17 Magical Things to Do in Milan in Winter for an Italian Winter Escape

Italy - Milan - Peace Arch covered with snow in Sempione park, Milan, Italy.

While most people think about visiting Milan in the summer or autumn, visiting Milan in winter is a great way to experience some of the city’s best festivals, enjoy the museums and monuments without the crowds, and appreciate the hearty nature of Milan’s cuisine. Here are the best things to do during winter in Milan plus tips … Read more

27 Stunning Places to Visit in September in Europe for a Late Summer Getaway

Visiting Europe in September is a great idea for many tourists. You’ll be able to skip the families traveling during school holidays, you can take advantage of end-of-season discounts, and the crowds start to thin out a bit. Here are some of the best places to visit in September in Europe to enjoy the end … Read more

1001 Inspired Travel Tattoo Ideas & What to Expect If You Get a Tattoo While Traveling

Italy - Rome - Woman with Tattoo - Travel Tattoo Ideas

Whether you have zero or twenty tattoos, if you love traveling then you’ve probably considered getting a travel tattoo at some point.    Consider this the complete guide to getting a travel tattoo. First, I share my own experience of getting a travel tattoo in Jerusalem and questions for you to consider about getting one … Read more

15 Magical Things to Do in Andorra in Winter, a Pyrenees Winter Wonderland

Andorra - The Snowy To The Andorra City.

Andorra in winter is a sportsman’s paradise. There’s fabulous skiing, snowshoeing, and other fun adrenaline-packed activities. If you end up spending time in the capital, you’ll find Andorra la Vella in winter to be cozy and relaxing, without the bustle of other European cities.    Here are the best things to do in Andorra in … Read more

The 7 Most Beautiful West Coast Lighthouses & How to Visit Them!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse with beautiful sunset

Do you love lighthouses? These architectural gems have guided sailors home, saved thousands of lives, and served as inspiration for countless visitors. And while the Pacific coast of North America is dotted with them, these are the best West Coast lighthouses to add to your Canada and USA bucket list!      Can’t read now? … Read more