250 Hilarious History Memes to Soothe Your Dark Soul

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I’m a little obsessed with memes, but I specifically love history memes and travel memes the most (because duh, it combines my two passions). If you’ve ever checked out my Instagram Stories or my Facebook page, you’ve no doubt noticed this little habit I have of collecting (read: hoarding) history memes to share with the world. So here are my favorite (over 250!) history memes so you, too, can get obsessed.



Funny History Memes

Here are some of the random history memes I’ve collected that don’t easily fit into one of the topics below. This section also includes memes about history lovers and being obsessed with history. Also there’s an awesome meme of a dragon wearing a kimono.


queen memes


Museum memes


history memes


Funny history memes


neanderthal meme


kimono dragon meme


funny history memes


easter island history memes


canadian memes


flat earth meme


1950s History Memes


History versus Math Meme


historic cat meme


80s kids memes


Australia Memes



European History Memes

I have break-out sections for some of the bigger topics, so this is where I’ve put all the European history memes that cover smaller, niche topics or memes about European culture or modern current events. Also, this is where I stuck my Yugoslavia and Macedonia memes, because I am obsessed with them.

european history memes


Fahrenheit memes


Swedish Empire Meme Ikea Meme


medieval history memes


gregorian chants memes


Princess Memes


World War I Memes


vaccine history memes



Archery Meme



medieval history memes


Medieval Battles Memes


female armor memes


medieval history memes


The Plague Memes


Yugoslavia memes


Mongolian History Memes


Black death meme


Belgium history meme


serbian history meme


Crusade memes


Armenian Genocity Meme

Macedonia meme


North Macedonia history meme

Historic Albanian Meme


EU memes



Art History Memes & Classical Art Memes

This section is an awesome mix of themes written over classical art backdrops. Basically, if you’ve ever wondered what the chick in a fifteenth century oil painting is thinking, this section of art history memes has you covered.


art history memes


art history memes


art history memes


art history memes


Classical art memes


art history meme


classical art history memes


classical memes


art history meme


dentist meme


classical art history memes


Virgin Mary Memes


classical history memes


classical art meme


art history memes


classical art memes


classical art history memes


art history meme


classical art history memes


Portrait Painting Meme


classical art history memes


Valentine's Day History Meme


Judith and Holifernes Meme


baroque meme


classical art history memes


classical art memes


art history meme

history museum memes

art history memes


classical art memes



American History Memes & US Presidents Memes

American history is rife for memes and parody. This section includes US Presidents memes like dead-pan George Washington, American Revolutionary War Memes, Salem Witch Trial memes, and memes about America winning the space race.


King George III Memes


Salem Witch Trial Meme


Denver History Meme



US History Meme




American history memes


US History Meme


George Washington memes




US History League of Nations Meme


American War of Independence Meme


American Revolution Meme


Space Race Memes


Civil War Memes

This is the section dedicated to memes about the Confederacy and how it lost and was an absolutel disgrace.  If you leave a pro-Confederacy comment on this post, it will be deleted.


Civil War Memes


Confederate Flag Meme




WW2 Memes

Ummm….the internet is awash in World War II memes. This is where everything from Winston Churchill memes to neutral Switzerland memes to memes about Japan refusing to surrender.


WW2 Meme Fuckboy Starter Pack Meme


ww2 memes


Switzerland Meme


Winston Churchill meme


Pearl Harbor Meme


WW2 meme


WW2 Memes


Japan WW2 Meme


WW2 Memes


World War 2 Hitler Memes


America in WW2 Memes

Nuremberg Trials Memes


WW2 Meme


WW2 Memes



WW3 Memes

Okay, I only have one World War III meme, but I love it. And of course, I couldn’t stick it in the World War II section, so it gets its own.


WW3 Memes


Fake History Memes

Fake history memes are the history memes that no one knows they need until they read them, and then they realize instantly that they’re intrigal to enjoying anything in this world.


fake history memes


Fake WW2 T-Rex memes


fake abraham lincoln quote


fake history memes


fake history memes fake lincoln meme



Henry VIII & Tudor History Memes

Hengry VIII is a verifiable meme king. There’s literally no end to the time I can spend reading Turdor history memes on the internet and avoiding work.


henry viii meme


Henry VIII memes


Henry VIII Meme

tudor history memes



British History Memes & English History Memes

Umm…British history is long. It’s violent. It’s unpleasant. It’s colonial. It’s everything that memes are made of. This category includes British History memes (especially memes about the Hundred Years’ War), Margaret Thatcher memes, Scottish memes, English memes, and Colonial memes.


British Colonial Meme


Hundred Years War Meme


Guy Fawkes Meme


English History Meme


Scottish history meme


Brexit Memes


British history meme


Margaret Thatcher Memes


British history meme


Middle East History Meme


Indian history memes


French History Memes

Of course, I need somewhere to put my French Revolution memes, but I include a few other chapters of French history and general France memes as well.


French Revolution Meme


French Revolution Memes


Joan of Arc Memes


France history meme


French History Meme

Vietnam Wars Memes


French history memes



Napoleon Memes

Napoleon is so memeable that he needs his own section.

