25 Gorges Grand Canyon Puns for Grand Canyon Instagram Captions

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Looking for hilarious Grand Canyon puns to share with friends before a trip to Grand Canyon?

Or perhaps you want a few clever puns to use as Grand Canyon Instagram captions or a Grand Canyon status on your trip? Here are my favorite Grand Canyon jokes and puns to help make your amazing trip even more enjoyable!

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Jokes about the Grand Canyon Puns

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The Best Grand Canyon Puns for Grand Canyon Instagram Captions

USA - Arizona - Rafting on The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon at sunrise

Here are my favorite Grand Canyon puns for every circumstance.

The Grand Canyon is just gorges.

The Grand Canyon is the world’s prettiest rim job.

Let’s get the heli outta’ here. (For your Grand Canyon helicopter tours).

Canyon feel the love tonight?

We didn’t have time to see the whole Grand Canyon. We just got the Cliff notes.

USA - Arizona - Travel in Grand Canyon, man Hiker with backpack enjoying view, USA

And the horse erode in on

We are having a Grand time!

Oh schist.

‘Fore the day I die, I’ma touch the skywalk

Plateaus are the highest form of flattery.

USA - Arizona - Ride of your life. Chopper flying over Grand Canyon, West Rim. Colorado river, Arizona, USA.

Canyon dig it?

Can I get a Corona with limestone?

Just living life on the edge.

I couldn’t see the sunset on the Grand Canyon because there was dusk in my eyes. (Want more? Check out my list of sunset puns).

We saved Desert for last. (For your Desert View pics).

USA - Arizona - Mules Climbing up with Goods in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA

Let’s get stoned.

Shale we dance?

Cry me a Colorado River.’ 

I’m really lava-ing the colors here.

The really gave a Dam, huh?

USA - Arizona - A pink sunset pours over a crowd of visitors enjoying the canyon views from Mather Point in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

I’d like to buy a Powell

Fifty Shades Mead.

I’d Mather be here.

Americans take the Grand Canyon for granite.

I get all sedimental at the Grand Canyon.

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More Grand Canyon Travel Resources

USA - Arizona - View of train in Gran Canyon National Park railway station.

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5 Things to Pack for Your Trip to the Grand Canyon

Canada - Toronto -Luggage

The Lonely Planet Southwest USA guidebook. It can be kind of a pain to find the major guidebooks once you land, or you’ll find them overpriced. I always like to pick mine up ahead of time.


An Unlocked Cell Phone so that you can use a local sim card while here to help navigate public transportation and when you’re on the road. (For people without American cell phone plans).


Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS, and general travel genie.

A Camera since the Grand Canyon is super photogenic. I use a mix of my Nikon D810 and my Samsung8 smartphone these days.


A Great Day Bag so you can carry what you need with you (like your camera, snacks, water, sunscreen, cash, etc). My current favorite is the Pacsafe Citysafe, which is especially great for Arizona because it has many anti-theft features designed to deter pickpockets. It also transitions to a night bag more easily and won’t embarrass you if you go to dinner directly after sightseeing all day. 

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