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Aykles Beach in Paphos is beautiful but very rocky so bring your swim shoes!
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3 Reasons Paphos Kind of Sucks

When I decided to come to Cyprus, I needed to pick a city to set as my home base. Nicosia, the capital, is way more urban and has a rich history, and seemed like much more my personality. All the other cities sounded beautiful, but not vibrant enough to spend a […]

Always pack vaseline
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Why You Should ALWAYS Pack Vaseline in Your Carryon

I’m a huge fan of the blog Unclutterer, a cleaning and organization blog, and I’ve always especially loved their ongoing series Unitasker Wednesday, where they lambaste a product that is designed to do only one (and usually a pretty unnessecary) thing. For example: an electric mac and cheese maker, a […]

My Favorite Pics Taken on Airplanes
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My Favorite Pics Taken on Airplanes

I have seen several variations of this Huffington Post article, highlighting cliches and annoying habits people have on instagram. One frequently mentioned as annoying are pics taken from airplane, especially if they include the plane wing. While I tend to agree with complaints of some of the main Instagram cliches […]