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Make sure you bring all your important docs so you can spend your time enjoying the views and not dealing with bureaucracy back home.
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30 Weird Travel Facts About Me

Huzzah! To celebrate this post being my 100th, I thought I’d take the opportunity to publically embarrass myself and share 30 weird travel facts about myself and my life. And I’m also holding my first reader giveaway (details at the end of the post). Childhood 1. My earliest travel memory […]

The painting of Jesus in the dome of the church
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How to Visit the Monastery of Daphni in Athens

This site consists of 3 monasteries located in different parts of Greece. I visited Daphni Monastery, which is on the outskirts of Athens.¬† My Visit My trip to Daphni Monastery was simple and without fanfare. I only learned that this was a UNESCO site and close enough to Athens to […]

The small graveyard at Boyana in the fog
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How to Easily Visit Boyana Church in Sofia, Bulgaria

After living in Sofia for two years, I still can’t believe what a secret Boyana Church is. Even though it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its location in the neighborhood of Boyana means that it’s still a bit off-the-beaten-path for travelers coming to Sofia. Here’s everything you need to know […]

UNESCO World Heritage Site #31: Archaeological Site of Delphi (Greece)
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How to take a day trip from Athens to Delphi

Now your statues are standing and pouring sweat. They shiver with dread. The black blood drips from the highest rooftops. They have seen the necessity of evil. Get out, get out of my sanctum and drown your spirits in woe. -The Oracle of Delphi to the Athenians as the Persians […]

How to Improve Your Travel Photography (Infographic)
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How to Improve Your Travel Photography

  ¬†Introduction Regardless of what kind of camera you use, you can take stunning travel photography to remember your trip and share with your friends. Travel photography has been my favorite hobby since 2007, when I bought my first DSLR (a NikonD40). In the last year, I’ve upgraded my equipment, […]