101 Hilarious Travel and Vacation Memes for Every Kind of Traveler

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Last Updated on: 31st March 2022, 10:29 pm

Nothing is better than a Funny Travel Meme

Travel is fun, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, stressful, thrilling, beautiful, and sleep-inducing. You can travel solo, with your family, with your friends, and with perfect strangers.

But no matter your travel style or travel companions, here are the best travel memes, vacation memes, and road trip memes just for you.

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1. Looking for a Travel Soulmate?

Wanderlust Travel Meme

You don’t want to be locked in a cabin in winter, a cute summer cottage, or a whole entire RV with the wrong person!

2. Nothing Compares to You

Travel Memes

I would replace #5 with Diet Coke, but the rest is accurate.

3. They Really are the Luckiest

Girls Travel Meme

Life IS about choices.

4. Are There any Other Options?

Travel Meme


5. A Dare is a Dare

Travel Meme

The Dart has Spoken

6. Don’t all Ancient Religions have a god of Skyscanner?

Flight Travel Meme

I’m sure they did in Ancient Rome.

7. Even a Spider Can do It

Flight Travel Meme

Or a good app

8. Just be Chill

Travel Meme

This is 100% how I am. Every time. Still.

9. Seven years into this travel blog life, and I still make this mistake. Every. Single. Time.

Packing Travel Meme

I’m working on getting better.

10. The Best Memes are Airport Memes

Airport Security Meme

Or maybe little bottles of shampoo are freeballing instead of in a convenient ziplock.


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11. NSFW Memes

Airport Security Travel Meme

I mean, duh.

12. I love a good Airport Security Meme

Airport Security Travel Meme

This has literally never happened to me?

13. This Meme is a Dark Meme

Airport Security Travel Meme

I’ve never thought about this before, but mind blown.

14. It’s a Union Thing

Airport Travel Meme

I’ve literally been asked to move 2 lbs from one checked bag to the other.

15. Sometimes You Need a Little Pick Me Up

Airport Travel Meme
I mean, we’ve all been there.

16. Seriously tho

Flight Travel Meme

17. So Much Drool. How Did I Drool that Much?

Road Trip Travel Meme
Yup 100%.

18. I Assume this African Travel Meme is 100% Accurate

Africa Travel Meme
One day…

19. These People Should be thrown off the Airplane

Airplane Travel Meme
Just open the emergency door and give them a push.

20. Basically My Entire Childhood

Road Trip Meme
Sometimes it’s 12…

21. Airplane Food Sounds Disgusting Until You Know it’s Too Late

Airplane Travel Meme
Call them back! Get yo sandwich.

22. Tales from First Class

Airplane Travel Memes
Every Bridesmaids meme is a good meme.

 23.  Well Maybe Hotel Memes are the Best Memes

Hotel Travel Meme
Yeah, I used to have an organized closet full of them. #nojoke

24. Like Zero

Solo Travel Meme
It’s a relationship status unto itself.

25. You Even Get Your Own Hotel Soaps!

Solo Travel Meme
(William Wallace voice) FREEEEEEEDOM!

26. Solo Travel Memes are Kind of Amazing Tho

Solo Travel Meme

27. No More Drama

Travel Meme
Just me, myself, and I.

28. There are Disney People and there Are Non-Disney People

Disney World Travel Meme
I’m with you dude. Disney World can be a lot.

29. Cheese Travel Pic Memes FTW

Travel Meme
Love taking silly pics.

30. It’s the Thrill of the Fight

Travel Meme
Yeah, but that means I won.

31. Instagram Boyfriends aren’t Always that Enthusiastic

Travel Meme
It’s like physics or something.

32. It Usually Works Tho

Foreign Language Travel Meme

33. When It’s Over

Travel Meme
The last day is so harsh.

34. Family of the Year

Travel Meme
When you’re family has really missed you.

35. Travel Money Memes are Also Great Tho

Travel Money Meme
I mean, no, it’s a complicated system of work combined with privilege and luck, and ugh it’s a lifestyle choice I’ve made, and ugh it’s complicated. Don’t look at me.

36. Those Pesky Details

Travel Money Meme
A battle I have never won.

37. Never!

Travel Budget Meme
I never do…

38. It’s Called a Work-Life Balance, and It’s Not Happening

travel blogger meme
It’s 90/10 one way or the other. Period.

39. I’m about 20% of the way there so far…

travel counter meme
Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


40. Punny Memes are Funny Memes

Alpacca Travel Meme
When do we leave?


41. You know this one is true.

airport security check meme
More true than funny.


42. Get that Flight Voucher, Girl

flight booked meme
It’s like a lottery for flights.


43. I’m not Saying Babies shouldn’t be on Airplanes, but…

baby on plane meme
Oh, he knows exactly what he’s doing…


44. This one is harder than it should be

charge devices before flight meme
For some reason, this one has been a real struggle lately.


45. Not sure where he picked up a new head on vacation tho

packing vacation meme
Just shove it all in the suitcase and hope it’s not over the baggage weight limit


46. Business Travel Memes, like Business Travel, is Less Fun

business travel meme
Well it’s not actually a vacation, is it?


Road Trip Memes
The answer to all life’s problems.


48. Yes, I do. Like a Boss.

sean bean airport security meme
You know nothing, Sean Bean.


49. The Classics are Classics for a Reason

travel meme what country next
Is this the godmother of travel memes?


50. That Last Day of Work before a Vacation is Torture, but the Exit is Pure Magic.

last day of work meme


51. Parents, SMH.

Actually no, it’s children that are the worst. They don’t deserve to come.



52. And the pet in “Pet Cemetary”

United Airlines Meme
Too soon? Also, I think about that dog nearly every day.


