51 Fabulous Things to Do in Cyprus, Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus - Pixabay

My month in Cyprus was incredible. I saw gorgeous Orthodox churches, sumptuous Mosques, traversed Venetian walls, crossed a UN border into an unrecognized country, took in Roman ruins, napped next to clear blue Mediterranean waters, drove on winding mountain roads, and didn’t see another American for my first twenty-six days. And since it’s a country … Read more

Why You Should ALWAYS Pack Vaseline in Your Carryon


I’m a huge fan of the blog Unclutterer, a cleaning and organization blog, and I’ve always especially loved their ongoing series Unitasker Wednesday, where they lambaste a product that is designed to do only one (and usually a pretty unnessecary) thing. For example: an electric mac and cheese maker, a watermelon corer, and a clip-on … Read more

5 Fun (and Free!) Things to do in St. Louis

At the end of July/beginning of August, I headed to St. Louis to hang out with my sister for a long-needed four day weekend. She’s been in St. Louis for 6+ years, and I hadn’t made the trek out there (bad Steph!) except for a lunch last summer when I was driving a car from … Read more