The Birthplace of “Gone with the Wind”

The Margaret Mitchell House

Listen to Episode “The Birthplace of Gone with the Wind”     Listen and subscribe in iTunes Other ways to listen and subscribe       There seem to always be interesting intersections between history and art, and in this episode of The History Fangirl, we dig a bit into one of those crossings, the … Read more

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum

  Listen to the Episode “The Roman Forum”       Listen and Subscribe in iTunes Other Ways to Listen and Subscribe         One of the places I toured while in Italy was the area in and surrounding the Roman Forum. It’s a central part of early Roman history that is sadly … Read more

The History Fangirl Podcast: Start Here

The History Fangirl Podcast

Listen to the Episode “Start Here”     Listen and Subscribe in iTunes Other ways to Listen and Subscribe          Episode Transcript: Hi, I’m Stephanie Craig. Welcome to the History Fangirl podcast.  This is Episode 0, the ‘Start Here’ episode.  I just wanted to take a minute to share a bit about myself and the show … Read more