53. Travel Buddy Memes should always have Pugs

travel buddy meme
Also, I really want that car


54. When Treat Yo Self becomes Pack Yo Self

cat travel meme
Also, cat travel memes are pretty sweet


55. It was just a Vacation!

annoying vacationers meme
Seriously, these people are the worst.


56. I’ll Believe it When I see the Plane Ticket Receipt

friends travel meme
Fool me once, bro.



bye felicia travel meme


58. Where is this vacation, Heart Attack City?

hotel meme
It’s near Scream Villiage, right next to Fainting Town.


59. That Purse is the Truth

Airport Fasion Vacation Meme
But even if I get my hair in a perfect bun, it still doesn’t look chick.

60. The Feeling of Victory

airplane meme
The Mayor of Row Town


61. Seriously, this continent doesn’t want people on it.

Australia Travel Meme
The animals are all cute and sweet until they’re eating you.


62. But I won’t. Even with it.

traveling before gps meme
Seriously, what was traveling it even like before GPS? I can’t remember.


63. Group Travel Memes Be Like…

group travel meme
Never trust a non-traveler with travel related planning.


64. Joe Biden ::Hearts:: Emily Post

obama biden travel meme
It was actually a pretty thoughtful gesture, all things considered.


65. Another Punny One

Roman Catholic Travel Meme
Okay, but do you get it?


66. Why bring 32 if You Could Justify 50?

Packing Meme
This is my life. This is my struggle.


67. Another packing meme for you, because the struggle is real.

packing meme
But also it’s like 18 outfits and a hat you never wear.


68. If the point is to make more time for travel, then the answer is always yes. Just trust me.

quit job meme
I can handle the truth.

69. The anticipation is palpable.


waiting for vacation meme
Waiting is for losers, anyway. Let’s go tomorrow!


70. Jetlag and no cell service are a recipe for disaster.

Jetlag Meme
But also, just go back to sleep. Nothing good happens before 11 am anyways.


71. Yeah, because it’s absolute bullshit.


Beach Meme
We need to eliminate this injustice immediately. Beaches for everyone!

72. But my legs do hurt, so…

mountain climbing meme
And my back. And my right ankle. And I’m super tired. I think I should go back to bed. Who made you king of the mountain, Bob?


73. It’s about priorities, Debra.

travel money memes
But if you don’t go to the Greek islands in new clothes, is it even a vacation?


74. Oh, I thought you said to pack matching…

packing travel meme
But in all fairness, some of these are pretty small, right?


75. I would be dead, just in a bar somewhere.

Drinking before a Flight meme
This is a nightmare from which you never recover.


76. How about if it’s me?

carry on luggage meme
If you aren’t packing to the maximum of your carry-on allowance, then the airlines win.

77. Death by email is a real thing, right?

coming back from vacation email meme
Just delete them and pretend like you never saw them. Then run away and get a new identity.

78. Moms always worry, but there are ways to use it to your advantage.

mom worry travel meme
Nothing good ever happens at Niagara Falls tho

79. How I feel the day before a vacation:

dog meme
Just wait, Buddy. You’re not fitting through those bars.

80. Different emotions for different experiences.

work versus vacation meme
Also, going to work sucks. So there’s that…

81. Raccoons should be in every Vacation Meme, like ever

Europe Travel Meme
Raccoons and puns for everyone!

82. Wach out for the Vacation Over-Sharer

vacation meme
Also, for real, be careful. Someone might break into your house. Okay, PSA over. Back to the humor now.

83. Don’t mess with a flight attendant before they’ve had their coffee

flight attendant meme
Flight Attendant? More like Fight Attendant, am I right?

84. Which is more annoying: talking about study abroad or memes about study abroad?

study abroad memes
I’m probably a 7/7.5

85. The Over-Planner might actually be worse than the Over-Sharer

Just don’t do it. You’ll be burnt out by day four, and you’ll never want to leave your house ever again.

86. Unless You have a Peanut Allergy…

flight attendant meme
In which case, she might have been trying to murder you. Otherwise, she was just being nice.

87.  I Like to Travel for the New Cultural Experiences

copenhagen travel meme
They say to travel like a local, right?

88. When Your Bank Account is Incorrect…

travel budget meme
Yeah, but in Eastern Europe that could stretch to like three flights of stairs.

89. Business Travel is Not Fun Travel, and You Can’t Convince me that It Is

business travel meme
Make sure to throw in pantyhose and high heels. #NotFun #HellNah

90. Those subtitles sure are helpful.

foreign language meme
Can’t they make a robot who goes around and puts the subtitles up for us?

91. Pun Memes are Fun Memes

korea travel meme
That’s a pretty good reason.

92. And that’s exactly why I stopped telling non-travel people about my travel plans.

Travel Jealousy Meme
Jealousy mixed with judgement-the good old one-two punch.

93. Instagrammers these days be like:

94. Another one for the road (trip meme)

road trip meme
If the music and air conditioning wasn’t so loud, I’d be in.

95. Yup, 100% accurate.

What did we even do before the internet? Talk to each other? Gross.

96. Travel Planner? I hardly knew her!

travel agent meme
Why hello there…


97. I just want that Jennifer Anniston Sky Bar situation

98. It’s only polite!

travel customs meme
OMG puppies! Cute, adorable, cuddly, Austrailian/American puppies!!!

99. He propably saved $30 doing it this way.

Travel Meme
Milan is cool, but it ain’t worth all that.

100. But when it is, that’s a whole new kind of trip to take.

time travel meme
Time Travel Memes count as Travel Memes, right?

101. And finally, #RelationshipGoals

netflix and chill meme


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