50 Hilarious Budapest Puns & Jokes for Budapest Instagram Captions

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Looking for funny Budapest puns to share with friends before a trip to Budapest? Or perhaps you want a few clever puns to use as Budapest Instagram captions on your trip? Here are my favorite Budapest jokes and puns to help make your amazing trip even more enjoyable!


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Jokes about Budapest Puns for Budapest Instagram Captions



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The Best Budapest Puns for Budapest Instagram Captions

Here are my favorite Budapest puns for every situation.


Budapest Travel Puns


Budapest Hungary


Buda, Buda, Buda, Buda rockin’ everywhere


Budapest is off the chain bridge.


Let me Liszt all the things I love about this city.


Let’s go dungeon diving.


This city makes me feel tem-Pest-uous.


Parliament-ary, my dear Watson.


Budapest Hungary


Start spreadin’ Danube, I’m leavin’ today


The Kids in the Central Market Hall


I’m in Budapest. Yes, Soros-ly.


A man’s home is his Castle Hill.


Can this city be any more Buda-ful?


Budapest Hungary


My life in Ruin Bars.


Enjoying a reign-y day here at the Buda Castle.


I didn’t want to come to Budapest, but I caved in.

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This city is the Buda-best.


Spill the Liber-tea.


Budapest Hungary


I wanted to take a picture of Fisherman’s Bastion, but I couldn’t find the right angler.


Don’t be such a Buda-pest.


This River Cruise is very relaxing. I’m just going with the flow.


Remember me to Heroe’s Square



Budapest & Hungarian Food Puns


Budapest Hungary Christmas Market


Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chimney cake!


I don’t want to lángos here forever.


I’m a Hungary Hungry Hippo.


Paprika’s Castle


The food in Hungary is stew-pendous.


Hungarians love Halloween because it’s so goulash


Budapest is DELICIOUS


For I am a poor and a wretched boy. A chimbey, chimney cake.


What a hilarious re-torte.


Let me see the Cabbage Roll


Hurka-les, Hurka-les


We don’t need no Palink-ing badges!



Budapest Bath Puns


Budapest Hungary


The Old Ball and Szechenyi


You’ll Rudas the day.


I look like Bej 


Puke and Kiraly


Lukacs me now.


Budapest Hungary


The Bath of Khan


I came to Gellert to blow off some steam.


Spa Patrol



Hungarian Wine Puns


Red wine with barrel on vineyard in green Tuscany, Italy


If you’ve never tried Hungarian wine, it’s a great time to dip your Tokaj-s in!


Are Juhfark-ing kindding me?


And they lived happily Eger after. 


Today is a day that will live in Villany


On a wine tasting in Budapest, I’m never bor-ed.


It’s a piece of Kékfrankos


Budapest Hungary


This wine is just Furmint-ed grapes.


Hungarian wine puns are in pour taste.


Wine is my red and butter.


Having a grape time in Budapest!


I’m in the right place at the white wine.



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