Update: My Goal to Travel Full Time

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Lucy can’t wait to hit the road full time…


I’ve mentioned before that I currently work 9-5 but am working and saving toward being able to travel full time down the road. When I made the decision a year ago that this was going to be a goal, I anticipated it would take 2 years to be able to make the jump. I had set some personal goals that I felt would be crucial to my sucess:

  1. Pay off credit card debt (about $7K USD)
  2. Pay off student loans (about $25K USD)
  3. Save enough to be able to travel for 2 years without working while I figured out a long-term model for incomce generation

Beyond these goals, I knew I needed some time to heal emotionally from my divorce and I didn’t know realistically how easy that would be. In addition, while focusing on the above goals, I also needed to furnish an apartment and took on the full cost of my household when I’d been splitting most costs for years. So while my need to save and pay off debt was going up dramatically, my fixed costs were going way up.


FullSizeRender 6 copy 3.jpg
My apartment is 100% a feminine retreat-which is exactly what I needed.


Luckily, I’m in sales. In sales, you always have an option of working harder to bring home more income. This is not something that most professions have, so I feel very lucky that this is how my income is based and it has come in handy at many points in my life.

A year later, and I’ve made serious progress towards my goals and now have a rough idea of when I’ll be able to begin. This is partly due to me accomplishing a portion of my above goals and also making some of them smaller.

Updated Goals:

  1. Pay off credit card debt. (Update: DONE!)
  2. Pay off student loans. (Update: I decided not to worry about this. I redurced them to about $21K USD and my monthly payment has been added to my travel budget as my monthly payment isn’t very large).
  3. Save enough for 2 years. (Update: Reduced to 1 year and is 75% complete. That will give me enough cushion to get started and I have a few different plans to generate income while I get everything else together. The budget for 1 year includes the above student loan.) 


Why the changes?

  • I know exactly what I want to be doing, and I have to give it a go. I can’t sit around and complain about my situation when I can make some small sacrifices and take action much sooner.
  • I no longer feel like staying put is healing. I think I’ve healed as much as I’m going to while saving and staying put, and now I’m just standing still. I need forward momentum.
  • A strange confluence of events at home and at work are signalling that it’s time to make some big changes. I don’t believe in signs, but these all feel like signs.
  • Someone recently told me that if making a really big change in your life doesn’t scare you, then it’s the right thing to do. I don’t have any fear left, so it’s time.


Stay tuned for some updates over the next few months as things progress. In the meantime, it’s time to start the very tedious process of selling all of my possesions…


Update: I did it! You can check out the crazy first few days here.



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One bar cart sold, one thousand other posessions to go!




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