6 Authentic Switzerland Chocolate Factory Tours You Should Experience

Switzerland is practically synonymous with chocolate, and when you’re here, you need to see one or two of the best chocolate factories in Switzerland. Of course, you can sample Swiss chocolate almost anywhere in the country, but Switzerland chocolate factory tours are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for chocolate lovers! Here are the best ones to choose … Read more

27 Incredible Filipino Souvenirs & Gifts to Bring Back from the Philippines

A Cebu Souvenir Guitar from the Philippines Gifts

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10 Reasons You Must Travel to Germany in Autumn (Besides Oktoberfest)

Germany - Goda - Church

I’ve traveled to Germany twice. The first trip was during May, typically considered a fantastic time to visit Germany. The weather was warm but not hot, and tourist attractions were busy but not overwhelmed. For this trip, I’m spending November here, dividing my time between Dresden and Berlin. And I have to admit, I’m completely … Read more