My Favorite Pics Taken on Airplanes

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I have seen several variations of this Huffington Post article, highlighting cliches and annoying habits people have on instagram. One frequently mentioned as annoying are pics taken from airplane, especially if they include the plane wing.

While I tend to agree with complaints of some of the main Instagram cliches (hello latte art and bathtub pics, I’m looking at you), I totally disagree about airplane shots. Maybe because my account is dedicated to travel, I find people generally like airplane photos. In fact, the first one listed below is my most popular Instagram pics to date.

Obviously as with all Instagram pics, some good shot selection and editing goes a long way, and there are some really bad airplane pics out there. However, I move this cliche be moved off the annoying list and respected for the opportunity for creativity it can provide. If you get creative and deliberate, you can get some pretty cool stuff.

Here are my favorite pics I’ve taken out of airplanes (in no particular order), some of which were shot on an iPad while reaching over the sleeping passenger next to me:











What do you think? Are airplane shots too cliche to function? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I enjoy the airplane shots, as long as there’s something interesting to see! Short of a drone, how else would you get some cool shots from that angle? I snapped a few shots while flying into Mexico City and later realized I’d gotten an aerial view of my hotel and the neighborhood I was in.

    • Oh that’s awesome! It’s fun to see pics of your actual neighborhood from the air! In Cyprus there was a great tower and you could see the whole city of Nicosia from up above. It was so much fun to take pictures from up there that I actually went twice.

  2. Love the first one! Great photos 🙂

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