The 42 Best Waterfalls in Texas

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Texas is an amazing place famous for its expansive desert landscape that primarily consists of thick vegetation and a variety of wildlife. Unknown to many, this state has some of the most striking waterfalls that stand at over 75 feet high. Below are the various Falls, ranging from the rarely known ones on private property to those in the National Registry of Historic Sites.

Ashby Branch Falls

This superb Fall is near Leander, Texas, and is renowned for having Freshwater drum and Channel catfish. Getting to Ashby Branch Falls entails taking a short hike right off the roadside side car park upstream, which leads to a few picnic tables and towards this particular fall. Ashby Branch Falls is a perfect destination for picnicking, sightseeing, and also swimming in the rocky creek.

Bandera Falls

This lovely waterfall is a great location for adventures, sightseers, and also hikers. Bandera Falls sweeping landscape is scenic having some of the most accessible and easy-to-cover trails. Once you reach the cascading Falls, you’ll witness a truly remarkable view of the warm clear waters Ideal for swimming and also angling.

Barber Falls

Barber Falls is another destination worth visiting. It’s situated in Hays County, 2.7 miles from Buda and near Flatrock Ford to be specific. Accessing this waterfall requires using a canoe or a kayak to get there. Barber Falls is also ideal for angling and some of the fish available include the catfish, Bass, Hybrid striper, etc.

Bee Creek Falls

The Bee Creek Falls is a remarkable waterfall in Texas. This particular location is great for exploration, hiking, and also sightseeing. The falls are quite scenic and usually worth visiting. A 4-mile trail awaits history buffs who are interested to see barely marked graveyards of migrant workers. Bee Creek Falls location also has ruined structures from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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Bench Falls

This marvelous waterfall is easily accessible and also has the best hiking trails in Texas. The trails towards Bench Falls are easy to pass although the terrain is usually uneven. Bench Falls is also a great place for those who want to picnic or unwind in this serene environment.

Big Joshua Creek Falls

Big Joshua Creek Falls is an amazing waterfall destination that’s also a great fishing spot. Although not easily accessible, this particular Fall is great as it has a nearby picnic area and a birding station for bird observers. The Big Joshua Creek Falls trails are also well maintained making it a great hiking location.

Bull Creek Falls

There is normally a sharp contrast between the city encroachment and nature when you visit these lovely waterfalls in Texas. Getting there involves going on a hike on Lakewood Drive along the Bull Creeks Southern half. The Bull Creek Falls is an ideal place for swimming and also hiking. Once you’re in the vicinity, you’ll definitely notice the sharp contradiction that most of the Falls length is near a busy highway with growing businesses and communities.

Butman Falls

Butman Falls in Texas is another amazing waterfall. It has an elevation of 705 meters and is situated south of Bald Mountain,14.9 miles away from Merkel. This particular waterfall is easy to access and hikers and also sightseers are in for a treat. The location has an expansive scenic view of the nearby landmark beside the lovely Falls.

Cascade Cavern Falls

 Cascade Cavern Falls is one of the rarest waterfalls in Texas. It’s typically hidden beneath the Cascade Caverns in Boerne where a few people know about it. Visitors have to descend 132 feet below the ground level using a staircase that looks like it never ends. There are also plenty of rare species of crickets, bats, and salamander that are found underneath the ground on your way to the spectacular Falls.

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Cason Falls

This particular waterfall is renowned for its scenic location that has wooded trails ideal for hikers, exploration, and also sightseeing. Cason Falls surroundings is also a remarkable location having verdant bluffs and not to forget rustic surroundings. This waterfall is deep in the Texas forest. Although Cason Falls sits on private property, your spirit of adventure is quenched going through the landscape nearby.

Cattail Falls

Cattail Fall is another great eye-catching destination, located in Big Bend National Park. The waterfall is hidden in a wooded canyon above lovely series of pools on the Chisos Mountains west side. Reaching the falls entails walking through hilly terrain. Cattail Falls lowest canyon section is usually the only part accessible using the 1.5-mile trail.

Chalk Ridge Falls

Another amazing waterfall worth visiting in Texas is the Chalk Ridge Falls. This particular Fall is about a mile from the Chalk Ridge Falls Park, parking lot. The trail leading to this great destination is easy to walk and is mostly covered by trees hence making it convenient especially during the summer heat.

Chaquita Falls

Chaquita Falls is next to West Verde Creek and has an amazing scenic view that is located in prime land in Texas. This particular waterfall vicinity has three campsites that can accommodate 24 people and entails walking 75 yards. The amenities include a chemical toilet nearby and picnic tables.

