January 2017: Adventures & Expenses

Ah yes, January. I never got around to writing up this month because it was a total beast.

What I Got Up To

I began the month trying to slay a mysterious virus that just would not go away. Then I caught up with all my old friends in Philadelphia, chilled with another friend in Charlotte, North Carolina, drove a car from NC back to Philly, flew to Atlanta for a business trip, hung out in NYC for a few days, and then spent a peaceful three days in Amsterdam.

Whew, I’m actually tired just thinking about it.

Pic of the Month

A universal truth of Instagram is that pics of Amsterdam ALWAYS do well. January was no exception, where this mediocre night-time iPhone shot outperformed pics that I thought were MUCH better:

Early morning in Amsterdam. Spent the day recovering from jet lag and then had waffles for dinner.

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On Facebook, my top pic was this one from my trip to Monticello:

Places Visited:


  • Catching up with the friends I left when I started traveling. I talk with a lot of them pretty often, but it’s not the same thing as getting a drink or mani-pedis.
  • Staying in Rittenhouse (one of my top three favorite Philly neighborhoods) and people watching in Rittenhouse Square

People watching in Rittenhouse Square. Last pic from Philly. Landed in Charlotte, NC to see @bridgetd #besties #peoplewatcher

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  • Seeing a trio of American UNESCO sites after so many European ones.

Independence Hall yesterday evening, the site where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. #unescoworldheritagesite

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  • Spending Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a Nellie Ashford show with one of my friends at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture

  • Photographing a winter sunset on a drive through Shenandoah National Park

Sunset in Shenandoah National Park last night. #sunsetlovers

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Curtain call at last night's show. #SoGood #ImNotCryingYoureCrying

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  • Going back to Europe! Amsterdam is a great way to start a new European adventure.

On Amsterdam's canals at night.

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  • Being so crazy sick
  • Getting stuck overnight in Baltimore with a dog and without access to dinner
  • Leaving my medication on the plane when I landed and having to go back through security to get it. Transatlantic flight + Jetlag + Airport Security = Inner Circle of Hell
  • January 20, 2017 was a pretty shitty day overall


My most popular post in January was My Favorite Travel Experiences of 2016.

Other January Posts:

I know we only bought the tickets three months ago, but I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this show.

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Travels with Lucy

Lucy was a trooper, but I know January was rough on her. She got the weirdest haircut of her life when a groomer decided to shave her entire body (tail included).

Besides a bad haircut, flying so much (five travel days) and staying in a new place every four or five days really got to her. Traveling with a dog and traveling slow are a good combination. Traveling fast with a dog is not.

Now that she’s settled into our apartment in Sofia, she’s much happier. I hate leaving her, but I’m glad she’s a little more settled.

January by the Numbers

  • Dutch Waffles Eaten: 14
  • Airports: ┬á9
  • Flights: ┬á8
  • Beds: ┬á8
  • Mexican Restaurants: ┬á5
  • Trips to Sephora: ┬á3
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: ┬á3
  • Countries: 2
  • Continents: 2
  • Houses of Worship Visited: ┬á1

Goodbye New York! #AmsterdamBound

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Current Obsessions

In January I got obsessed with:

  • Gray Lipstick & Nail Polish
  • Smashbox’s Bawse Lipstick (photo below is from Feb, but seriously how great is that red?)
  • Face Masks from Forever 21
  • Nachos from this delivery place in Brooklyn

Accidental #Twinning­čĹ»

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As I stated in February, I got behind on tracking them. Don’t worry, they’ll be back for March. My spreadsheet is perfection.

Traveling again. En route to Philly via Houston. See you soon, East Coast!

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What’s Next

February is also in the books. I finished my time in Amsterdam, made my way to my new home base in Sofia and explored Budapest. It was a solid month.


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January 2017: Adventures & Expenses
January 2017: Adventures & Expenses


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