10 Books that Made My Life Better Written in the Last Decade

I want to hit the pause button on the travel talk for just a second. The National Authors Day is coming up, and that has gotten me thinking about all the working authors and how some of their works have deeply inspired me. Thanks to the plethora of free literary classic on Kindle, I sometimes … Read more

17 Fantastic Books about Italy to Inspire Your Next Italian Adventure

Village of Manarola, on the Cinque Terre coast of Italy with flowers

There’s something especially dreamy about an Italian vacation, but you don’t have to actually be in Italy to get a small taste of this wonderful country. Here are some of the best books about Italy to add to your reading list, whether you’re planning to read them on an Italian vacation or want something to … Read more

13 Incredible Books about Chernobyl & the Chernobyl Disaster

Ukraine - Chernobyl - Canva

Chernobyl has been in the news a lot lately. Whether you’re interested in reading books about Chernobyl to prepare for a Chernobyl tour or you want to learn more after seeing the HBO miniseries, here are the best books about Chernobyl so you can dive deeper in the disaster. Read next: Chernobyl Today: 30 Pictures that … Read more

Rick Steves Interview on Why We Travel

Rick Steves Interview

If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know I co-host the podcast Rick Steves Over Brunch, which has given me a few amazing opportunities, including getting to interview Rick Steves twice for the pod. Below you’ll find the full transcript of our Rick Steves interview where we discuss his 2020 travel special “Why … Read more

10 Steps to Writing a History Research Paper

A young female student sitting at the table, using headphones when studying.

Most students will confirm that at some point in their college lives they have written research papers, but it wasn’t that easy to accomplish the task. Most students also turn to academic paper writing services to help them out. To make it easy to write that history research paper, along with research paper experts from … Read more