Copper Plaque Falls

The copper Plaque Falls is a great location for hiking, biking, and also touring. The hike near the waterfalls has great views of the scenic red rock landscape. The Falls also cascade down a lake that’s ideal for swimming and angling. There are also great camping sites nearby that are ideal for explorers.

Crystal Falls

This particular waterfall is quite a spectacle that has an accessible trail, with the most scenic Falls and meandering streams. This destination is also convenient for picnicking, hiking, and also outdoor adventure. Crystal Falls is located in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area after covering a short 0.5-mile trail having panoramic views of the mountains nearby.

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Dolan Falls

Dolan Falls is typically fed by powerful freshwater springs, hence making this place scenic and also worth paying a visit. This location is a great place for sightseers as it has great wildlife which includes tarantulas, bighorn sheep, water snakes, porcupine, largemouth bass, etc. Dolan Falls is also known to have some of the largest fish species around and is only a 3 hours’ drive from San Antonio.

Fall Branch Falls

Standing at 70 feet, Fall Branch Falls is another awesome place to visit. Located in the Citico Creek Wilderness, reaching this particular waterfall normally involves covering a 1.3-mile hike that is easily accessible. Fall Branch Falls is also all-season and visitors have the privilege of touring this particular place any time of the year.

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls is located in one of the most popular and expansive state parks in Tennessee. This waterfall is at 256 feet and is also one of the largest waterfalls in the east of the united states. The park sits on more than 229,800 acres that spread across the entire eastern top of the Cumberland Plateau. This particular destination is a great location having gorges, streams, and the marvelous Fall Creek Falls.

Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls is another fantastic waterfall with an easily accessible trail, that can be covered by a 10-year-old. The entire distance to Gorman Falls is 3 miles having lovely scenery along the way. Alternatively, you can use a boat on the Colorado River to access this amazing waterfall. Gorman Falls is also a lovely place for sightseeing and also taking a break from the bustling city life.

Hamilton Pool Falls

Hamilton Pool Falls is a great location to visit that is scenic and also great for outdoor adventure. This particular waterfall is approximately 50 feet and has an amazing pool that is great for swimming. The trails are also easily accessible making them among the top destinations for hikers in Texas.

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Honey Creek Falls

This spectacular scenic location has various plants and animal species making it an ideal tourist destination. Whether you’re listening to the distinctive call of the Honey Creek Falls, watching the deer feeding, or the peering fish hidden in the creek underneath the lily pads, the experience is usually truly special. The waterfall’s clear blue-green water is also a great spot for angling and swimming.

Horseshoe Falls

Accessing this remarkable waterfall entails going through the County Park, then drive over the gravel and sand to a designated spot where you’ll get to a small parking area. Horseshoe Falls is usually only a short hike ahead. The waterfall as the name suggests is typically horseshoe-shaped and truly a sensational place to visit.

Kerrville Falls

Kerrville Falls is a great destination especially for those who want to experience nature at its best. The waterfall is located in a scenic and tranquil location. There are many picnic areas nearby that have sitting benches strategically placed to view the breathtaking clear river cascading by. The trails around the falls are also accessible and properly maintained.

Krause Springs Falls

This waterfall is known for its great swimming and camping site in the hill country of Texas. It’s located approximately 30 miles northwest of Austin, in Spicewood. Krause Spring Falls sits on a 115-acre property that has 32 springs. The Falls usually feed on the man-made and natural pools which cascade into the nearby Lake Travis. It’s worth mentioning that this particular natural wonder has been privately owned for over 50 years and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lower McKinney Falls

McKinney Falls has a series of two waterfalls, namely the upper and lower falls. Lower McKinney Falls is a spectacular sight worth visiting. This particular 15-foot-tall waterfall is where the combined Onion and Williamson Creek meet. Reaching these scenic Falls will require you to cover a short 700 feet walk from the parking lot of the Lower McKinney Falls towards the waterfall itself.

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    26. Madrid Falls

The Madrid Falls without a doubt is the highest waterfall in Texas that is open to the public. Although accessing this Fall is difficult, in the end, it’s always worth it. Standing at 100 feet, it’s located deep in Big Bend Ranch State Park center. This destination has rock trails that are ideal for hiking and biking.

Ojito Adentro Falls

Ojito Adentro Falls is highly recommendable for those who love not just incredible cascading waterfalls but also wildlife in general. Reaching this lovely waterfall requires you to pass through a 2.3-kilometer trail that usually has light traffic situated near Presidio. Ojito Adentro Falls is an ideal spot for hiking, walking, sightseeing, etc. The mountain views on the trail are expansive and quite scenic.

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls is located in a state park which is usually easily accessible to the public. This particular destination is usually ideal for picnics, camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, etc. The water is usually clear and warm making it convenient especially in hot weather. In other words, besides visiting  Pedernales Falls, there are typically a lot of activities to do in this one-of-a-kind destination.

