120 Fabulous RV Names & Tips for Naming Your Camper Van

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Last Updated on: 5th May 2023, 04:57 pm

Wondering what to name your camper van? Here are my favorite RV names from classic to funny to quirky, plus ideas for different names that incorporate camper brand names.

I’ve also included a glossary with more ideas for naming your RV, travel trailer, motorhome, camper van or whatever you call it!

At the bottom here are my best tips for naming your camper van.

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RV Names & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

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List of Camper Van Names

There are a lot of different fun ways to name your travel trailer. Here are some ready-made names you can use.

Common RV Names

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Adventure Awaits

Just Hitched (this is a great RV name for couples who just got married and for honeymoon camper van trips)

The Desert Rose

The Long Haul

The Sun Chaser

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

The Batmobile

Cabin Fever

Dusty Roads

Mountain View

Brave New World

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

The Weekend Warrior

The Runaway

Van Wilder

The Empty Nester

The Rambler

Camper Van Name Puns

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

I’m obsessed with puns, especially travel puns. Here are my favorite camper van name puns.

Fueling Our Dreams

Brake It til You Make It

Good Byways

Haul of Fame

Road Work in Progress

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

The Towaway

The Happy Glamper

The Map Trap

RV There Yet

Home Sweet Roam

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Rolling on Up

Lazy Snoozin’

Bubble Path

Weekend Wanderer

It’s Drive O’Clock Somewhere

Girly Names for Campers

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Sometimes you want to go away with your girlfriends, and you want to have a girl name for your vehicle to reflect the girls’ trip theme. Here are some great girly names for campers.

The Pink Flamingo

The Prarie Princess

The Queen Bee

Ms. Frizzle

The Cara Van (or Kara Van)

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Pamper Van

Thelma and Louise 

Pretty in Pink

Miss Ameri-camper

Peachy Keen

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Tina Touring

Miss Bliss


The Baroness

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Camper Nicknames

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

If you really want to lean into the RV terminology, these are nicknames based on camper names.

Trailer: Tray

RV: Harvey 

Camper: Campy, Champer

Van: Vandy, Vanderbilt

Caravan: Cara

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Double Wide: Dubya

Bus: Bussy, Busty

Coach: Coco

Minibus: Minnie

Mobile Home: Homie

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Winnebago: Winnie

Recreational Vehicle: 

Motor Home: Homer

People Names for RVs

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Sometimes it’s fun to name a machine after a person (real or imagined). Here are some great human names for travel trailers.






RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV






RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV


Theodore (Or Teddy)


Archibald (Or Archie)


Inappropriate Camper Van Names

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

If you like a dirty play on words, you’ll love these inappropriate RV names.

The Pounder

Free Candy

Charlie Roads

Varicose Van

The Shag Mobile

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

The Vantichrist

The Intruder

If the Van’s A-Rockin’

The Dipstick

Backseat Bone 

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Pack and Pork

The Sugar Shack

Antennas Up

Checking the Oil

Afternoon Delight

Ideas based on RV Brand Names

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

If you love the brand of RV, then you might want to use it in the name. For example, VW people tend to want VW Camper Names.

Airstream: Islands in the Stream (Or Air-lands in the Stream, Live Stream,  Field of Streams…)

Coachmen: Coach 

Forest River: Woody

Keystone: Cop

KZ: KZ Rider

RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

Midwest Automotive Designs: The MAD Hatter, Prarie Dog

Newmar: Marshmellow

Thor Motor Coach:  The Hammer

VW: The Love Bug

Winnebago: The Winning Bago

Names for Tailgating Campers

Tailgating Names for RVs-2

Here are RV names if you plan on using your camper mostly for tailgating sports or concerts.

You can also brainstorm names based on current or former team players, band members, sports or music terms, and even song titles and lyrics.

For example the Artful Dodgers or the Flying Phish.



The Stats-Mobile

Heads or Tailgate

The Crew-ser

Tailgating Names for RVs-2

Road to Victory

The Encore

Ticket to Ride

Hot Dog!


Tailgating Names for RVs-2

The Homerun

The Brew Mobile 

The Field Goal

Red Zone

Homerun Hustle


RV Name Glossary: How to Make Your Own Camper Van Name

Here is a list of road trip and motorhome-related words plus some good descriptions and terms that you can mix and match.

Feel free to suggest more words for this list in the comments at the end of this post!

A: Accelerate, Adventure, Amethyst, Aqua, Arm Rest, Atlantic, Atlas, Avenue, Away, Azure

B: Backseat, Barefoot, Beltway, Bend, Bird, Birdie, Blacktop, Bliss, Blue, Brake, Bridges, Bronze, Buddy, Buddies, Byway

C: Cabin, Camper, Captain, Car, Caravan, Causeway, Cerulean, Charter, Cherry, Chevron, Class, Classic, Clouds, Coach, Cobalt, Comfort, Commodore, Compass, Convoy, Corner, Cruise Control, Curve, Cyan

D: Delight, Desert, Destination, Detour, Diesel, Diner, Dip, Directions, Dirt, Dirt Road, Discovery, Distance, Drift, Drive, Driver, Drivers, Duchess

E: Eastern, Emerald, Engine, Errand, Escape, Evening, Evening Star, Excursion, Expedition, Explore

