10 Fabulous Nashville Souvenirs & Gifts to Bring Back from Your Trip!

USA - Tennessee - Nashville - Cowboy Boots on a shelf

I’ve visited Nashville nearly ten times, and every time I come back from the trip impressed with just how many fabulous shopping opportunities there are in the city! So if you’re wondering what to buy in Nashville, have no fear, because you really won’t run out of unique Nashville souvenirs, from cheap souvenirs to nice … Read more

Here’s How COVID-19 Has Taken a Toll on Your Mind


The magnitude of how COVID-19 has affected the world remains unparalleled. Be it the social life or professional; the pandemic has brought the world to a standstill with some intermittent lockdowns. This, in turn, has had a severe effect on the planet in monetary terms. Companies have resorted to employee layoffs to get through. This … Read more

Elyton Hotel Review: a Slice of Birmingham History

The lobby at the Elyton

During my recent trip to the South, I had the opportunity to stay at the Elyton Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, where I stayed while visiting Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail with Alabama Travel in September. It’s one thing to travel to a historic location, but a trip gets to a whole different level when you’re sleeping in … Read more

Why I’m Making Sofia My Home Base

When I left Sofia, Bulgaria at the beginning of December, I was really heartbroken about it. Something along the lines of this: But now I’m back! And though I’ve alluded to my reasons before, now that I’ve been here for a month, I think its time to share what’s up. In November, I met the … Read more