s. The waterfall is accessed from the lake fairly easily as the trail from the lake isn’t particularly well-marked or developed. Be careful of snakes when hiking the trail as they are quite popular in the creek and other surrounding parts of the waterfall.

Chase Falls

Chase Falls or Chase Lake Falls is one of the three waterfalls in the Chase State Fishing Lake in Kansas. The three waterfalls combined are one of the most magnificent sites in the city. Chase Falls runs almost throughout the year and while in spring the water overflows, the waterfall is still quite impressive in summer or at the end of winter. The Hilly area of the lake also adds to its picturesque and beautiful scenery making it a perfect place for a picnic.

Chautauqua Falls

Chautauqua Falls is located in Chautauqua County in Sedan, Kansas. Viewing the waterfall is usually an excuse by many hikers to experience an invigorating hike as the rocks are quite tough. The falls in Chautauqua have many drops along the creek. The waterfall may not be the most mesmerizing in Kansas, but it holds its own weight too especially during spring where the water drops in twos or threes. It is quite a sight to behold and a treasure for photographers who happen upon it.

Cherry Creek Falls 

Cherry Creek Falls is located in Oswego, Kansas. The waterfall is located on Clem Road therefore it is easy to spot as well as to access. It is a low water crossing and sometimes the water comes up and overflows making it scary and difficult to cross. Although Cherry Creek Falls is not a popular recreational spot for residents and tourists because of its location, it is uniquely peaceful and the water barely runs dry even in summer.

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Cowley Lake Falls

You should definitely visit this fall after a few days of heavy rainfall. When the water falls here, it really falls. Located in Ark City, Kansas, Cowley Lake Falls is most visible and most beautiful after some fairly intense hike down the rocks to the bottom of the waterfall. The view is just magnificent and there is a lot of water! However, when hiking down be careful of trash and broken glasses as people have littered and made a bit of a mess there. Other than that, it’s definitely a must-see.

Elk Falls

Elk Falls is named after a community just a few meters from the waterfall. The waterfall lies at the edge of the community and it is as low as it is impressive. There is a bridge close-by called the Iron Truss Bridge that was erected in 1893. Elk community has a sparse population of about 200 people so, not many people visit the waterfall. Elk Falls isn’t littered with trash and the land around it still maintains its natural appeal.

Eureka Lake Falls

The best word that describes the Eureka Lake Falls is ‘impressive’. Sadly, this word can only be used for the waterfall in spring. Nevertheless, it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kansas. The waterfall is located in Eureka Lake which is a 259 acre lake in Eureka, Kansas. The lake and waterfall are favorite spots for picnickers all year round regardless of the season. The water could drop massively or it could simply trickle down the rocks, but the beauty of the Eureka Lake Falls does not change.

Geary Lake Falls

This waterfall is a favorite spot for fishers in Kansas. There is a certain atmosphere that greets you when you visit this waterfall, especially in April. The early morning fog and rain combines to give off a magical presence. In fall and summer, the water doesn’t fall quite as intensely. But what it lacks in those months, it makes up for in spring and sometimes in winter as well. This waterfall is now one of the most visited waterfalls in Kansas.

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Hitchen Creek Falls

Hitchen Creek Falls is one of the smallest falls in Kansas. It is also a natural waterfall and is quite satisfying to see, that is if you get to actually see it. It is located near Longton in Southeast Kansas. Accessibility is easy, but it is quite far from the road. It is difficult to get a proper view or shot of the waterfall as it is covered by trees and lots of greenery. The view is quite scenic and the water flows at a steady and consistent rate.

Hollow Falls

Hollow Falls is a part of Hollow Park in Sedan, Kansas. The park is quite small yet calming. Sadly, the waterfall in the park needs some attention as there are piles of dirt that become especially noticeable in summer and fall. In spring however, the waterfall is in full force and all the lapses are barely noticeable. Generally, it is quite a nice place to visit especially when you just want to relax.

Idlewild Falls

Breathtaking and beautiful! Idlewind Falls consists of two waterfalls that are a mere 60 feet apart. The waterfalls aren’t easy to locate so you will need some exploring. The only way to find them is to go with someone who is familiar with the place or simply follow the sound of the gushing water. The water in the falls drops at about 11 to 12 feet and the best time to get the full experience is in April when the trees and flowers just start to bloom.

Lake Kahola Falls

Lake Kahola Waterfall is located in Dunlap, Kansas. Accessing the waterfall is not easy as you must get permission from the Kahola Homeowner’s Association. The waterfall is caused by the limestone in Eskridge Shale. There are signs to help you find the waterfall, but sometimes they can be confusing so it is important to get a proper understanding of the signs before moving ahead. The scenery is quite soothing especially for lovers of nature.

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Little Biddle Falls

Little Biddle Falls is quite a small waterfall in Moline, Kansas. It is very close to the oldest swinging bridge in Kansas established in 1904. It is also called the Wildcat Creek Falls. The waterfall is quite low and only flows impressively in spring. It isn’t difficult to locate or access as the trail is well-defined and the rocks aren’t too rough to climb. It is also impressively maintained and there is hardly any dirt visible around the waterfall or in the water.

Osro Falls

Osro Falls is one beautiful sight. Sitting at about 3 meters, the waterfall stretches for about 200 feet. It is preserved by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. The river below the waterfall is open for fishing throughout the end of October as activities around Osro Falls are highly regulated. Finding Osro Falls is a bit of a challenge though. This is because the paths are not well-defined and you can only get there from Hewins Village.

Pillsbury Crossing Falls

Pillsbury Crossing has another name that people sometimes confuse to be two different waterfalls. Pillsbury Crossing Falls also called Deep Creek Falls is the most famous and quite possibly the most beautiful waterfall in Kansas. Photographers and tourists will tell you that even pictures pale in comparison to the real deal. Located near Manhattan in Kansas, Pillsbury Crossing Falls is glorious any season of the year as the water just does not stop falling.

Rock Creek Lake Falls

These falls have multiple drops very close to each other, but that is not the most awesome thing about Rock Creek Lake Falls. It is man-made! Visibly lower than many of its counterparts, these falls make quite an impressive site especially at first glance. The water spills into the Marmaton River and the waterfalls are just a few miles from the Frontier Military Byway. Accessing them is quite easy too as the trails are not too difficult to navigate.

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Turkey Creek Falls

Turkey Creek Falls is located in Merriam, Kansas. It is man-made and was developed quite recently. It is a lovely picnic spot and quite easily accessible too as it is located close to an industrial area and railroad tracks. There are lots of activities in the surrounding areas of the waterfall as there is a bicycle trail close by and a Turkey Creek Stream way Park is also under construction.

Wolf River Falls

Wolf River Falls is close to the Glacial Hills byway in Kansas. There are three sets of falls in this region, all of which are close to Wolf River. The river is massive and the waterfalls aren’t particularly high, but they are still worth seeing. Wolf River is not quite popular among visitors and even residents. The path leading to the waterfall is a bit difficult to access, but the beautiful scenery makes the effort worth it in the end.

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