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Episode 0:  Start Here

A quick introduction about the podcast


Episode 1:  The Roman Forum

Guest:  Mike Duncan from The History of Rome Podcast


Episode 2:  Rila Monastery

Guest:  Eric Halsey from The Bulgarian History Podcast


Episode 3:  The Birthplace of “Gone with the Wind”

Guest:  Jessica Vanlanduyt from The Atlanta History Center


Episode 4:  The West Bank Separation Wall

Guest:  Tamer Halaseh from Tamer Tours


Episode 5:  Agamemnon’s Mycenae

Guest: John Bennet from the British School at Athens and the University of Sheffield


Episode 6:  Discovering the Lost City of Petra

Guest: Jane Taylor, author of “Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans”


Episode 7:  Reimagining the Dragon City of Ljubljana

Guest:  Dr. Noah Charney,  author of Slovenology and The Art Thief


Episode 8:  The Acropolis and the Golden Age of Athens

Guest: Ryan Stitt, author and creator of The History of Ancient Greece


Episode 9:  The Walls of Constantinople

Guest:  Patrick Wyman, author and creator of the podcasts The Tides of History and The Fall of Rome


Episode 10:  The UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Guest:  Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere


Episode 11:  Iceland’s Thingvellir

Guest:  Lee Accomando from the Viking Age Podcast


Episode 12: The Beaches of Normandy

Guest: Jory Brenjens from Liberation Route Europe


Episode 13:  Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Guest:  Christopher Mitchell from


Episode 14:  New York’s Central Park

Guest: Ariel Viera from Urbanist Live


Episode 15:  The Lost City of Cahokia

Guest:  Bill Iseminger, Assistant Site Manager at Cahokia


Episode 16:  The Painted Churches of Moldavia

Guest:  Ciprian Slemco, Owner of Hello Bucovina