Pine Canyon Falls

The trail to this remarkable waterfall goes through an unpaved 6-mile gravel road that takes approximately 45 minutes. Although the hike to Pine Canyon Falls is a tough one, its view is scenic. Pine canyon Falls is quite a wonder especially on a rainy day where you get to see the amazing water cascade through the mountain top.

Post Oak Falls

Post Oak Falls is a great waterfall you need to visit while in Texas. It has a scenic, easy and family-friendly hike that goes through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge precisely on the Charon’s Garden portion.

While walking through the trail on your way to Post Oak Falls, you’ll get amazing views of the Elk Mountain south side. Despite this particular Oasis being moderate in size, it typically creates a breathtaking oasis right in the heart of the granite landscape.

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Sculpture Falls

Sculpture Falls is within Austin city in Texas. This specific destination is scenic and also dog-friendly. There are secluded swimming holes that have clear cool water ideal for swimming, especially during the summer heat. Sculpture Falls is an amazing waterfall that’s also known as the urban Oasis and also a part of the Edwards Aquifer having summer temperatures of about 70 degrees.

Silver Falls

Silver Falls is a scenic location that is great for exploration. It’s situated in Silver Falls Park, one of the largest and arguably, the most attractive roadside park in Texas. The Silver Falls is a great spot for hiking, picnicking, and also backpacking around the clear cool cascading waterfall.

Spicewood Falls

This epic waterfall destination is known for its camping and swimming sites that are situated in Spicewood,30 miles west of Austin, Texas. The waterfall sits on 115-acre private family property for over 50 years and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Sites. Visitors can swim, explore the natural sites and also go camping.

Spring Falls

Spring Falls is one of those places in Texas that’s worth spending your time in. The Falls are 1.9 miles from Annetta, in Parker county. The waterfall is typically renowned for its breathtaking view of the cascading clear waters that are also a popular angling spot. Lastly, the trails leading there are usually easy to access.

The Falls

The Falls is another lovely waterfall that’s man-made with a 54-foot height. It has a multi-level flow that passes through the south bank of the Wichita River. This particular waterfall is visible from the I-44, where it can be seen by motorists from southbound who are crossing the bridge over the river.

Tonkawa Falls

Tonkawa Falls is a scenic destination that’s worth visiting. Getting there involves a half an hour’s drive outside Waco, a small town of Tonkawa Falls and Crawford. The waterfalls have a swimming hole set in a city park. The Falls also has a 15 feet drop that leads into a big swimming hole with a sliding tube suitable for children. Lastly, Kayaking is also a great activity in Tonkawa Falls.

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Tub Springs Draw Falls

This spectacular waterfall is found about half a mile from the Rock Garden Trail by going through the Rylander Fortress Cliff Trail. A trip to the Tub Springs Draw Falls will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. The waterfall is usually easy to access and visitors can also swim or fish in the waters below.

Twenty-Foot Falls

Twenty-Foot Falls is another beautiful waterfall having an elevation of 796 meters and is close to the Blanco Canyon. This particular destination is great for hiking, picnic, and most importantly, exploration. Other natural wonders near this Fall also include the Blanco Canyon valley which is 570 meters northwest, sand Rock Spring 2 ½ km east, Coach Springs 3 km east, etc.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a spectacular waterfall that’s worth visiting particularly during March when flowing water is in abundance. There is usually a 5.3 Kilometer heavily trafficked trail that normally leads to the Twin Falls. Once you get to the riverbed area, traversing is easier since the area is flat and only takes around 20 minutes to the lovely waterfall.

Upper McKinney Falls

Just a short drive from the city of Austin is where this exemplary waterfall lies. There is a long trial having flat rocks, more than a mile that leads you to the Upper McKinney Falls. The scenery of the landscape is spectacular as you get to come across cypress trees while proceeding towards the moderately accessible Upper McKinney Falls.

Westcave Falls

Westcave Falls is also a wonderful waterfall worth visiting. Not far from the city of Austin, this particular destination is truly remarkable. Although, the location is well hidden in the forest, taking a guided tour will most definitely take you through the entire scenic landscape before arriving at the Westcave Falls that’s 40 feet and has emerald water.

Window Falls

Reaching this particular waterfall in Texas entails walking a 19.3-kilometer hike having very light traffic. Windows Falls is a destination worth visiting as its typically located closer to the Big Bend National Park. Although this Fall is difficult to access, the trail nearby is ideal for hiking, backpacking, and also exploration. It’s also usually available throughout the year.

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There you have it, the forty-two remarkable waterfalls in Texas that are worth your attention, whether you’re a native or simply touring.