F: Family, Fantasy, Fire, Flamingo, Flat Tire, Flight, Flyover, Foreign, Fork, Freeway, Friends, Front Seat, Fuel, Fueling

G: Garnet, Gas Station, Glamp, Glamper, Glamping, Glove Compartment, Go, Gold, Gone, Green, Guzzle, Guzzler, Guzzling

H: Handbrake, Hawk, Hazard, Hazard Lights, Headrest, Heather, Heaven, Heavens, Hermit, Hideaway, Hideout, Highway, Highwayman, Hit, Hitch, Hitched, Hitchhiker, Holiday, Honey, Hope, Hotel, Hurricane

I: Indigo, Interstate, Island, Ivory

J: Jade, Journey, Journeys

K: Kelly, Kilometer, King, Kiss

L: Lake, Landscape, Lane, Lattitude, Laurel, Lavender, Left Turn, Lemon, License, Lights, Lilac, Lily, Lime, Little, Luggage

M: Magic, Manor, Map, Mapping, Maps, Mauve, Maverick, Maya Blue, Memory, Memories, Merge, Migration, Mile, Mileage, Miles, Mint, Mirror, Mobile, Moon, Moonroof, Morning, Morningstar, Moss, Motor, Motorhome, Mount, Mountain, Mountains

N: National, Navigate, Navigator, Nest, Night, Northern

O: Odometer, Odyssey, Offramp, Offroad, Oil, Oil Check, Olive, Oncoming Traffic, Onramp, Open, Orange, Orchid, Overload, Overtake

P: Pacific, Packed, Paradise, Passenger, Passengers, Passport, Path, Park, Parked, Parking, Parkway, Patrol, Pave, Paved, Pavement, Peach, Pearl, Penthouse, Periwinkle, Petrol, Petrol Station, Phoenix, Pike, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Pineapple, Pleasure, Plum, Pothole, Prarie, Prince, Princess, Purple

Q: Queen, Quicksilver, Quiet, Quill

R: Rearview, Rearview Mirror, Recreation, Recreational Vehicle, Red, Relax, Resort, Rest, Rest Stop, Retreat, Right of Way, Right Turn, Ring Road, River, Rivers, Riverside, Riverview, Riviera, Road, Roadblock, Roaster, Road Rage, Road Sign, Road Work, Romantic, Roof, Rose, Route, Ruby, Run, Russian Blue, RV

S: Sage, Sand, Sapphire, Scarlet, Scene, Scenery, School, Seven Seas, Shack, Sign, Sign Post, Silver, Skim, Skimmer, Slip, Solar, Southern, Spanish Blue, Speed, Speeding, Speed Limit, Speedway, Spice, Spin, Spirit, Station, Steer, Steering, Steering Wheel, Stop, Stop Light, Stop Sign, Storm, Street, Submarine, Sugar, Sugarcube, Suitcase, Summer, Sun, Sundown, Sundowner, Sunflower, Sunny, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunroof, Sunshine, Sunglasses, Sunvisor, Sweet, Switch, Switchback

T: Tailgate, Tan, Tanned, Tea, Teal, Thoroughfare, Throughway, Time, Tire, Tiring, Toll, Toll Gate, Tour, Touring, Tourist, Tow, Track, Trailer, Tranquil, Travel, Travel Trailer, Treasure, Tree, Trek, Trekker, Trip, Tripper, Tropic, Tropical, Truck, Trunk, Trunks, Tsunami, Turn, Turnpike, Turtle

U: Ultramarine, Umbrella, Underpass

V: Vacation, Vehicle, Verge, Violet, Vista, Visor, Voyage, Voyager

W: Wander, Wandering, Wanderlust, Wayfarer, Wayfaring, Waymark, Waymarker, Waymarking, Wayside, Weather, Western, Wheel, Wild, Wildling, Wilds, Wind, Winds, Windshield, Windshield Wipers, Wine, Wiper

X: Xanadu

Y: Yellow

Z: Zoo

Tips for Naming Your RV or Camper Van

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Do use wildlife and geographic terms that make sense for the area you are from or where you’ll be headed.

For example, an RV that’s mainly going to explore the American southwest can use the word Desert in its name and be just lovely.

Don’t use offensive words like Gypsy, Sea Gypsy, etc. It’s an offensive term that only gets worse as time goes by.

Do combine word types. For example, mix a color with an animal, or an animal with a road trip term. 

Do think of more than I’ve put on this list. The sky is the limit! You can take one off here, or use the words to inspire your unique combination!

Don’t name your motorhome something too similar to those that belong to people you know in real life. You are naming your travel trailer to celebrate the freedom it gives you.

Do consider using your name. A last name combined with another word is a great option, especially if you can turn it into a pun or use alliteration. 

Do consider getting a sticker or decal made for your camper to go on the outside or a sign made for the inside. A sign or decal just makes it feel more official.

Don’t feel weird naming your RV! Traveling by camper is fun and naming your camper van celebrates that!

Do make sure you know what the words mean that you choose. Don’t go off of just how the words sound together!

Don’t forget to pick something you’ll love! 

Do use sport and team-related names and puns if your camper is primarily for tailgating. 

Don’t be afraid to change it later if you find you don’t love what you picked. 

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RV & Camper Van Names - What to Name Your Camper Van or RV

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