What makes Jamaica a Wonderful Place to Travel

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Last Updated on: 20th August 2023, 03:20 pm

Have you been thinking of booking a trip to Jamaica for your breakaway this summer? Or winter for that matter? Jamaica is a very popular tourist destination, that holidaymakers flock to year in and year out. Not only does it have wonderful beaches for you to relax on and forget about your everyday stresses, but there are also plenty of hotels in Jamaica that cater to all holiday groups – solo travelers, romantic trips, or family getaways. Jamaica also has many other wonders for guests to enjoy, the food is very popular and so is the music (we’ve all heard of Reggae – Jamaica is the home for it). Rum drinkers will be in their element as well as explorers who want to see stunning landscapes. Below we have put together our guide on what makes Jamaica a wonderful place to travel. 

The beaches 

When doing your research on Jamaica, one of the first things that will pop up is the many stunning beaches that you can relax on. Jamaica is known for its plethora of sand-swept beaches with crystal-clear waters. Many of the hotels in Jamaica will be situated on the beachfront, making it very accessible. If you like to explore when on your break away, there are some must-see, secluded beaches that you can visit like Half Moon Beach, Little Bay, and Long Bay Beach. 

The Landscapes 

You can’t take for granted the landscapes that are available to tourists visiting Jamaica. Many natural wonders feature draw-dropping waterfalls, lush mountains, natural swimming lakes, and more. In fact, with over 4,200 square miles of mountains and rainforests to explore, you’ll never be stuck on things to see. The number one rule is to not forget your camera when exploring, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture some impressive photos. 

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The Rum 

Rum enthusiasts will already know how influential Jamaica is in the rum industry. Home to some of the most popular rums in the world, you can visit their historic rum distilleries throughout the year. Make sure you have some spare space in your luggage for your journey home, you’ll want to bring a bottle (or two) back home with you and treat your loved ones to a bottle as well. 

The Food 

Each country has its cuisine that guests can enjoy and this is no different in Jamaica. Jamaica has many restaurants, ranging from affordable to expensive, and several award-winning eateries. You can enjoy freshly caught Lobster, curried goat, oxtail, jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, pepperpot stew, and more. We hope our guide has shown you the many wonders that Jamaica has to offer and why it is a lovely place to travel to. We can guarantee that once you’ve been once, you’ll want to visit again. Have you been on holiday to Jamaica before? What did you like most about Jamaica? Is there any advice you can offer to people thinking of staying in Jamaica? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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