The Beaches of Normandy

The Cliffs of Pointe du Hoc

Listen to the Episode “The Beaches of Normandy” Subscribe in iTunes Other ways to listen and subscribe. We all know the basic story of the Allied Forces storming the Beaches of Normandy in World War II. It’s one of the most dramatic and harrowing events in modern warfare. But my brain couldn’t comprehend the size … Read more

Iceland’s Thingvellir

Iceland's Thingvellir National Park

Listen to the Episode “Iceland’s Thingvellir” Download in iTunes More ways to listen. If you’ve ever visited Iceland, you know that, while there are so many things to do in Iceland,  the natural beauty of the planes of Thingvellir is something special. But what you may not know, is that this open field was once … Read more

Discovering The Lost City of Petra

The Treasury at Night

Listen to the Episode “Discovering the Lost City of Petra” Listen and subscribe on iTunes Other Ways to Listen and Subscribe  The story of the Lost City of Petra begins with the story of the Nabataeans, nomadic traders who eventually settled in Edomite territory around 2 B.C. The Nabataeans had traveled everywhere and picked up … Read more

Agamemnon’s Mycenae

The Mask of Agamemnon, housed in the National Archaelogical Museum in Athens, found at Mycenae

Listen to the Episode “Agamemnon’s Mycenae” Listen and Subscribe in iTunes Other Ways to Listen and Subscribe  Most of us have read Homer’s “Iliad” either in high school or college, but few are likely to remember the details of the characters and places it mentions. It may seem surprising to you that I’d be talking … Read more

The Birthplace of “Gone with the Wind”

The Margaret Mitchell House

Listen to Episode “The Birthplace of Gone with the Wind” Listen and subscribe in iTunes Other ways to listen and subscribe   There seem to always be interesting intersections between history and art, and in this episode of The History Fangirl, we dig a bit into one of those crossings, the life of Margaret Mitchell, … Read more