December 2017: Adventures & Updates

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2017 Went Out with a Bang


December was a great cap on a great year. I got to spend a lot of time in Sofia, explore a huge chunk of Tunisia (my first trip to Africa!), and spend the holidays with one of my oldest friends.




December:  What I Got Up To


December started with the last few days of my great Bulgarian hideout.  After being on the road way too much, it was amazing to just be still. But then, of course, I had to get moving.


We went to Bankso, Bulgaria for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. It was a lovely escape from Sofia, and we got to see another one of Bulgaria’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites:  Pirin National Park.


Then I headed to Tunisia for two weeks. While there, I explored all eights of Tunisia’s UNESCO sites, along with rediscovering my love of couscous.


Then the month ended in Sofia. My friend Andrea, who I first met in the summer of 1996, came to Sofia to visit and celebrate Christmas. We baked cookies from scratch (they turned out okay) and binge-watched holiday tv. And of course, I showed her around Sofia a bit.



Pic of the Month


My most popular pic on Instagram was this one of the Rabat in Sousse:



On Facebook, my most popular pic was this one from the rooftops of Medina of Tunis:




Places Visited


  • Sofia & Bankso, Bulgaria
  • Tunis, Sidi Bou Said, Kelibia, & Sousse, Tunisia





  • Driving through Pirin National Park watching the snow-covered trees pass by while listening to classical music on the radio like we were in a goddamn car commercial. Epic.



  • Walking through the medinas in Tunis, Sousse, Bizerte, and Kairouan in Tunisia



  • Taking extra time to wander around Sidi Bou Said, the magical blue and white Andalusian town on the coast



  • Seeing the Tophet of Carthage in person…I got goosebumps



  • Spending the holidays in Sofia (This is an old pic, though. We didn’t have a white Christmas).



  • Ringing in New Year’s with my boyfriend in Sofia. I still can’t believe that I went on a Tinder date in Bulgaria in 2016 and it lead to something this amazing all the way into 2018. The world is a strange and wonderful place.





I’m going to go out on a limb and say that December didn’t have any. Everything with Tunisia worked out pretty well, except for a few minor incidents. The holidays were lovely. I really can’t think of a major problem the whole month.




Podcast Episodes







Travels with Lucy


Lucy needs a haircut. I haven’t found a groomer in Sofia that I trust. I asked an online group about it and was basically told that I was an idiot for wanting to get her haircut in the winter. So she still looks like a baby farm animal in need of shearing.


December by the Numbers


  • Tunisian Louage Rids: 9
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites Visited:  9
  • Houses of Worship Visited: 7
  • Meals involving Couscous: 7
  • Beds: 5
  • Medinas: 4
  • Seasons of Gavin & Stacey Binged: 5 (oh, there are only 3 seasons? Yes, I binged seasons 1 and 3 twice because it was with different people)
  • Christmas Movies: 3
  • Batches of Cookie Dough Consumed Raw: 2
  • Countries: 2
  • Continents: 2
  • Dead Camel Heads seen Hanging in a Butcher Shop: 1 (thank the lord)
  • Mexican Restaurants: 0 (Hope to rectify this very soon!)





Current Obsessions


  • My new Samsung Phone (the iPhone is dead to me)
  • Hannibal (more so than ever before)
  • Finding tacos soon before I die from taco-starvation
  • Tacos
  • Tacos
  • Tacos
  • Nachos


My Favorite Pic


There’s something so serene about this street corner in the Medina of Kairoun:



What’s Next?


I’m writing this from Thailand, the first leg of my Southeast Asia trip. It’s already proved to be insanely delicious.



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December 2017: Adventures & Review
December 2017: Adventures & Review




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