75 Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns to Ride Out the Pandemic

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Last Updated on: 12th January 2023, 11:01 pm

I love writing puns. Normally I write travel puns and jokes to celebrate what’s fun (and funny) about travel.

But today is a pretty dark day as country after country declares states of emergency.

And so, I thought a little dark humor might be in order. Here are some coronavirus puns, virus puns, and plague puns to laugh a little in these weird times.

FYI – These cover a lot of different viruses (mumps, zika, etc) not just the coronavirus.

So if you plan on using one on Facebook or as an Instagram caption, make sure it applies to the particular virus in question.

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Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

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Coronavirus & Virus Puns

Here are some funny virus puns and lots of specific coronavirus puns for your IG captions.

The Coronavirus is making me batty.

My favorite Harry Potter character is Corona-ing Myrtle

Goodbye to Rosie, the queen of Coronavirus, Seein’ me and Julio down by the schoolyard

You’re on the wrong path-ogen

Outbreak dancing

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

Netflix and chills

Hit me with your best shot

Vaccine poetic

And it was all yellow fever

They say I’m contagious

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns


All the viruses go to Happy Hour at Epstein Bar

It’s a coronavirus pun-demic.

Corona – Every bubble’s passed its fizzical, but you won’t (based on a Corona slogan)

My lovely lady mumps

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

You can’t measles you’re way out of this one

One flu over the cuckoo’s nest

She loves showing off her RNA

Vaccination, all I ever wanted. Vaccination, had to get away.

She’s a Polio dancer

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

Mystic Viral  (for all you Daria fans out there)

Contagious in my s*** jeans (that’s a Britney Spears deep cut)

Common cold enough to chill my bones

Peter Pan-demic

A-pun-calypse now

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

Love in the time of corona

Everyone is being covidiots out here.

I’m not trying to mask the problem.

Superspreader than the rest.

After riding out this pandemic, we need a covidivorce.

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

My pajamas are covid couture.

You need to re-vax.

Miley Virus.

She has ulterior covids.

Thunderbolt and nineteen, very, very frightening

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

Have you herd the news?

Fly me to the immune.

Fomo over Fomites.

That’s my community spread and butter.

Aerosol to the walls

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

Stop droplets and roll

This is the covid transmission, hot and fresh out the kitchen

I’m bringing apex-y back.


Dancing with the SARS

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

Communicable College

It keeps you on your Covid toes.

Real women flatten the curve.

Quarantine Puns

Are you stuck on lockdown? Here are some funny quarantine puns and isolation puns for lockdown and social distancing.

Corona – Stay miles away from everyone.

Strand in the place that you are.

Thanks for masking. (Perhaps my favorite mask pun).

2, 4, 6, 8….who do we need to isolate?

For happy hour at home, we always have Quarantinis.

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

My dog loves quarantine because she’s a Sheltie In Place.

All by myself. Legally required to be all by myself anymore.

As an introvert, I prefer anti-social distancing. 

Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something I think you’ll understand. When I’ll say that something, I don’t wanna hold your hand.

During quarantine, you make a lot of inside jokes.

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

I need my quarantech to get through this.

Everyone is hoarding sausage and cheese in Germany. It’s a wurst kase scenario.

We are a part of the rhythm isolation

Seclusions of grandeur

Like a good neighbor, stay over there.

For dinner, we’re having quaran-beans.

I’ll also be social media distancing.  

I’m a quaran-queen.

Going balls to the four walls

It’s all zoom and gloom right now. (Here are some more video chat puns if you need them).

Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

Who’s directing this year, Quentin Quarantino?

We all live in a self-quarantine… 

There are gonna be a lot of quaranteens running around in 2033…

They say the vaccine (if it ever comes out) will be free, but there’s no quarantee.

I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the lockdown.

Virus Puns & Quarantine Puns

Slay at home.

When I think about you I quarantine myself.

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Funny Quarantine Puns and Funny Virus Puns and Coronavirus Puns

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