One Perfect Day in Waterton Lakes National Park: Itinerary & Travel Tips

Candada - Alberta - Waterton Lakes National Park - Itinerary for One Day in WLNP

Waterton Lakes National Park is a relatively undiscovered gem in Alberta, Canada. Often overshadowed by Alberta’s other two far more popular Rocky Mountain nationals parks, Jasper and Banff, Waterton is every bit as beautiful. What’s more, as the park is connected to Glacier National Park in the US, it is more easily accessible for American … Read more

Spend the Perfect 2 Days in Basel: Itinerary for 48 Hours in Basel + Weekend Tips!

Switzerland - Basel - Rhine River

Looking for a Basel itinerary? You’ve landed in the right place! This 2 days in the Basel itinerary can be followed at any time of the year, whether you’re spending a weekend in Basel in the summer, winter, spring, or autumn! So make sure to bookmark this travel guide for what to do, where to … Read more

24 Hours in Zurich: The Perfect One Day in Zurich Itinerary + Ideas for 2 Days!

Switzerland - Zurich - Old Town

Looking for a way to get the most out of one day in Zurich? This 24 hours-in-Zurich itinerary is the perfect way to dip your toes into one of Switzerland’s most charming cities! Can’t read now? Pin for later! Good to Know: This guide to spending one day in Zurich comes to us from Nina … Read more

24 Hours in Lucerne, Switzerland: The Perfect One Day in Lucerne Itinerary + Ideas for 2 Days!

Switzerland - Lucerne - Itinerary

It’s one of the most attractive cities in Switzerland so it’s not surprising that you are planning to visit Lucerne.   With a backdrop of Alpine mountain peaks, a sparkling lake at its feet, and plenty of interesting sights, there are many reasons to spend a day in Lucerne, Switzerland! Of course, you won’t be … Read more

How to Spend One Day in Bern: Itinerary for the Perfect 1 or 2 Days

Bern Switzerland

This is a guest post by Anna from Expert World Travel. on the UNESCO World Heritage Site the “Old City of Berne” in Switzerland, including everything you need to know to plan how to spend one day in Bern and tips if you want to expand your Bern itinerary to two days. See below the post for a few … Read more

3 Days in Dallas: Itinerary for a Fabulous Long Weekend in Dallas, Texas

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a sprawling mecca of amazing food, culture, and shopping. Dallas proper is a beautiful city full of rich history and exciting things to do. Dallas is perched on the precipice of rustic southwestern and modern urban cultures, and is the perfect destination for a long weekend. This guide will take … Read more