Dresden Street Art: 15 Famous Pieces and Offbeat Gems

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The city of Dresden is famous for its architectural beauty, but the area known as Dresden Neustadt has gained a reputation as a great place for fans of street art to visit.

The best way to experience the pieces is to get out and explore the city, which you can do on your own or on an organized street art tour in Dresden,

Whichever way you choose to experience Dresden street art during your time here, make sure you bring your camera along, because I promise you’ll want to grab some pics.

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The Most Famous Pieces are the Art Installations in the Kunsthofpassage

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Passages

Known as the “Singing Drainpipes,” this art installation inside one of the passages of Dresden Neustadt plays music whenever it rains.

This is only part of the “Courtyard of Elements,” so when you visit make sure to give yourself time to get lost and explore these passages.

This piece is also known as the Kunsthofpassage Funnel Wall:


The Neustadt Kunsthofpassage is an artistic neighborhood in Dresden, Germany. Designed by artists Annette Paul, Christoph Roßner and André Tempel, this wall all covered with funnels and gutters is one of the strangest and unusual attractions in Dresden’s student district in the new town. When the rain falls in Germany, this drain system turns into a beautiful musical instrument. It’s called “The Funnel Wall”. A beautiful way to celebrate nature.

But even Non-Famous Passages are Turned into Works of Art

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

Walking from the Japanese Palace down to Pfunds Molkieri in Neustadt, I kept having to stop to pop my head in to see the street art and graffiti covering the various passages and apartment buildings  

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This one was decorated in entirely yellow, white, and black paintings and had an overall anime-inspired vibe.

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I love how the artwork here matches the yellow-and-black outfit of the mail carrier. This was actually one of several times when mail carriers were dressed perfectly to fit into my shot. It’s like it was meant to be.

A Passage too Scrumptuous Not to Notice

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

The murals in this passage were absolutely mouth-watering. Considering I hadn’t eaten yet, I was more than ready for lunch after photographing these delicious-looking cupcakes!

Nothing Lasts Forever

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

This impressive mural is covering up an older one. If I hadn’t been digging around through Google images, I never would have noticed the previous mural is on the same building.

It’s a great reminder that the time to admire street art is always now, as it’s a mercurial and ever-changing medium and not meant for posterity.

Political Street Art

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I’ve mentioned before that Dresden that not all of the city’s dark politics lie in its past, and the street art doesn’t shy away from politics.

The Murals on this Restaurant Make Me Happy

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I don’t know what it is about the mural set on the gates of this restaurant, but each one of them made me smile.

There were more of them than I’m sharing here, so if you love them too it’s definitely worth seeking them out. It really brightened my day.

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I mean who doesn’t want to arm wrestle a friendly tiger who also happens to be a bartender with a badass sense of style?

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

Or be invited into the restaurant by a friendly sly fox, who looks suspiciously like Disney’s Robin Hood?

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

But it’s really this masculine horse striking a pose that puts me over the top in love with this mural set.

Stickers, Stencils, & Paste-Ups

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I don’t know what this paste-up about, but I know it conjures up visions of Alice in Wonderland in my head. That’s always a good thing.

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

I’ll say that I wasn’t super impressed with Dresden’s sticker game, but I found a few I enjoyed here and there.

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This sticker that says “Refugees Welcome” hits right against the issues facing Dresden today. I also love the stencil panda in a tuxedo on the right.

Train Cars

Germany - Dresden - Train Car Street Art

This graffiti on an old train car is close to the Slaughterhouse of Slaughterhouse-Five fame. I saw it walking back from my tour.

Out of Context

Germany - Dresden Neustadt - Street Art

From far away, this fence looks like a 1980’s magazine come to life. Up close, you see the different layers of paint and images that fade from far away.

I Don’t Know What This Is

Germany - Dresden - Street Art

Seriously. If you know what “Regida” is let me know. I’m dying of curiosity.

Should You Go on a Dresden Street Art Tour?

Germany - Dresden - Slaughterhouse-Five

While I didn’t go on a street art tour in Dresden (I opted for a few other Dresden tours during my visit) I can highly recommend it.

I did go on one in Berlin, and I went on a different tour with the same guide who runs the street art tour in Dresden, the tour of the Slaughterhouse, and the Dresden Neustadt Pub Crawl.

Danilo is an amazing guide. His tours are reasonably priced, and I loved that my money went to support a local solo entrepreneur who spends his time thinking about how to make the world more peaceful. Two thumbs up!

5 Things to Pack for the Trip to Dresden

The Lonely Planet Germany guidebook for your trip. I’ve been looking for a hard copy here since I don’t like getting stuff delivered to me in Bulgaria, and I can’t find one.

Definitely get your guidebook ahead of time.

Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut wrote this novel about his experiences in Dresden during the war.

You can get a paperback, Kindle, or Audible copy. I’ve been listening to it on Audible while I walk around the city.

Dresden Welcome Card If you’re going to explore the city’s sites for more than a day, this two-day city card will save you money by giving you free admission to many of the city’s major sites and discounts to many others.

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A Camera since Dresden Neustadt is super photogenic. I used a mix of my Nikon D810 and my  Samsung8 smartphone.

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Have you explored Dresden street art? Are you researching for an upcoming trip to Germany? Leave your best Dresden travel tips and any questions you have below!

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Dresden Street Art: 15 Famous Pieces and Offbeat Gems

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