11 Truths about the Great American Roadtrip

A family road trip is one of the Six Kinds of Trips Everyone Should Experience, but whether it’s with family, old friends, or with a significant other, there are some universal truths about the Great American Roadtrip that every roadtripper knows. It is possible to find an episode of Law & Order (or one of … Read more

15 Irish Baby Animal Pictures to Celebrate Spring

Spring is in full-force in Ireland, and that means baby animals absolutely everywhere! I had no idea before I got here how rural western Ireland is and how central farming is to the communities we stayed in. I loved seeing all the farm animals and drove my friend insane asking to stop to photograph them … Read more

How to Visit the Tower of London

United Kingdom - London - Tower of London

England has quite a few World Heritage Sites, and during my time there earlier this month, I was able to see three of them: The Tower of London, Stonehenge, and Westminster Abbey. When I think of the Tower of London, my neck starts to ache as I think of Ann Boleyn, every season finale of … Read more

How to Visit Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

United Kingdom - Stonehenge - Stephanie

I’ve already detailed how freaking awesome it was to be able to sneak in a trip to Stonehenge on my London trip.  Going there I had zero expectations that I was going to be able to fit it in. From UNESCO’s description: Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world, while … Read more

The Six Kinds of Trips Everyone Should Experience

Different people are drawn to different kinds of travel.  Some like the carefree Caribbean weekend, lapping up sunshine and playing in the waves with their significant other.  Some prefer the cozy snowy cottage surrounded by family.  Still others like to go off and explore a new place on their own.  While everyone has their personal … Read more

The 12 British Phrases That Have Taken Over My Brain

Oh, the fun that is spotting the differences between British and American English! It’s my last night in London, and after an awesome eight days it seems that quite a few British English phrases have crept into my vocabulary.  So embarrassing! Try as hard as I can, these keep popping out of my mouth: Pop In … Read more

My Top 10 Super Awesome Surprise London Adventures

United Kingdom - London - Train

My ten-day London (and the Home Counties) adventure was supposed to be 60% work/40% try-really-hard-to-grab-some-sightseeing time, but our host office ended up being the most awesome place ever and throwing in some really cool side trips.  That, combined with how easy London and the Home Counties are to explore, and I’ve racked up some amazing … Read more