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The History Fangirl Podcast is an interview show for history lovers and travel enthusiasts.

The History Fangirl Podcast

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Theme Song is “Places Unseen” by Lee Rosevere


Episode 0:  Start Here

A quick introduction about the podcast

Episode 1:  The Roman Forum

Guest:  Mike Duncan from The History of Rome Podcast

Episode 2:  Rila Monastery

Guest:  Eric Halsey from The Bulgarian History Podcast

Episode 3:  The Birthplace of “Gone with the Wind”

Guest:  Jessica Vanlanduyt from The Atlanta History Center

Episode 4:  The West Bank Separation Wall

Guest:  Tamer Halaseh from Tamer Tours

Episode 5:  Agamemnon’s Mycenae

Guest: John Bennet from the British School at Athens and the University of Sheffield

Episode 6:  Discovering the Lost City of Petra

Guest: Jane Taylor, author of “Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans”

Episode 7:  Reimagining the Dragon City of Ljubljana

Guest:  Dr. Noah Charney,  author of Slovenology and The Art Thief

Episode 8:  The Acropolis and the Golden Age of Athens

Guest: Ryan Stitt, author and creator of The History of Ancient Greece

Episode 9:  The Walls of Constantinople

Guest:  Patrick Wyman, author and creator of the podcasts The Tides of History and The Fall of Rome

Episode 10:  The UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Guest:  Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere

Episode 11:  Iceland’s Thingvellir

Guest:  Lee Accomando from the Viking Age Podcast

Episode 12: The Beaches of Normandy

Guest: Jory Brenjens from Liberation Route Europe

Episode 13:  Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Guest:  Christopher Mitchell from

Episode 14:  New York’s Central Park

Guest: Ariel Viera from Urbanist

Episode 15:  The Lost City of Cahokia

Guest:  Bill Iseminger, Assistant Site Manager at Cahokia

Episode 16:  The Painted Churches of Moldavia

Guest:  Ciprian Slemco, Owner of Hello Bucovina

Episode 17:  Banqueting House: The Place to Kill a King

Guest: Leanda de Lisle, author of The White King: Charles I, Traitor, Murderer, Martyr

Episode 18:  The Civil War Defenses of Washington, D.C.

Guest:  David Plotz, CEO of Atlas Obscura & Host of the Slate Political Gabfest

Episode 19:  The Boston Witch Trials

Guest:  Nancy Mades-Byrd from the Witch Hunt Podcast

Episode 20:  Belgrade:  The Rise of the White City

Guest:  Alex Cruikshank from the History of Yugoslavia Podcast

Episode 21:  O Little Town of Bethlehem

Guest:  Nicholas Blincoe, author of Bethlehem, Biography of a Town

Episode 22:  Exploring Wartime Berlin

Guest: Nick Shelpley, host of the Explaining History Podcast

Episode 23: The Brooklyn Bridge

Guest:  Ariel Viera from Urbanist

Episode 24:  The Oracle of Delphi

Guest: Ryan Stitt, author and creator of The History of Ancient Greece

Episode 25: The Grand Place

Guest:  Drew Vahrenkamp host of the Wonders of the World podcast

Episode 26: The Hermit Kingdom of Albania

Guest:  Allison Green, Travel Writer and Blogger at Eternal Arrival

Episode 27:  A Very Special Q&A

I answer listener questions from email, the blog, and Facebook.

Episode 28:  The Literary Pubs of Dublin

Guest:  Colm Quilligan, Owner of the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Episode 29:  How Bordeaux Got Its Wine

Guest:  Megan Stetzel from Why Wait to See the World

Episode 30:  Bangkok & the Kingdom of Siam

Guest:  Charles Kimball from the History of Southeast Asia Podcast

Episode 31:  Windsor Castle

Guest:  Deborah Cadbury, author of Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking:  The Royal Matchmaking that Shaped Europe

Episode 32:  Birmingham and the Civil Rights Movement 

Guest:  Barry McNealy, Education Programming Consultant at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Episode 33:  Belfast & the Troubles

Guest:  Fin Dwyer, host of the Irish History Podcast

Episode 34: The Lost History of Angkor

Guest:  Drew Vahrenkamp, host of the Wonders of the World podcast

Episode 35: The Colorful History of Lindisfarne

Guest:  Professor Michael Drout from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

Episode 36: Penn Station: Sacrificial Lamb

Guest:  Greg Young, host of The Bowery Boys podcast

Episode 37: The Storied History of the Guinness Storehouse

Guest:  Fergus Brady, Archive Manager at the Guinness Archive

Episode 38: Space Tourism in Houston, Texas

Guest:  Valerie Stimac, founder of the Space Tourism Guide

Episode 39: An Irreverent History of Disney World

Guest:  Maggie Garvin, author of Mags on the Move

Episode 40: Roskilde: The Vikings Go to Denmark

Guest:  Noah Tetzner, host of The History of Vikings Podcast

Episode 41:  Josiah Henson and the Underground Railroad

Guest: Jared Brock, author of The Road to Dawn: Josiah Henson and the Story that Sparked the Civil War

Episode 42:  No Place Like It: A History of Singapore 

Guest:  Ravi Mehta, host of The Wealth of Nations Podcast

Episode 43: The History of Kiev: Beauty through Tumult

Guest:  Megan Starr from

Episode 44: What Happened at Chernobyl?

Guest:  Jessica Elliott from How Dare She

Episode 45: The Lost History of the Black Pioneers

Guest:  Anna-Lisa Cox, Harvard Professor and author of The Bone and Sinew of the Land

Episode 46:  Barcelona’s Groundbreaking Transexual Monument

Guest:  Jose Ramon Harvey from My Normal Gay Life 

Episode 47:  England’s Roman Baths

Guest:  David Crowther from The History of England Podcast

Episode 48:  Atlanta’s Ponce City Market

Guest:  Caroline Eubanks, author of This is My South

Episode 49:  Philadelphia’s Elfreth Alley

Guest:  Brittany Thomas, Board Member for the Elfreth’s Alley Association

Episode 50:  Best of the Show’s First Year

Some of the best clips to celebrate the show’s first anniversary.

Episode 51: Traveling the Green Book

Guest:  Tomiko Harvey, author and creator of Passports & Grub

Episode 52: The Strangely Competitive History of the CN Tower

Guest:  Chris Mitchell, travel writer at Traveling Mitch and co-host of Rick Steves Over Brunch

Episode 53:  The Massacre at Srebrenica

Guest:  Alex Cruikshank from the History of Yugoslavia Podcast

Episode 54: The World Nomad Games

Guest: Various World Nomad Games participants

Episode 55: The Great Kazakh Famine

Guest: Megan Starr from

Episode 56: Stalking Chernobyl

Guest: Darmon Richter from Ex Utopia

Episode 57: Veliko Tarnovo: Bulgaria’s Medieval Capital

Guest: Eric David Halsey from the Bulgarian History Podcast

Episode 58: World History by the Numbers