Napoleon invading Russia meme

waterloo meme


Invading Russia in winter meme

Waterloo memes


Dutch History Memes

This is really just making fun of the Tulip crisis, but don’t you think the Dutch totally deserve it?

Dutch history memes


Dutch Tulip Crisis Memes



USSR & Soviet History Memes

A genre of memes as large as the (former) empire itself, here are the best USSR memes, Stalin memes, Lenin memes, and general Soviet history memes.


USSR Memes


USSR Memes


Crush on Stalin Meme


Stalin Netflix and Chill meme


Lenin and Stalin Meme


KFC Communist Meme


Soviet Union Memes


USSR Soviet History Memes


joseph stalin meme


Cuban Missile Crisis Meme


German History Memes

German history is more to make fun of than just World War II. Here are the best Germany memes and German history memes that didn’t fit into the WW2 memes section.


German history memes


German History Memes



Italian History Memes

Italy’s role in WW2 is so memeable that it needed its own Italy meme section.


Italy Memes


Mussolini Meme


Italy in World War Two meme

Mussolini meme


Italy History Memes

Polish History Memes

Poor Poland. These Polish memes all have a specific bent, and it’s NOT towards independance.


Polish memes


Jagiellonian Dynasty meme



poland memes


Communism Memes

I broke these out into a different section than the USSR memes because this section inludes moder takes on Communism.


Karl Marx Meme


communism memes


Communist Manifesto Meme


Communism and Bourgeoisie Meme


communism memes


Communism Memes


Capitalism Meme


Capitalism Meme


Capitalism is Hell Meme


Greek Mythology & Roman Mythology Memes

Oh Zeus, you are infinitely memeable.


zeus meme


greek mythology zeus memes


Roman Mythology Memes


greek mythology memes


Ancient Greece and Ancient Greek History Memes

Ancient Greece has an outsized place in my heart, and Greek history memes are truly some of my faves.


Stealing Greek temples meme


Sparta Memes


Greek versus Roman Culture Memes


Xerxes Memes


Ancient Greek History meme


Ancient Spara Meme


Trojan Horse Memes


Alexander the Great meme


Ancient Greek History Meme



Ancient Rome and Roman History Memes

While not quite as fun as ancient Greece memes, Roman history memes are super popular. Here are the best Roman empire memes, Roman republic memes, and memes about Julius Caesar, Caligula, Nero, and Claudius.


Roman history memes Ides of March meme


Julius Ceasar Meme


Goth meme


caligula memes


history meme


Julius Caesar meme


Bible History


Julius Ceasar Meme


Goth memes


Roman Empire meme


cato the younger memes


caligula meme


roman history meme


augustus meme


Nero Roman History Memes


roman emperor meme

BC memes


Carthage History Meme



Guy Fieri Julius Ceasar Meme


Eastern Roman Empire Meme


Romans versus Greek memes


Roman Military memes


Emperor Claudius Meme


Byzantine Memes & Ottoman Empire Memes

Ah, I truly, truly, truly love Byzantine memes and Ottoman Empire memes. More esoteric than straight up Roman history memes, but extra petty.


Byzantine History Constantinople Memes


Byzantine memes


Ottoman Empire Meme


Byzantine History Meme



Historian Memes & Archeologist Memes

The careers deserve memes as much as the subjects do.

Historian memes


archeology memes


archeologist memes



Viking Memes

Okay, for some reason these aren’t as popular as Roman history mems, but I think Viking memes are way more fun.


Viking Love Meme


Odin Viking Meme


Viking meme


Vikings Memes


Viking Memes

Viking Meme


Ancient Egyptian History Memes

Ancient Egyptian history memes are 75% cat memes. So they’re amazing.


Ancient Egyptian History memes


Ramses the Great Meme


Egypt Memes


Library of Alexandria Meme


ancient egyptian history meme


egyptian pyramid meme


Egyptian History Memes

Pyramid Memes


egyptian cat meme



Chinese History Memes

Part Communism memes, part Mongolian invasion memes, 100% fun.


chinese memes


Mao Meme


Ghengis Khan Memes


Chinese History Meme


China Memes


Sexy History Memes & Valentine’s Day History Memes

For when you need a sweet, sweet history meme to send to your crush on Valentine’s day.


Richard III Meme


Valentine's Day History Meme Karl Marx Memes


Christopher Columbus Meme


Valentine's Day History Meme


Valentine's Day History Meme


Communism memes


Valentine's Day History Meme Viking Memes


Romantic Communist History Meme


Valentine's Day History Meme


Valentine's Day History Meme Pyramid


Christmas History Memes

All I want for Christmas is history memes under my tree.


Communism Lenin Santa Meme


Christmas History Good King Wienceslas Meme


Stalin versus Santa Clause meme


Vladimir Lenin Meme



Game of Thrones History Memes

Honestly, there should be more of these.


Game of Thrones History Meme



Spongebob History Memes

This is a thing.


spongebob history memes


Napoleon Spongebob Memes


Spongebob History Memes


Spongebob History Meme



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