8 Hilarious Hulu Puns & Jokes for Captions and Statuses

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Last Updated on: 12th January 2023, 11:01 pm

Looking for funny Hulu puns to share with friends and family? Or perhaps you want a few clever puns to use as Hulu captions or a Hulu status on Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp? Here are my favorite Hulu jokes and puns to brighten your day!

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Jokes about Hulu Puns for Hulu Instagram Captions and Hulu WhatsApp Status

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The Best Hulu Puns for Hulu Captions & Statuses

Jokes about Hulu Puns for Hulu Instagram Captions and Hulu WhatsApp Status

Here are my favorite Hulu puns for every circumstance.

I wanted to change my Hulu password to Fortnight, but Hulu said it was two week.

I was watching Hulu and the episode kept repeating itself. I was stuck in a Hulu Loop.

I had a nightmare that my favorite show got canceled. Thank goodness it was just a bad stream.

I forgot to get caught up on my Hulu shows. It was a Handmaid’s Fail.

Jokes about Hulu Puns for Hulu Instagram Captions and Hulu WhatsApp Status

I always feel better after watching Hulu and drinking wine. It’s my magic Shrill.

I prefer Hulu to Netflix because Hulu is the right Path.

I like when Hulu does a remake because they keep High Fidelity to the original.

Hulu do you love?

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Jokes about Hulu Puns for Hulu Instagram Captions and Hulu WhatsApp Status

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