Best Waterfalls in Missouri

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Last Updated on: 2nd February 2022, 11:44 pm

Mina Sauk Falls 

This beautiful waterfall is located at Taum Sauk Mountain State Park around Ironton, Missouri. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Missouri. The mountain area surrounding this waterfall is also the highest point in Missouri. There is a trail that leads to the waterfall, which is about 3 miles from the starting point of the hike. 

The waterfall is best seen during the rainy season, and the rocks are not too difficult to climb as the trails are well-marked. The waterfall is about 50feet deep, making for a good afternoon/evening hike with friends.

Coon Creek Falls 

The Coon Creek Falls is located in Spencer, Tennessee, and shares a plunge-pool with Fall Creek Falls. It is a 250 feet falls that cannot always be seen except during the peak of the rainy season. The plunge pool in this Waterfall is available to swimmers as well as hikers. 

People may say that this waterfall pales in comparison to the Fall Creek Falls, but the Coon Creek Falls has its own delectable charm. If you are in the area and you want a moment of seclusion away from the crowd of people that visit the Fall Creek Falls, this waterfall is the place for you.

Roaring River Springs Falls 

If you are looking for a waterfall with a blue-colored plunge pool, the Roaring River Springs Falls is the place to be. This waterfall is shaded by moss-covered rocks and is open to people who enjoy lots of outdoor activity. You can hike to the waterfall; you can also hike around the surroundings of the waterfall. You can go fishing, swimming and even get a bicycle and go mountain-riding in the rocky terrain. 

There are sites available for camping as well. Or if you want a mini afternoon picnic, the Roaring River Springs Falls has provision for that as well. They also hold park programs such as Camper Award and Interpretive Programs.

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Falling Spring Falls 

The Falling Spring Falls is one of the unique waterfalls in Missouri, USA. The water is formed from between two rocks and was used to provide electricity to two mills. This waterfall is also one of the few waterfalls that do not need hiking techniques to access as there are parking spots available just before the waterfall. 

Lots of greenery surround the Falling Spring Falls. Although the waterfall is pretty much inexistent, the greenery makes for a lovely view and a picturesque scenery, making it a joy for visitors and residents alike. It is perfect for camping, Picnicking, and a simple afternoon stroll.

Rochester Falls 

Rochester Falls is located in Savannah, Missouri. It has quite a lot of amenities for visitors and tourists. There are restrooms, picnic tables for picnic lovers as well as trash cans to support environmental hygiene. This Waterfall is managed by the State Park and is well-maintained and well-preserved. It is a heaven for camp lovers as the Falls offers a free Campsite to Campers. You can also go swimming and Fishing.

Some other outdoor activities to enjoy in this waterfall are kayaking, canoeing, and wildlife viewing.

Bethany Falls 

Located in Blue Springs, Missouri, this waterfall is surrounded by a hiking trail called Bethany Falls Hiking Trail. It is a serene environment and very enjoyable. 

There are lots of things to do around the waterfall that include hiking and walking. You can also bike around the area. It is kid-friendly as the trails are wide and safe, but keeping your kids somewhere you can say is safer and more advisable. You can view wildlife as well as have a quiet picnic.

Falls Branch Falls 

Falls Branch Falls is located in Perry County, Missouri. The river in this county is named Falls Branch, and the falls are’ as steep as regular waterfalls. The is an exciting area to have lots of outdoor activities. A mini hiking as well as a mini afternoon picnic. There is a parking area just before the point the waterfall starts. 

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The land containing this waterfall is privately owned, but the area is open to visitors and tourists alike. 

Rocky Falls 

Rocky Falls is located in Winona Township, Missouri. It is called Rocky Falls because of the abundance of different types of rocks in the area. The waterfall is managed by the State Parks. There are hard and soft rocks, with the harder rocks shutting in the stream that flows from the rocks.

You can hike around the area, go sightseeing or go walking. You can also enjoy an evening stroll or picnic. The atmosphere is quite serene with a scenic view as well. It is a different and refreshing site.

Finley Falls 

Finley Falls is located in Diggins Township, Missouri. The Waterfall is situated on Finley Creek in Webster County. The Waterfall drops at just 7 feet and is not visible from the road. The water is quite clean, and perhaps because it is not an overly massive waterfall, it is also quite adequately maintained. 

The water at Finley Falls flows more rapidly during the rainy season and towards the end of winter when all the snow starts to melt. This is when the view becomes quite breathtaking and when the sight is most enjoyable for visitors.

Grand Falls 

Grand Falls is not named Grand for anything. It is the largest continuously flowing natural waterfall in all of Missouri. This massive waterfall is located in Joplin on Shoal Creek, very close to Wildcat Park, making it easily accessible. Visitors love to take photos of the waterfall as it is quite a sight to behold. 

You can bike around the waterfall, hike, swim, and just simply take a walk to admire all the nature that surrounds you. Families love to visit the waterfall together to enjoy the weather, scenery, and the ambiance.

Tryst Falls 

Tryst Falls is located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Just like the Grand Falls, it is also one of the few natural waterfalls in Missouri. There are also facilities available here that include a playground making it a go-to area for children and families. 

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There are shelter houses and picnic tables as well as a one of a kind customer service. So if you want to enjoy a whole day with your family, Tryst Falls has everything you may need.

Hickory Canyon Falls 

The Hickory Canyon Falls is quite interesting for those who simply want to have fun and lovers of geography, geology, and biology. There are lots to learn about rocks, plants, and earth in this amazing waterfall. Perhaps this is one it is one of the preserved areas in Missouri. There are different plant species as well as sandstones. 

You can hike, walk and go picnicking while learning a thing or two about ferns and vascular plants.

Johnson Shut-Ins 

Johnson Shut-Ins is simply an experience! The mountains and wilderness are part of the thrill and allure that draw people to the fall. The waterfall is part of Johnson Shut-Ins Park, located in Taum Sauk Trail, Middle Brook, Missouri.

It is simply nature untainted and untouched. You can do so many things and even invent some activities, but always try to stay safe as the area is quite rugged. You can hike, splash in the water, have a picnic, and go camping. You can never run out of things to do in this park.

Watts Mill Waterfall 

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this waterfall is considered one of the hidden waterfalls in Missouri. It has a fascinating history behind it, as it used to be a large grinding meal for corn and wheat. Now what remains is a waterfall that is as large as it is empty. 

During the rainy season, the water rises so much that it floods, but when it is dry, it actually drops to six feet or even lower depending on the temperature. 

Beaver Creek Falls 

One of the few waterfalls located within a cave, the Beaver Creek Falls is located in Beaver Creek, a quiet campground away from the noisy city. This waterfall is quite enjoyable during the spring season, and it is mostly visited by people who need just a moment of peace and quiet. It is also visited by nature-loving couples. 

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The Beaver Creek Falls is located in Bull Shoals Lake in Kissee Mills, Missouri. The area surrounding the lake is mostly rocky, making it attractive to hikers.