Find the Unique Style for Your Travel Blog: Tips and Tricks

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Last Updated on: 19th June 2023, 06:50 pm

Nowadays travel blogging is gaining momentum. Yes, it’s a popular profession today compared to 5 years ago.

According to the statistics, currently, there are roughly 1.9 billion websites and the majority of travel blogs are between 1-4 years old only. That makes this industry of high competition.

Thus, you need to be special and stylish not only to attract new readers but to stand out from the rest of the blogs. In this article, we’re going to share some useful tips and tricks to create a unique style for your travel blog.

5 Proven Ways to Find and Build The Unique Blog Style

No matter if you’re a beginner or just want to improve the existing blog to attract more followers, this checklist is here to help you. Below the 5 most important style elements are outlined to help you in creating a standing out travel blog.

Branding: Develop a Personal Style

Keep in mind that now you’re a brand. Yes, when creating a blog, you create a brand. Thus, you need to develop it as any other company does. Here are a few essential steps on building your brand and personal style:

  1. First and foremost, you need to create a unique name and find a style that reflects you and conveys your message. Choose a font, brand colors, and theme, and then stick with them.
  2. You need to learn your audience and get a niche.
  3. Have clear goals and objectives. Focus on bringing readers first and then building a relationship with them, and only then think about monetizing your blog.

When you’re first starting out, then get the advantage of different tools and services like Crello, which is free design software.

It’s quite a great resource for designing brand elements and visuals for posts and overall design. There you will find thousands of templates, HD pictures, photos, and premade graphics for any purpose. What’s more, all the visuals can be very easily customized.

Logo and Design Matter

When it comes to style, then the cohesive design is vital for creating a unique travel blog and recognizable brand. The best and popular brands have a memorable logo, consistent tonal palette, and fonts. Thus, use the design to represent your brand and main message:

  • Build your unique and memorable logo;
  • Learn and use trending colors throughout all the website and other digital channels;
  • Add custom photography and medium to make your blog more appealing and eye-catching;
  • Use the layout that conveys your message and supports your brand.

Add Beautiful Images and Graphics

Visuals are essential for any blog. Add high-quality photos, pictures, and graphics to grow your audience and make your blog more eye-catching. Also, create a more meaningful experience for your readers with evocative imagery, music, and videos.

One more piece of advice, don’t limit yourself to one medium. Just use diverse content types and mediums:

  • Include interviews with interesting people and/or influencers, also, you can add video interviews with them;
  • Use custom photography to keep your content engaging;
  • Add infographics to represent some data.

And again, Crello is a pretty helpful tool here to create custom images, graphics, videos, GIFs, and other visuals.

Create Creative and Unique Content

Content is the king. So, blogging is all about producing and sharing content. Herewith, creating and publishing high-quality and consistent content within your niche is vital. Yet, when it comes to the content, then the strategy is a must here: from a theme to a visual representation of it. You need to add content that will be appealing and interesting to your target audience. Yes, that is not about you but it’s about your audience and their wants/needs/pain points.

Here are some tips that are bound to help you to stand out in terms of content creation:

  1. Keep the same photo or video editing style;
  2. Provide your expertise;
  3. Actually, provide value;
  4. Use engaging captions to connect with your following;
  5. Educational content like tutorials, guides, how-tos, etc. is always a win;
  6. Use technology to your advantage;
  7. Create a content schedule and stick to it.

Learn Basics of SEO

You need to learn about SEO more in case you want to get as much organic traffic as possible. By optimizing your blog for SEO, your blog can be ranked higher by search engines and in such a way you’ll help readers to find you by specific inquiries.

So, here are some basic steps on your way for optimizing your blog for SEO:

  • Research keywords. Create content and add certain keywords you want to be ranked for and which users are likely to search for.
  • Optimize all the posts published for SEO. Include the relevant keywords, compress the visuals to improve the loading speed, use the right headers, add titles, descriptions, meta-tags, and so on to help your readers find your posts on the search engines.
  • Cite your sources and contributors. Always double-check the sources which link you add to your blog not to be banned by the search engines and not to lose the trust of your customers.


Travel blogging is a highly popular profession going into 2022 that gains momentum. More and more new blogs appear on the world wide web, making the competition tougher and tougher. That’s why you need to be really unique to stay competitive and stand out from the rest of the bloggers. A stylish and well-designed blog is a working way to achieve the goals. Follow the tips and tricks provided in the article to find the unique style and build a brand.

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