The Perfect 3 Days in Jackson, MS: A Magical Weekend in Jackson Itinerary

Mississippi - Jackson - Welcome to Jackson Mural - Stephanie

Headed to the City With Soul for a long weekend in Jackson? The beautiful capital city of Mississippi is a charming place with important history, a towering literary legacy, and an unbeatable food scene. There’s something for everyone here! This weekend in Jackson itinerary combines the best of Jackson’s history, art, and cultural institutions, plus … Read more

Steal this Madeira Itinerary: What the RHOP Did in 4 Days in Madeira, Portugal

Portugal - Madeira - Drinking wine and coffee in Funchal

Planning a trip to Madeira? If you’re headed to these Portuguese islands and are looking for guidance on the best things to do in Madeira in 4 days, steal this glamorous Madeira itinerary!  Good to Know: This can also be easily converted to a 3-Day itinerary if you’ll be spending three days in Madeira and coming for a long … Read more

A Fabulous Hamilton Inspired New York City Weekend

Hamilton Curtain Call

Once upon a time (May, 2016), my friend Ashley and I were on an epic western Irish road trip stalking Star Wars filming locations and chasing baby animals on the side of gorgeous mountain highways. What could make this time better? we asked ourselves. Thank god for Spotify, because the answer was so obvious. Listening … Read more

The Perfect 2 Days in Dubai: Itinerary + Weekend Guide!


Are you planning to spend a couple of days in Dubai? Here we assort the best 2-day itinerary in Dubai that will help you tick off the major highlights and immerse yourself in its ancient era and modern glitz. Dubai is a city of engineering wonders. From a sleeping fishing village to the most advanced … Read more