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Juno Beach in Normandy
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Normandy: Commemorating D-Day in Pictures (Photo Essay)

Introduction This past week, I went to Normandy for the 73rd D-Day anniversary commemorations. I traveled with Liberation Route Europe, a foundation whose mission is to monitor and develop the Allies’ liberation route and to promote a transnational understanding of the liberation of Europe.   I have several history projects over […]

The Desert Castle of Quseir Amra
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How to Visit Quseir Amra in Jordan from Amman

Traveling to Quseir Amra   Part I: The Getaway   We made our getaway from the desert castle of Quseir Amra walking double speed. Me, talking under my break, trying to explain to my driver Sultan what the issue was without saying it loud enough for the tour guide Mubarak to […]

Wadi Rum
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My UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bucket List

This past weekend, I went to the Wadi Rum Protected Area in Jordan, making it my 50th visited UNESCO World Heritage Site!         Traveling to UNESCO sites has taken me to some amazing places. I’ve been entrusted with the keys to a thirteenth-century chapel, almost kicked a moray […]